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  1. here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.co.uk/   Please read it if you want to.
  2. Last blog of the season here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.co.uk/   Feedback welcome
  3. Here''s why. http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. Here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.co.uk/ Feedback welcome
  5. Yes, some good points there. I cycle, too, and I tend to ease off about halfway up the hill...even in Norfolk!
  6. Blog here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.co.uk/ Feedback welcome
  7. Thanks. What would I do? Difficult without knowing what''s been the target setting (if any) so far. Would expect the big games (Man City, Liverpool) to look after themselves. Otherwise a word or two from management about players gaining starting places, featuring in plans for next season etc ought to be effective at this stage.   Let''s get one thing straight - I''m not questioning Lambert; I think he produce motivated teams day in , day out.
  8. My latest blog entry is here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.co.uk/ It''s about the difficulty of maintaining motivation. Feedback welcome.
  9. ''Count Your Blessings ..but Dare To Dream''  here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.com/ What do you think? Can Lambert attempt the impossible?
  10. New blog post here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.com/
  11. Blimey, All I wanted was for a few people to read the blog!! I didn''t want to start WW3
  12. Fair point. The big difference now seems to be that we go away trying to win. Under previous managers, and Worthy in particular I always felt like we tried to ''still be in it'' after, say, 70 mins, then maybe to see what we could get.
  13. Here http://franklyspeaking58.blogspot.com/ Feedback welcome
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