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  1. It seemed a strange appointment despite him doing well during his time in Germany.
  2. Only 7,183 v Blackburn in FA Cup replay. Very poor.
  3. I think it was known as the chicken run.
  4. Bet my dad was there. He lived in Spitalfields off Ketts Hill and went to The Nest as a boy. I have a photo of him in the crowd at a match in the 1920s.
  5. Hate seeing WBA playing in green and yellow!!!
  6. His goal against us is shown among his best Premier League goals on BBC website. Lots of nasty monkey chanting from The Snake Pit I recall.
  7. Even so, he still chases the ball down around the area in the hope of a mistake. Not seen early enough when he makes a run - same for Idah. Sergeant tries hard but hasn’t got the skill or kudos of Pukki.
  8. They often seem to have the lights on when there is something going on in Top of the Terrace but it does seem extravagant with the current cost of electricity.
  9. Still holiday time and evening kick off not good for many.
  10. A bit worrying that Watford have now lost two games. A bit unlikely they will lose three - or is it?
  11. Love him. So humble. Just gets on with and not showy like other lesser strikers. Must be the Scandinavian temperament.
  12. An away win and clean sheet. Maybe the football wasn’t great but would you rather we played scintillating football and lost? Since his departure Farke seems to be viewed through rose tinted spectacles. What about the 9 games in a row we lost after lock down and were relegated? Smith seems have been disliked from the start despite his experience in English football and Shakey was coaching at Leicester when they won the Premier League title. I think fans have been spoiled over the last 10 or so years. I remember what it was like in Division 3 South when hope was to get to the old Division 2 and the excitement that ensued when we actually did that by beating Southend. Forget the year but others will know. OTBC.
  13. Never forgot his Mulbarton roots despite moving to the big city. One of the few local players to play for England. RIP Monty.
  14. Local Press always stirring with polls for this and that regarding the Club to try and sell more papers. Newspapers are dying unfortunately with young people getting all the information they need from phones etc. Archant were taken over recently I believe.
  15. "Cleared by FIFA's own investigation " says it all.
  16. His statement today about never wanting World Cup in Qatar is unbelievable!
  17. Do corners count as set pieces? 9 today, more last Wednesday I believe.
  18. Stephen Graham from ticket office was another Club employee I saw running. (Why does every post on here always seem to turn into a slanging match?)
  19. He reads the game so well. Always anticipating what might happen and be ready to take advantage.
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