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  1. Yeh anyone? Wanna witness this thrashing haha
  2. He scored a goal against us at Portman rd once. He deserved it in my eyes!!!
  3. I''d deffo take him at Ipswich. To be honest probably too good for us though...
  4. Are you looking forward to Wembley?
  5. IMO this is a good omen for Town. As it stands so far, 5\5 of the play off ties, the team who is home in the 2nd leg has gone through. Surely this has to change, with the sixth and final play off tie tomorrow there must be an away team to progress and I think you''re deluded if you think otherwise.
  6. How confident am I as a Town fan? Well, very. We are all geared for Wembley and are just waiting to brush you aside. COYB.
  7. ^ True. I guess us Ipswich fans aren''t all as clued up as me. Although we both know we''re going to Wembley.
  8. To be honest I don''t think it would make much difference if you had Manuel Neuer in goal Saturday, I can''t really see that stopping us.
  9. I see I''m not the only clued up one on here! Portmanking knows what he''s talking about. Although he comes across as arrogant I think its only misconstrued as arrogance and I see no reason why we shouldn''t be. We''re definitely due one over you and that will be this weekend I''m sure, arrogant or not.
  10. Fair play to them. When Ipswich get to Wembley I might buy a few to sell on.
  11. We''ll just have to finish the job off at carrot rd. As I said Big Mick has said you''ll end up in tears. I think we''ll do it at your place I''d take a win on penalties but I think we will do it in 90 mins, probably 0-2.
  12. We are gonna hammer you lot Super Mick has already told you that you''ll all be crying. I''ll take a 3-0 lead today going into the game at carrot rd. I''ve already booked my bed and breakfast for Wembley!!!!
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