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  1. I agree with those comments. It was really obvious with the set up that we only went out there to keep the loss down to a minimum with no chance of scoring at all. There was no passion, no fighting spirit and no real effort from the team apart from maybe efoe. Ruddy in goal started with errors that nearly cost us and certainly put the defence on edge for the rest of the game. I can see where the manager is coming from but is philosophy of "it doesnt really matter" seemed to resound through the team./ The problem is that we are trying to attract better players to the team but they will look at that performance and turn us down, as a few already have if you can believe the press. We have suddenly turned from a team with a winning philosophy to a team who cant be bothered to make the effort because the manager says it is not important. Having looked at Match of the Day I think we were the only team out there with that kind of attitude. We might as well have given Man City the game and rested the whole squad. Rant over from someone who believes that winning any game of football is important!!!!http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun-forums/cs/emoticons/emotion-12.gif
  2. Report in vital football indicates that the Pinto signing will definitely happen and quotes the same source that predicted RvWs move and Leroy Fer going as well. It makes sense that he comes to us as we have a large Portuguese presence in Norfolk so would never get home sick!!!!
  3. Have you tried buying anything from the Club Shop yet this season.  They may have kept our season tickets at the same prices despite going down but they now deem it necessary for us to spend £20 in the shop before we can get discount of our season tickets.  All this penny pinching and yet no player purchases apart from 2 strikers to boost the 5 we already had.  Wos gorn on!!!
  4. Clueless...... you werent sitting where I was in the Jarold in line with the box where I saw a number of perfect crosses come to nothing because the Wolf was still outside the box strolling to try and catch up with either Garido, Olson or Joshua who played realy well.  I havent seen the Wolf go faster than a stroll for some time.  And you wonder why people call him lazy.  In my day if you saw a winger or wing back tearing down the wing taking on and beating players you bust a gut to try and get into the right position in the box to meet the cross.  The same thing was happening on the opposite side with Elmander.  No wonder he went off in a huff!!!
  5. The scum have a new motto to go on their badge "All 4-1 and won 4-all""
  6. What I cant understand is that Hugeton continues to play the wingers on their opposite wings where they are obviously not good enough to switch to their preferred feet before crossing.  I think it would work better if they were played on their natural sides.
  7. I agree with what you say and add to the fact that most players come back off summer break very close to their playing weight but Holt cant be bothered and comes back at least 3 stone overweight.  Unforgiveable in my mind.  Even Tevez, despite the problems he has had, came back a stone lighter after this summer break.  That is commitment.   The other thing that prevents Holty scoring is the fact that he spends most of the time out on the wing, even when he is the lone striker.  If the manger is going to continue to play him there he might as well leave out Pilkington and put Bechio and Kamara in the centre as proper strikers.  Holt does not like hitting the mark these days , even from the penalty spot.
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