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  1. Have you seen enough of Heise to determine that? If Hernandez was fit Stiepermann would probably be out of the XI by now. Has been overrun in midfield in nearly every game this season.
  2. thought he was second only to teemu today. He was excellent.
  3. unless of course we're still owed money from matthews and wildschut which i think is likely.
  4. he's romanian and it's pronounced politich... so we might be okay on him.
  5. account looks really fake, location is even set to Great Yarmouth... If however I'm wrong and it is real I'll give them my utmost support
  6. on a free taking advantage of Bolton's money troubles. 19, CM, had time on loan at Salford last season and did this imagine he'll be another excellent addition to under twenty threes.
  7. why is it sexist? tom clearly knew the photo was being taken and it was posted on his instagram? is there anything wrong with admiring the male form?
  8. all i will end in saying is that i hope you don't have a daughter. cya.
  9. Yes it is wrong whatever ****, but you have to accept that sport is a male dominated industry. So proportionately more women are likely to be damaged by this objectification than men. Are you aware you just said that you can't view a woman as a person without having to repress your "male instincts". Do you not know how ridiculous that sounds? I'm actually quite shocked that someone would be so open about that? Coincidentally just read through this thread and can't see anything but there is one post saying 'his missus aint bad though!'
  10. hey you're right, Neymar's salary is almost exactly the same as 1,693 female players in France, Germany, England, the US, Sweden, Australia and Mexico combined. Maybe if they were paid a bit more they wouldn't have to supplement their income elsewhere? And if you're going to reply about women's sports gaining less revenue, men get almost 13 times more photographs in newspapers and sports journals as compared to women athletes. It's as much a media problem as anything else.
  11. i don't really want to argue with you as we clearly disagree on it. I just think that when people are athletes at the highest level it is poor to reduce them to a base level of attractiveness. Hope Solo has 202 caps two Olympic gold medals and a world cup to her name. The point is there are 1000's of threads about football and you are talking about grant holt and lafferty who have not played for the club in years, the first thread in a very long time on womens football took less than 10 posts for it to reference attractiveness. I do not think it is wrong to view women as attractive, the perception that male athletes are viewed as athletes first and female athletes are viewed as females first is damaging. I think if you scroll through every thread on pinkun about womens football there will probably be a post about the attractiveness of the players. I imagine you probably disagree with everything I've said here so I'm happy to agree to disagree.
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