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  1. [quote user="AndyJR"]Umm, 3/10 for accent, not nearly Norfolk enough for my liking.   [;)]  Bloke on the line though, 7/10, excellent effort. [/quote] Well that interview really sold it for me[|-)]NOT
  2. [quote user="LondonITFC"]What it should have said is that Ameobi passed his medical with us yesterday and is with us day today and Jim hopes to have the deal tied up today!! The fee being agreed as you say is old news!![/quote] Lowered his standards if he signs for you lot of freaks
  3. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Oh dear... You gonna murk him and shank him up is it blud? You is a wasteman. Go away you troll.[/quote] You is bang out for messin wit da Redenhall massif innit bruv
  4. [quote user="Ambrosden canary"][quote user="Fat Strawberry"][quote user="Beauseant"] Fat,lazy,selfish Dutch tosser sums it up for me! [/quote] Suddenly I''m starting to hope the Wiki stuff is all true . . . Beauseant, if Roger says we want him is that OK with you?   [/quote] Must be something in this, cant imagine else why he would go all the way to Norwich to watch a game. Especially at this time when we are desperate for a striker and he is looking for a club. Big coinsidense? Jimmy is part of da City massif now innit Peace out from the Redenhall crew, come 2 our turf and you is mash up [/quote]
  5. [quote user="Coelho"]DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS [/quote] Dats so out bruv u a mash up
  6. [quote user="jayy2k8"]Believe all you want mate, at the end of the day me saw him, you watch Shola will be a Norwich City player by the end of the transfer window, watch this space[/quote] I saw da main man in da house as well Shola is so a canarie bruv
  7. You heard it here first Roeder has put in an offer to hijack the binners bid, expect Shola to be a Norwich player within 24 hours.
  8. [quote user="ncfcstar"]But it true I would be very happy.[/quote] Be prepared to be happy then[<:o)]
  9. An emergency push on the board was made today, result striker in for Saturdays game.
  10. Just watched Dion on Sky in his four best players outside of the Premiership was Semmy
  11. Hi Everyone, Just joined the best Norwich message board around after reading it for ages. Heres to a good season, and surprising a few teams.
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