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  1. I think I had a better experience watching the reserves - I caught them beating Fulham 3 nil at Craven Cottage. Lets remember that this season has been a big step up for the reserves, they were playing much smaller clubs last season. They have managed to hold their own in their league. I think the likes of Jarvis, Shackell and Henderson haven''t had a chance in the first team not through lack of talent but through Worthys unwillingness to throw young players into a relegation dogfight (and obviously Hendo is injured long term). I especially like Jarvis, good first touch and what a great goal against Liverpool.
  2. I think he was a good buy! We aren''t going to get a top class Premiership winger or striker for under a million, didn''t we only pay about £750k for him? What we have got is a versatile player (he plays on the wing for Sweden, I believe its his preferred position, but he can also play striker and did a good job for us at right back), a brave battler, international experience, someone who is prepared to commit into a tackle (don''t we wish others would tackle as much?) and someone who will run until he drops. He has the moments of brilliance (set up for the Jarvis goal was superb) and has been dependable. Now if we can get him to pick up his man on corners... I think for the money he was a good buy and has strengthened the squad, even if he isn''t a top top class player.
  3. What on earth were people expecting? It takes so much money to be competitive in the Premiership, we are a small club with huge debts who have managed to bring in a mixture of internationally experienced players (Helveg / Jonsson / Safri etc) with young talent (Bentley / Ashton etc). We don''t have the quality to compete on the same level as established Premiership teams and are struggling as expected. If we get relegated, we will keep the vast majority of the team together for a new promotion push. I only see Green as a definate to go, Francis has to be on the likely list but apart from them, who will leave? The new signings are prepared to face the Championship if necessary (or else why sign for us?). Our current team is much stronger than last seasons, why don''t people believe we can return quickly? This will be the mark of how good Worthy is as a manager. Of course it is tough to see us struggle each week, but knowing that the club is moving in the right direction is the main thing. We might not be the best team in the Premiership, but we sure as hell are one of the best clubs. I believe this passionately. I don''t believe how any real Norwich City fan can see us as a disgrace right now. We are on a long term plan, and I believe within  2 or 3 seasons we will be properly competing in this league. Premiership survival this season is NOT paramount; long term survival, financial health and team improvement is. Lets enjoy our time in the Premiership, trust the board and the manager, support the team like mad and see what happens...
  4. When we played Spurs we had two shots come back off the woodwork and two back cleared on the line - if 2 of these chances had gone in we probably would have won. We will continue to make defensive errors but if can start putting away our chances we will have a chance to stay up. I do believe Ashton scoring on his home debut could be very good news... and its our turn for a run of luck! Out of the four teams fighting for 17th place we have the team that can play the better football. Lets get out injured players back and start putting those chances away...
  5. I think only an exceptionally stupid chairman/board would sack Worthy, I think he is doing a great job for us. So I''m sure some other clubs would sack him purely on league position, but there is no way he is getting sacked by Norwich this season wherever we finish. Our club has a longer term view and will trust him to spend additional Premiership earnings wisely, whether its to keep us up a second year running OR to regain promotion if the worst should happen.  
  6. But he won''t head the ball, he keeps drifting out wide left and his finishing isn''t consistent enough to be a top quality striker. He isn''t either a winger or a striker, he''s Hucks. He is a GREAT asset to the team, but he is also difficult to accommodate for all the reasons mentioned above and previously. Unless we can give him more support (on the pitch) we won''t get full advantage from him. It seems to me that he gets very isolated on the left, he often faces a wall of defenders and doesn''t have an easy ball to play. Back to the point raised - I would prefer to see him behind a front two as when he plays up front he drifts left leaving the other striker isolated. 4-3-1-2 for me with Hucks as the ''1''
  7. Yes Leon is always full of running and 100% committed, but his confidence seems shot. Perhaps a few games in the reserves, with hopefully a few goals, will help restore his confidence? For me he has had a long time to make his mark, we just haven''t seen enough goals from him. He isn''t showing the composure in the box like Jarvis did yesterday. I think its time for the youngsters to show what they can do, but believe Jarvis is ahead of Crow right now. Both have been scoring well in the reserves, have a great first touch and don''t seem overawed about playing first team premiership football, Jarvis has shown he has the finish to go along with that!
  8. Wasn''t Jarvis playing in midfield, out of his usual position? Leon seems completely low on confidence, a run in the reserves might help him re-find his goal scoring form and rebuild his confidence. Lets try Jarvis and Crow against West Ham, and keep Jonsson in midfield feeding them. Then lets make a call about Villa!
  9. Superb goal, great first touch and finish. Crow looked good too. Its nice to know we have them available. Has McKenzie had enough of a run-out for now?
  10. Helveg for me - sorry XXL16! I love Holt to bits and do feel he still has a very important role to play in our season, but Helveg''s link up play between defence and midfield is crucial to us. Note that Worthy took Safri off yesterday not Helveg - it is Safri who will make way when Francis returns I think. Having Holt on the bench for midfield cover will be a great bonus for us when he is fit again. For some games, having Holt playing to break up play alongside Helveg for the same and his distribution (well most of the time!) and link up play would be an interesting combination.
  11. For me Campbell sums it up. For large parts of the game we stopped Chelsea playing. I was unfortunately with the home fans, but they were mostly complimentary about the way we played. I think we surprised them especially for the first 30 minutes! We aren''t just hoofing it upfield any more, Helveg links the defence to midfield nicely. Yes it was a terrible mistake, but I didn''t see him consistently losing possession the way some people are suggesting. I think he has played well enough to deserve a decent run, and I believe he will get even better for us as a result. That was my first time seeing the first team this season, and I came away proud of the team. It wasn''t like Chelsea were rampaging around our penalty area for 90 minutes, which is what a lot of people expected! We didn''t make much of an impression on their goal either, which was disappointing, I felt Huckerby was isolated too much. He needs more support, he frequently had nobody to pass too, and had no choice but to take on 3 defenders.
  12. Guys - please don''t dignify this persons pathetic comments with any response. I have been reading this message board for a long time, as its the only one not polluted with idiot messages like this one. If you respond you will only encourage him/her and it will become their new hobby until they have to go back to school. Keep this message board for intelligent comments and don''t rise to the bait! OTBC
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