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  1. cheers mate. thought that would be the case. just wanted to check!
  2. The EDP said today that if we didn''t get our tickets thru norwich we wont be allowed in with Norwich shirts on.  Do they just mean in the home areas, i.e.  can you wear your shirt in the neutral area. I''ve only been told about the article so would appreciate if someone could clear it up for me!   Cheers
  3. yeah, sure, no problem.  can you take them from the message or should I send them seperate?  I have some more if you would like them!
  4. I love green but I would have to agree that if we are going to sell him, we''d have to sell him in Jnauary to get what he''s worth! With regard to the ''rude to ball boys, etc'' comment.  I have had issues with that before but I think it''s because he''s so focused. He seems to be ok after the game! If we do get some money for him, I think we should get a QUALITY player on loan from a big club and use the money to pay the bigger wages.  No-one of quality is going to want to come to us permanently when we look one of the favourites to go down! Keep the faith everyone.  We''re still in with a chance!!!
  5. I took some pictures before the southampton game.  How do I put them in a message though?
  6. Does anyone else feel we will struggle to bring a quality striker to carrow road whether we have the money or not!  The majority of external players will see us as a probable relegation side so would never come to us! We''re much more likely to sign a decent player on loan.  There must be players who don''t get a look in at the top sides yet would do a good job for us! e.g. aladiere, job or christie (''boro), etc. any others? any ideas
  7. What tickets are you trying to get?  I don''t think the ticket office open in the evenings!
  8. Would have to agree that both flem and charlton have been our best players.  Greeno has obviously made some great saves but a lot of them are long shots due to the defence! I think charlton is the best aquisition from the summer.
  9. Has anyone on here sold their seat (season ticket) to someone they don''t know?  I''m away over Christmas so will miss 3 home games.  I don''t want my seat to be left empty and would like to sell the seat for £20 per game.  I don''t really want to give someone my season ticket though. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. I would like to see helveg come in for gary holt and play the holding role.  I think, while he''s still a bit patchy at the moment, he would add a bit of class!  I still like mackenzie up front.  he works hard and wins his fair share of headers.  I think jonson improving and like helveg needs a bit more pitch time to get used to it! Charlton and fleming are the players of the season for me!  and green!
  11. I had canaries world a couple of seasons ago when it first came out but would have to say it was a waste of £35 or however much it was!! I find I get more than enough info on norwich with official site, pinkun, sky, teamtalk, bbc, etc!!  If you want to see the goals, you''d be better off subscribing to sky, although I appreciate its quite expensive! Have you found any other exiles in Portsmouth!  See if you can get a group together!  I''m in a group with midlands canaries and it can make it easier to get back to carra for the home games!    
  12. How does the e-mail link work?  if you send someone an e-mail from the link at the bottom of a message, does the moderator send it to their private e-mail?
  13. I''ve just been looking on the pompey site and they seem to think that mcveigh and bentley are both called ALEX! http://www.pompeyfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10396~571074,00.html?ptvParm= Where''s that site where someone was logging mistakes made by the press!
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