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  1. BaltimoreBird

    Weekend Results So Far

    That's the spirit!
  2. BaltimoreBird

    Zimmerman '95% out' for Wolves

    I've been hoping that Godfrey and Hanley would get the chance to pair together. I think Hanley has truly earned a starting spot over Zimmerman, but obviously would have been nice if it wasn't due to Zimmerman being injured.
  3. BaltimoreBird

    Klose Getting Closer

    Love this squad.
  4. BaltimoreBird

    Team for Wolves

    The Wolves' Europa League game on Thursday can only help our chances, correct?
  5. BaltimoreBird

    Son’s broken arm

    Good and bad news confirmed then.
  6. BaltimoreBird

    Son’s broken arm

    Well pal, the article says "number of weeks" not sure what exact time period that equates to.
  7. BaltimoreBird

    Son’s broken arm

    Unfortunately it's also good news for West Ham, Bournemouth and others in the relegation fight.
  8. BaltimoreBird

    If we go down -

    I would bet on Aaron's and Cantwell leaving, 50/50 Godfrey leaves, and I think Buendia stays. While I think Pukki and Lewis are guaranteed to stay.
  9. BaltimoreBird

    Tottenham look to be absolute ****

  10. BaltimoreBird

    Tottenham look to be absolute ****

    I would have said the same for Villa. Tottenham let them get cross after cross into the box and had multiple would-be goals blocked off the line.
  11. BaltimoreBird

    Tottenham look to be absolute ****

    Really glad this **** team is winning
  12. BaltimoreBird

    Tottenham look to be absolute ****

    Perfect jinx.
  13. This was the last game on the fixture list that I saw us grabbing zero from. Little did I know Norwich would grab all the confidence in the world from this game. There isn't a point on the schedule that we can't claim. I'm confident in 6 wins with more to come. We're staying up, book it.
  14. BaltimoreBird

    36 Points to Play For

    You've presumably forgotten 9/14/19.
  15. BaltimoreBird

    Rupp and Duda

    Duda we know we won't have get next year. Rupp, although I wasn't impressed early in his start at the club, looked to be very active today and stuck with his man very well. Not upset that he'll be here.
  16. BaltimoreBird

    Hanley chosen....

    Zim has been the odd man out for a month.
  17. BaltimoreBird

    One team makes tactical subs

    Forget a tactical sub, I simply want fresh legs to run up and down the pitch. They were absolutely gassed from the performance they put in. They deserve to get some help from their teammates who have a full tank of gas ready to go and preserve the point. I can't help but be proud of the effort, but I fear this will only solidify Farke's insistence to not get subs on when needed.
  18. BaltimoreBird

    The Great Escape mini-league

    2-1 Sheffield united...perfect
  19. BaltimoreBird

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Just saw Bournemouth's remaining schedule. Very, very tough to say the least. Hopefully they drop 3 today, and I think they're likely to be down.
  20. BaltimoreBird

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Perhaps, but with Watford coming out to a 1-0 lead, a draw was a nice result. Also doesn't allow either of those teams to feel good with their performance today.
  21. BaltimoreBird

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Brighton and Watford play to a 1-1 draw. Not a bad result for Norwich.
  22. BaltimoreBird


    You have Venmo?
  23. BaltimoreBird


    Mahomes has been unbelievable, but an odd feeling that the 49ers defense slows them down and their offense surprise a few people and put up some points. I also still think Norwich escape, so take my thoughts for what you will.
  24. BaltimoreBird


    The game should be good. But the event of "The Superbowl" is nothing but a money grab for the NFL, sponsors etc. I've seen zero game analysis for the last 4 hours.