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  1. The is a real chance that after tuesday we could be just one point behind That lot "down the road" !!  Having said that Hull are above us and have a game in hand so we will need to be at our best. If this keeps up we could be in a position that if we win at portaloo road It might put paid to any chance that they had to get in the play offs. Now wouldn''t that be just brilliant!!?? ( I am trying to avoid any mention of the P word where we are concerned!
  2. Why oh why do we do this?  If The smiths and the rest of the board had all turned out i am sure someone would have found away of complaining about them all sitting smugly in front of the media Only one year after telling us they had the right man!  Or "Look there''s Delia looking for a bit of publicity for her new book/tv show!"  I have seen Many managers introduced by one (senior) member of a football club board so Having the Chaiman introduce the new manager is the way it should be done IMO. Please stop looking for silly things to moan about.
  3. Hareide asserted that in order to not only stay ahead at the domestic level, but also perform better at the European level, Rosenborg would have to become more cynical and focus more on defensive skill, while still maintaining the offensive play that had made the team so strong in the first place. The new manager also highlighted the need to renew the aging squad, whose continuity had been another key to the club''s success; many of the players had been in the club since the start of the 1990s. In a controversial move, Hareide began this process by releasing the popular Bent Skammelsrud, who subsequently retired. Under new leadership, Rosenborg laid waste to the league, losing only three games and winning 14 points ahead of runners-up Bodø/Glimt. The club claimed its seventh Double, again defeating Bodø/Glimt in the cup final. Despite failing to qualify for the Champions League, Rosenborg had enjoyed another great season and it looked like Hareide''s beginning reforms were paying off, but 2003 turned out to be his one and only season at the club as he accepted an offer to lead the Norwegian national team in December of that year.
  4. any thoughts on this?  Could be ok but not sure what experience he has at club management But He IS a national coach so must be in with a shout IF HE IS INTERESTED
  5. The problem is this, IF Delia starts making press comment or appearing on telly she is accused of being attention seking. if she leaves the running of the club to the people who are PAID TO DO IT then she is accused of all sorts ofterrible things . For Gods sake grow up the lot of you. Sorry Wiz i didn''t mean you!!
  6. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Or do they think it''s not their fault? Maybe we should just norfolkise the club as prt of the Icenian Revolution, since they say it''s ours. And invite President Hugo Chavez to sponsor us in solidarity. Now wouldn''t that be a riot? It would be massive PR and petrodollars outdoing even Abramovich. And we could beam every match to Venezuela. OTBC - sorry! [:-*] The board will go when someone takes over the club and not before. so live with it and let them get on with sorting it out until someone with enough money comes along       [/quote]
  7. Grant has not said he is off only that he will consider his possition!  What happens if he decides it is the players fault, drops Hucks and a few more and plays the kids and fringe players? He is on a contract and might wait until he is pushed.
  8. Any News on Dave the Striker? It seems to have gone Very quiet!!??
  9. there is nothing (other than an opinion) to suggest there is a problem with the Turners. I find it amazing how people on this board are quick to moan about anything but (in some cases very slow to praise). If the Turners are going to cut back on the playing side then they are going the wrong way about it!! New players and new and in some cases very long contracts do not save money!! Please leave them alone!!
  10. well said that man,  Some people just have no patience!!
  11. [quote user="give grant a chance"] Funny that we are linked with a Celtic player, a club who want Huckerby. I think that a swap is on. [/quote] Why?
  12. Maybe we should sign him again, and Russel,and crow,and sutton!!
  13. The star??  say''s the guy player is going to Sheffield united
  14. seems to me that some people are only happy when they are moaning!! Grant has inherited a small, under achieving squad with probably 30% of the players needing to be moved on. He will not be able to wave a magic wand. Last night we had 3 players not really fit but willing to play, not ideal but at least some of the squad have the heart for a fight. Now we just need ALL the fans/supporters to stick with the new manager while he REBUILDS the squad and we might just get somewhere!!
  15. THIS IS SCARY We have been here too many times this season only to be disapointed. here''s hoping things are on the change!!
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