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  1. Any one who went to the game fancy sharing their player ratings?
  2. why are we offering him a new contract? I have seen the boy play on a number of occasions and i have always thought he was the worst player on the pitch, he is simply not good enough for this level, even torquay wouldnt play him and they got relegated to the conference!! Hes a shocker
  3. wizz please be quiet you are doing my head in!! you are not a true fan so get of this board!!
  4. stephen - and that 13 fit outfield players include 4 centre backs!! we need midfielders quickly, but i cant think of any?? sidwell, koumas?? but will they come?
  5. Chelsea right back = Glen Johnson?? Dean Marney would be great! However if francis stays i do not think that huddlestone would be any better than what we already have, and he would not like to sit on our bench! Eagles or bently?? i would be happy with anyone of them, i really do think if we let bentley lose on the championship he would rip it up!!  
  6. Did any one else notice that Dean Sinclair scored for Barnet against Arsenal In a friendly the other day? He is a player i feel was not given a chance by worthy- perhaps he was another youngster who worthy took a disliking too? In the reseves he was alwaysone of our best players. He played nearly everygame for barnet last year scoring more than 10 goals from centre midfield. Ok it was only in the conference but still..... I think he could go on to prove worthy wrong and become another player that comes back to haunt us!!! He also played for the england non-league team! Your Thoughts??
  7. [quote]I saw him play lots for the reserves last season, and he has promise. He is a big strong hard running right back, with a penchant for getting forward , driving into the box or to the byline, to delive...[/quote] i have seen him play a few times and yes he does have promise. But he is certanly not big...he looks about 5ft 8 and one of the smaller players on the team. However he is very good going forward and quick
  8. good post alex - something i feel that needs to be discussed. all that i can hope is that worthy is getting rid of all these players to get a few real quality players in and needs some more money for there wages?? If he just replaces them with similar players we will not have gained a thing! I am sure worthy knows what he is doing, the only player i have not been happy with us selling is johnson as i still thouught he would eventually come good. O and the boy crow! I predict big things for him and peterborough this season
  9. cheers guys and girls lots of valuable information there. Glad to here all of the sighnings played well. I am very pleased with the signings. I think Jarret looks a very good player and i have admired louis-jeans ability to defend and get forward for many a year now. And in thorne we have an able back up for ashton/mckenzie! i think he has proven in the past that if he gets games he will score 10/15 goals a season good work nigel!
  10. any off you that went to the game last night?? if so what are  your opinions on the game? new players? and youngsters coming through? stu
  11. I am a really bored at the minute with all the lack of transfer action and discussion on this bored, so i thought i would pick a the best team i can from all the players that have blessed carrow road since 1990!! Here Goes:                     Gunn       Bowen  Newsome Malky   FOX       Crook   Goss  Huckerby                   Bellamy          Sutton       Roberts Subs:eadie, green, Ekoku, Culverhouse, Francis (for div 1 promotion season) Now i want all your teams!
  13. I agree with everything evil monkey and 1st wizard have to say. It is an absolute insult to consider anything under 2.5 million. Unless Primus is involved in a swap deal. how can we replace a player of his quality for that amount of money.......... if he stays i think we will have arguably the best centre midfield partnership/options in the league
  14. I know for a fact damien francis has the best fitness levels at the club...... so he should win!!!! Thats if he can be bothered to turn up! other than that i think paul mcveigh stands a good chance with that long stride of his
  15. ha ha we beat the county council 1.0 and 4.1 last year mate. We did the double of ya!!
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