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  1. Those fixtures are perfect. A few tasty home games and the scum and the scummers away before the end of September and then I''m off to uni in Brighton. I move onto the campus on October 1st, just when we play Brighton away. Peachy!
  2. For sheer emotion, ''Loyal supporters'' followed by OTBC at the Middlesborough game after many fans left. For comedy value, ''You only drink when your driving'' towards Jermaine Pennant was good even raising a smile from the lino.
  3. I sat next to that bloke at Watford,lets just say he was a lot happier then than he is now. If I''ve got that right bloke, he''s got Svennson on the back of his shirt!
  4. + what cruel f*******s at the ticket office thought to put them in ticket shape envelopes? Sadist everyone of them!
  5. I agree completely, fair play to you for doing that it''s just a shame it wasn''t a week later. I can''t understand the people who sell tickets at hugely marked up prices, how would they feel if it was the other way round? Just want to say can everyone who does go to Fulham sing their hearts out for all the fans who would love to be in your position.
  6. Got a ticket shaped letter through and started dancing round my house only to discover that inside there was just a letter saying I was unsuccesful. I''m absolutely gutted seeing as I put my application in before the Charlton game and wanted to go no matter what there was to playful. I was going to buy tickets from the internet but that ticket office at Norwich said that it was very likely I would recieve tickets so I did not bother. I think its disgusting that people are now selling their spares for £100+ and i don''t want to get involved with that so I guess I''m just going to have to watch it on sky. I''ll stick my e-mail address here just in case but I know no-one will have two spares. Its worth a final try though. E-mail: no_name_2029@hotmail.com Mobile: 07854590023
  7. I''ve been trying hole in the walls all day long but my balance has not gone down. I''m hoping that just takes a while to go through otherwise I''m not ging to be happy. Has your balance gone down if you applied for tickets Peter? 
  8. Just wondering whether anyone has a recieved their tickets through the post yet because i''m starting think the worst? Why oh why could it not just be first come first served. It''s the hpe that kills you!
  9. [quote]Colchester - you could at least put in full team of people contracted to NCFC. Scrap your Mulryne option and put in McVeigh (changing formation to 4-3-3), then it would be more acceptable! Oh, and D...[/quote] Obviously because player managers never work. What an oversight though - I missed out graham stuart. Stuart instead of mullers then.
  10. Right silver fox, i''d go 4                  Ward Eddy  Docherty  Charlton Worthington Henderson  Mullers  Holt    Jimbo           Jarvis  Crowe because I reckon after recent results we should change everything
  11. Just wondering whether anyone knows how this ballot allocation works (ticket office insiders perhaps)? I''m in priority group 3, having missed on group 2 by one stub, and I put my application in before the Charlton game. As i was in early, does that mean that I''m more likely to recieve tickets above those how only wanted to go if we were still in it come the last game of the season or does it mean my pllication is now rock bottom of a huge hugely increased pile after the way the last few eeks have turned?
  12. Charlton away for Palace won''t be easy for them if they need a result. Imagine if we had to go to Portaloo Road on the last day of the season needing a result to stay up. (I know it would be easy cos the binners are s***e but thats not the point!)
  13. A mate voted for Super Matty Svensson before the Charlton game and I think that gamble paid off!
  14. Just phoned up the ticket office and they said that it was very likely that I would recieve a ticket as they only game that was oversubscribed before was Arsenal and I got tickets for that one. She did mention the neutral supporter seats being sold in the internet but mates are not keen on that so I think I''m going to just sit tight and pray that I will get the tickets. I will be so ****ed off if I dont!
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