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  1. Blunts have equalised at The Bridge - cue the 'I wish we were Sheff U' comments.
  2. Agree with TMDB & NN all day long. It's marathon not a sprint, we were gash last year up to the Binner match and then stepped up and grew together as a team. You will only improve by playing teams better than you.
  3. Not specific enough - no mention of hair or mid-Norfolk towns. Disappointing.
  4. DIsappointed. No trolling of Cantwell in this post.
  5. His dodgy footwork will always give the haters hope though.
  6. Not even waiting until the end of the match today pete? Been rubbing your hands in glee I expect.
  7. I think Yarmalenko's centre of gravity is in his neck. Surely he's only in the team to waste time?
  8. Careful, that will go straight over some posters' heads!
  9. Recalling Naismith! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49481190
  10. I'd quite happily install this one for them...
  11. ...https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49470865 Bolton on the brink. Makes you feel grateful for sensible (and yes, sometimes prudent) owners and puts into perspective some of the whiny problems we get on here. The effect on the town and area will be massive if this comes to pass. How would you feel if this were us? Also, on a level akin to the lack of class shown by the Binners at the weekend, it's worth pointing out their 'triffic' win is likely to be expunged.
  12. It was very noticeable that, even though the ref didn't give a foul, the Chelsea players didn't celebrate the goal and their fans were quite muted too. That indicated to me it was an obvious foul.
  13. Be fair, he does make up a sizable chunk of the crowd.
  14. Here's some perspective. The year 1p5wich won the UEFA Cup is closer to the end of WWII than today...
  15. I didn't dig that far and judged on the strength of the Tweet he must be about 12! That makes him an even bigger ****.
  16. Ar5ebiscuits, I missed this! It's my birthday tomorrow and I've booked a restaurant for me and the rest of the Muzinic clan @ 7.00pm. Would've loved to hear what new bylaws Mayor McLean has in mind.
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