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  1. I cant believe how fickle you all are, it wasnt so long ago that you were all wishing him a speedy recovery after his injury, I cant wait for him to score another cracking goal and stick his finger up to the lot of you! If Worthy drops him you will only pick out another player to slate, it wasnt so long ago you all wanted Fleming dropped.
  2. I have to say that when I went into the Norwich shop at the weekend I noticed that members are now given only 5% discount, with a lot of the members on the season ticket waiting list (me included) I dont think this is fair!
  3. Obviously cant play if he is injured - sorry delay in internet!
  4. I take that to mean we still have him then?  If so why isnt he playing for the reserves?
  5. Where has Henderson gone, have I missed something, is he on loan to another club or have we sold him and I missed it?
  6. When we got off the tube I spoke to one of the policemen who said that they had not been contacted by the underground until we had been stuck in the tube for 35 mins! We then got a taxi straight to Liverpool St.  I am going to write a letter to the underground enclosing my receipt for the taxi and see what happens!  
  7. So who else got stuck in the tube between Fulham Broadway and West Brompton?!!
  8. Yep definitely the right number, gonna try again today
  9. Has anyone else been trying to call the Liverpool Box Office and getting nothing by some annoying person telling you that "this number has not been recognised"?!!! I have been calling all day! 
  10. They get there from about 12.30, dont ask me how I know that!
  11. I will look out for you all, may not approach you all though as I am really shy! But I will be the one in the Norwich home shirt with Sir Nigel Worthington''s signature on the back!
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