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  1. Firmly back on the bottom of the EPL with a -23 GD. says it all really. Can Deano sort it ? I would doubt it… Skipp just proved what we are missing
  2. They’re a big club. They will attract the cream…
  3. “ it's time for you to pack your bags.” Why you gonna make me leave ?
  4. Nope - no obvious wrong trick answers it did, however, give Countess Scott of Feltham the opportunity to explain the answer is Port - wiv da silent tee
  5. How the F is that a penalty? Jeez - that is F soft !
  6. No offence goal but why has VAR got anything to do with it??
  7. Obviously not watched the excruciatingly awful The Tournament as presented by BBC’s answer to Neil Scofield here - Dame Alex Scott….. BTW the question no one got was: You is on the front of a ship, lookin forward- what 4 letta word best describes the left hand side ov da ship?
  8. OK I’ll play the game - Rouen Road P&D Sometimes a guy turns up with a hot-dog van evenings and other odd KO’s cross the Friendship Bridge and you are at Retail Central a stones throw from CR Mines the Green Lambo in the ‘Disabled’
  9. So you’ll get 90 mins of opportunity to case the joint?
  10. Now, only slightly off topic, but I can legitimately subscribe to NBC Sports but cannot watch it in the UK. However, as my company uses a third country supplied VPN, I could watch any 3pm KO I choose. So is that a crime against humanity or just interpreting the rules?
  11. Nope - looked up my school in Wikipedia and ‘Noted Alumni’ - just a Cricketer. In my year two lads were trialled variously for Brighton, Fulham, Palace and Pompey. Playing Wessex League and Isthmian - they were paid but it wasn’t a job.
  12. All the usual suspects - except one.....unusual. Still there's always time. Politicising a Football Forum Happens every day. Day in Day out. OP is now or has become 'Non-Football'
  13. Some decent matches tomorrow and Thursday on Prime Think it’ll be West Ham Brighton and Arsenal Man U
  14. Donny Hathaways daughter Layla with the usual collaboration with Robert Glasper. It’s just out so the vid is a little naff. Hopefully they will bring their act live to Europe soon !
  15. Yeah, that’s you off me Xmas list! Not my fault I had to move Daarn Saaarf. On leaving school I had the choice of Carrot Breeder or join the ever decreasing LT fishing fleet
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