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  1. Ashton.How many goals?crouch?All you need to know.
  2. 100%Crouch.13 goals in 15 games?Puhlllease.Ashton not ready yet and needs another season.rouch in his prime and scoring for fun will probabky sadly keep Saints up.
  3. You appear to have conveniently ignored most of those were sub appearances usually for ten minutes at the end of a game.We were 16th when he arrived at Carrow Road and top when he left.Tell you anything?
  4. 2 goals in two starts in the Premier League tells me something.Also scored in a sub appearance.as he scored more than ourstrikers in tree games?Does this tell you something?
  5. Harewood is mobile,pacy and er,useless according to West Ham fans.Also we didn''t hoof to Crouch.He has good feet,holds the ball up well and we played into him so that others could run off him.Nigel bid for him in the Summer and will again.The only reason we didn''t get him before was we couldn''t afford him.
  6. And our strikers so far have scored er...........Yes prolific aren''t they?Maybe Harewood''s the answer?LOL.
  7. 2 in 2 games since Rednapp arrived.Expect more.
  8. Er, the first one was an excellent flying header.The second he otjumped Ledley King and e,that''s still two goals in two games!!I was n''t saying we''d missed out but I do hope we''re in for him.
  9. Two goals in two games and Svenno out?Could he become part of ''arry''s wheeling and dealing?
  10. If Harry has anything it''s motivation skills.Expect him to move them up quickly.
  11. He did and as he said himself at the time it was reluctantly because he needed the cash to rebuild the team.It''s a Harry tactic which is why I expect Beattie to go and Crouch to start on Saturday.
  12. When Crouch arrived we were 16th in the league.When he left we were top.Conicidence?Don''t think so.He offers a lot more than goals and aerial ability.
  13. How precisely do you ''cut it in the premiership''when you don''t play? Crouch left Villa because he was behind Vassell and England player and Angel.At Soton it''s Beattie and Phillips.Don''t think he''d be behin Svennsson somehow!!
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