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  1. Must say this is a concern for me too. It''s all well and good to say ''we must get him right''. But how serious is the injury?
  2. So what are we to make of Svensson''s knee operation? As it has been kept quiet, are we to assume it was more serious than has been revealed? (Iwan''s op in March was also kept under wraps because it was potentially serious; yet the Club was very up-front about Greeno''s minor op). Svensson started full training yesterday, which means he''s 2 weeks behind the rest of the squad. Does this mean he will be playing ''catch-up'' for the rest of the season? That''s the usual story.
  3. Hi everybody! We''re there! It''s been nine years hard work. Congratulations to everyone at the club. Greetings from Germany.
  4. Ahh, the sound of thunder coming from the main stand, all those cushions being thrown on the pitch... happy days indeed. But your''re right: ''On the ball City'' is a tremendously stirring anthem and should be sung with reverence, emotion and respect, not at today''s break-neck speed. Strewth, what a reactionary I have become...
  5. ''Representing your country would be the highest honour for any player'' -- try telling that to a Norwich player at the end of the season if we miss out on promotion! "Oh, it doesn''t matter! The main thing was I played for Jamaica in a friendly against Uruguay, and that makes it all worth while." Per-lease, give me a break.
  6. I agree entirely. Very worrying indeed. 9,000 mile round trip to play a friendly + jet lag?! No way! This means Francis, probably Mullers and Macca, and possibly Holt and Malky away on international duty. Extra travelling, an extra game, and the risk of injury -- we don''t need this right now. I don''t like it. Sorry, but I put Club before country every time. The Club should not allow it.
  7. Well done, Master Green: ''Ich bin ein binliner'' - very, very funny. Well done!
  8. Sorry, Mr Drinkell, don''t quite understand what you mean by the phrase: "The arrival of D.H has caused N.W problems since his arrival we have lost our shape". It''s not as if Norwich are suddenly playing with Darren Huckerby for the first time - he was here for three months before Christmas, I seem to remember, and as far as I recall Nigel coped with his presence in the team fairly well during that time (or did I miss something?).
  9. I think it should be named after the late Sir Arthur South.
  10. Galling, isn''t it?! Was visiting friends in the south at Christmas - the usual story: "Oh you support Norwich. Which division are they in now?" But then the comment: "But at least the food must be good!" To hark back to an earlier post this week: As soon as NCFC appear on the national radar (by virtue of a cup tie against a Premiership club), the predictable, un-original headlines feature around: "Delia gets recipe wrong" or "What''s cooking in Delia''s kitchen?" Still (shakes head and smiles tolerantly), let''s let them get on with it!!
  11. I agree that it''s perfectly fair to criticise the team after a gutless peformance. But, if you read my posting, that wasn''t the issue.
  12. Get real, everybody, did you really think we could go through the entire season losing just four games? What a spineless lot some of you are. One poor performance, and the cries of "We don''t deserve to get promoted" and "I don''t feel like being a supporter any more" go up. The headline: "wake-up call" is the most positive thing to take from yesterday - and certainly you so-called supporters who barracked Henderson and who come on the bulletin boards with your doom and gloom postings have no place in the Club. And to read the comment: "Maybe Huckerby isn''t the answer after all...". Please, take yourselves down to Port*** Road, that''s where you really belong. I can''t believe you are the same people who were cheering the arrival of Huckerby, victory over Ips***, the thumping of Derby and the second-half murdering (to use Flem''s words) of Everton. Let''s learn the lessons from yesterday, and move on.
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