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  1. I totally agree, what an absolute joke that is.
  2. Yeah give your season ticket up as we don''t want glory hunters like you. Some supporter you are.
  3. Noone - but most people will agree that what your getting at is a stupid idea.
  4. Boycotting matches - yeah if you want to do it don''t bother coming back for the sake of NCFC as we don''t want fans like you. GET BEHIND THE LADS Y''ARMY
  5. As someone posted before leave the poor guy alone to go and do his job. Carrowroad.net are pathetic.
  6. The squad is more then capable of getting is back up.I would rather see our club have a future then gamble with big signings.
  7. Just read the article on the pinkun and some comments on the ncfc-fans board. I quote "suppose no one heard how they were spitting at us and throwing coins and all too?? had they opened one gate there would have been a bit of a scrape ...." Also: "i know, and we also asked the stewards to get rid of these people (about 100 at a guess) and they told us to f**k off cos one of there stewards got killed there recently .... !" An absolute disgrace if it''s true.
  8. Thanks for that, still think it''s an absolute disgrace.
  9. Gotta admit this site is way better then the official. Obviously ncfc couldn''t be bothed to finish their site as you get a ''coming soon'' text when you go to certain sections. The news isn''t that good either and not very much up to date. So well done pinkun for providing us ncfc fans with a decent site for news and talk :)
  10. I shall be contacting Ncfc in regards to what the pinkun people have said. If it''s true i will be absolutely amazed that a 14yr old making a hobby website isn''t even allowed to publish ncfc fixtures. If this is the case i think we should take some action, and contact the fa about this absolute stupidity.
  11. If your no expert why make comments assuming that when you don''t know? I fail to see how public information such as the fixture lists wouldn''t be allowed on a fans webby. I doubt if ncfc would crack down aswell, as the other sites promote ncfc well and give them a good image. They do ncfc a favour. It''s the fans that make the club not the people in charge, so i find it hard on the fact that they could prosecute fans of their own club.
  12. So just for saying what your teams fixtures are you have to pay 400 quid?, you must be having a laugh. It''s public information and also factual, why should you pay 400 quid?, please show me the law that states so. Also if Ncfc were to crack down on other sites that promote the club, and aren''t money making it would be an utter disgrace. The only comment i agree with you is that your not allowed to take pictures that other people have taken, or film live games. Sorry but i find it very annoying and hard to believe you.
  13. I think Ncfc do make it seem worse then it actually is. They have never really told us the truth about why we loose so much money... although i suppose now the shareholders can see where the money is going as it''s law for Ncfc to state it. It is very good that we have been promoted, because we can now restore some really good stability in Ncfc.
  14. Why don''t you go down to portaloo road and support them then. I don''t want Ipswich to do anything as they would be the same about us.
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