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  1. I heard that Delia and the board were seriously considering offering the mananger''s on a job share basis between Barry and Paul Elliot.
  2. I suppose there is a proper Norwich team on the pitch or did they call a few youngsters in from the local park to have a kick-about
  3. Somehow I think Ipswich fans will be laughing until their sides ache if any Norwich supporter sings this, given the position Norwich has at the moment with a shit team and a manager that looks less than competent. Ipswich two thirds of the way up in the Championsip and Norwich demoted to Division One save the funny songs till much later
  4. To sell you first have to find a buyer with the right money who wants what you are actually selling. This is like trying to sell someone a 1993 Austin Maestro with 150,000 miles on the clock, riddled with rust, and the big end gone for £12,500. Well I suppose there may be a mug who would buy it.
  5. I wonder if Archant will buy Norwich City or become a major shareholder, it would be an interesting piece of business diversification.
  6. The thing is, who the hell else any good would want the job at the money the board would be willing to pay
  7. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"]Now would be the time to buy. Come on Mr Cullum, you know it makes sense. [/quote]   It makes no sense at all. Cullum has more sense than to do that. It is just wishful thinking.
  8. Are the EDP doing a 16-page pull-out and keep Relegation Souvenier in tomorrow''s paper with at least half of the pages showing pictures of Delia waving her scarf in support and the other half pictures of Gunn or pictures of his wife standing beside some of her artistic efforts.
  9. It it appears that I was wrong in my OP, they could not score 4 goals.
  10. Norwich could still score 4 goals in the second half and Plymouth could score a couple more. City could still come out of this with glory. We must all have faith.
  11. Complete with our Delia on the balcony at City Hall waving to the thousands who will turn out to cheer their team on[:D][:D][:D]  
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