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  1. Liverpool “fan” walking back to Clarence Road after the game carrying a yellow seat. Perhaps he wanted a souvenir of his team’s great win at Carrow Road!! (I said What’s your name? and he said David Attenborough. What a comedian!)
  2. Myra Hawtree

    Jamie Cureton

    Very nice article about Jamie and his long career in today’s Daily Telegraph.
  3. Myra Hawtree

    Alex Neil

    Interesting article on BBC web page about Alex Neil and Preston.
  4. Myra Hawtree

    Sheffield United

    Yes, how are they doing so much better than us? A draw at Spurs today following other good results v Arsenal, Everton etc. I can’t work it out!
  5. Myra Hawtree


    At a rather chilly Colney on Friday evening for City Under 23s v WBA were Delia and Michael, Delia’s mum (99?), nephew Tom and wife with baby (6 weeks?) and Mrs Webber with toddler. Delia’s mum sat in the dugout in her wheelchair but unfortunately wasn’t able to inspire the team as we lost 2-4!! How many other club owners are that dedicated?
  6. Myra Hawtree

    vs Sheffield United

    Norwich City historical trust may be able to help.
  7. Dan Walker just said on BBC Breakfast News that there will be an interview with Teemu on Football Focus at 12.05 today.
  8. Myra Hawtree

    Jermaine Jenus in City Shirt

    Sorry - Jenas! Signed by Pukki I believe.
  9. Myra Hawtree

    Watford at home moved

    Annual fireworks in city centre on Friday 8th November. Will there be chaos?
  10. Myra Hawtree

    Loudest I've ever heard the riverend

    Agree. Fantastic support by us old duffers!
  11. Myra Hawtree

    West Ham ticket wanted

    I have adult and child ticket in West Ham seating. Message me if interested.
  12. Myra Hawtree

    Patrick Roberts

    Roberts was fantastic in the friendly win at Luton and takes a good corner - unlike Buendia.
  13. Myra Hawtree

    Would RVW score in the current squad?

    Yes he would. Never played to his strengths and he has done ok since leaving us.
  14. Myra Hawtree

    Farke on German TV

    Farke was in Berlin on Saturday being interviewed on TV. Not sure if this link is accessible. www.zdfide/sport/des-aktuelle-sportstudio/Daniel-Farke-trainer-Des-premier-League-klubs-Norwich-City-I’m-aktuellen-sportstudio-100-html No German translation unfortunately.
  15. Myra Hawtree

    Farke on German TV

    Thanks for the translation. All very interesting especially as to how the German media views us. Farke talks such good sense. Is philosophy deserves success.
  16. Myra Hawtree

    Best Place to sit at West Ham

    Will there be a choice? Will be lucky to get any sort of ticket!
  17. Myra Hawtree

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    All your memories mirror mine Ricardo. I lived on Plumstead Estate so must have been near you. Surprised you don’t remember Tom Johnston as he scored when we won away at Arsenal in the Cup which was my first ever away game in 1954 was it? Bobby Brennan was sent off and cricketer Arthur Milton was playing for Arsenal. Johnston became a legend at Leyton Orient and I think has a stand named after him. I used to pay 3d to leave my bike at the back of the Barclay. There is an exhibition opening at The Bridewell soon celebrating 70 years of twinning with Rouen and 1959 Cup Run memorabilia etcis to be included.
  18. Myra Hawtree

    Football has kept me connected to the city

    I used to leave my bike in that place at the back of the Barclay. Often on Saturday I would play hockey at Pinebanks and then bike down to Carrow Road and get in free for the second half. Used to be a good fish and chip shop on the corner of Cozens Road.
  19. Parade bus break down shown for one of the questions. All publicity is good!
  20. City were given another 4 minute slot on Germany’s leading public service broadcaster most popular sports show ARD-Sportschau. www.sportschau.de/fussball/international/England/video- Norwich City Hope this gives access!
  21. Myra Hawtree

    City on German Sports Show

    It’s not that link . It’s a new article that was on German TV today showing the Sheffield Wednesday match. It is on YouTube if you can find it!
  22. Great article on German tv about the Farke effect and NCFC filmed in city last week before Reading match. On YouTube- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VOCObWVKCgO. I think that’s the link!!