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    Full match

    2nd half - https://ok.ru/video/1439649565242 Download - https://okvid.download/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fok.ru%2Fvideo%2F1439649565242
  2. Len

    Full match

    I've downloaded the game to watch on my phone from this link - https://okvid.download/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fok.ru%2Fvideo%2F1439594515002 Enjoy !
  3. Len

    Full match

    The link posted above points here - https://ok.ru/video/1439594515002
  4. Len

    Gone then.

    Clement Freude had a property there and had met the family By virtue of being dead, I think it's okay to mention this chap!
  5. Len

    Gone then.

    you probably need an 'allegedy' on the end of that sentence Len... Not needed DM, as nothing I wrote was defamatory (KIO take note!).
  6. Len

    Gone then.

    I read that Cliff Richard had a property near to where Madeline disappeared .
  7. Len

    Are You Norwich?

    I grew up in North Norfolk and Norwich, but lived in London for a long period and still visit regularly to see friends and relatives.
  8. Len

    Far East interest?

    Thanks for shedding some light on events.
  9. Len

    Far East interest?

    Hawkeye being out of action might have had more of a bearing on whether the match could have continued.
  10. Len

    Far East interest?

    Yes Nigel, and you can also see in the photos that the lights have dimmed in the City Stand. There must be a separate circuit in that particular area which supplies all these things.
  11. Len

    Far East interest?

    What about the hawkeye going down (according to Farke)? We probably couldn't have carried on if it was kaput. And it's unlikely that someone accidentally switched it off in addition to accidentally switching off the floodlight, unless it's on the same switch (unlikely?).
  12. Len

    Far East interest?

    This is worth a watch too.....
  13. Len

    An exciting start to the day

    A McDonalds would be a better option. You'd get a fairly sizable meal for £6.50.
  14. Len


    I think that different branches of medicine are a bit like different branches of religion or philosophy, each with their own adherents and followers. On vaccination for example, those who seek compulsorary vaccination or wish to deny non-vaccinated children the right to go to school, belong to a sort of religious extremism akin to that which fuels ISIS. The holier than thou attitude that modern science is the only thing that is correct, is just as dangerous!
  15. Len

    Hope I'm Wrong

    "Hope you''re right" is similarly common.
  16. Len

    Tweet from Sainty

    It looks like a case of pure envy Til. Robin Sainty seems to have to be fawned over by a select group of Twitter followers in order to feel respected.
    If he posted on here his ego would soon be torn to shreds by the likes of Big Vince and young Waveney.
  17. Anyone watching this will have missed Love Island on ITV2.
  18. Len

    Football Lads Alliance

    I''d rather have muslims praying in my local park than the young lads who hare round the entrance on scooters. They''re a real nuisance!
  19. I used to enjoy playing [url=http://www.bigredswitch.co.uk/games/mm/mm-pre-dis.html]Manic Miner[/url].
  20. Len

    FA Cup Final or Royal Wedding?

    [quote user="Bigears"][quote user="Len"][quote user="Bigears"][quote user="paul moy"][quote user="Bigears"]
    David Kelly - there has been no proof of any of the claims
    as to corruption might I add Prince Andrew
    No proof, but denied an inquest and allowed a cover-up of state secrecy that lasts for 70 years.  No proof needed as it stinks.
    as usual the nutjobs back down from their silly claims once challenged
    so it wasn''t "the state murder of Dr David Kelly" as you first claimed
    in fact as you admit there was ''no proof''
    he was NOt denied an inquest either - in fact there was a public enquiry which over road any inquest and the post mortem report was made public.
    the enquiry was led by Lord Hutton and  "the evidence that was ordered to be held back for 70 years "Hutton claimed that he had done so to protect Kelly''s wife and daughters

    from the distress of further media reports about the death, saying: "My

    request was not a concealment of evidence because every matter of

    relevance had been examined or was available for examination during the

    public inquiry. There was no secrecy surrounding the postmortem report

    because it had always been available for examination and questioning by

    counsel representing the interested parties during the inquiry."
    ''The Oxfordshire coroner, Nicholas Gardiner, considered the issue again

    in March 2004. After reviewing evidence not presented to the Hutton

    Inquiry, Gardiner decided there was no need for further investigation.''
    so yet again a rightwing nut job sees no problem in peddling misinformation
    quelle surprise !
    [/quote]You said there was no proof to any of the claims about Kelly''s death, then you label one side''s claims as misinformation. That''s a rather strange turn of logic, even by your own standards.
    no that is you on other one of your flying saucers, 7ft unicorns rambles[/quote]This is a rather ironic remark since you seem to post from the land of pink elephants half the time. The only respite we seem to get from you is when the drinks cabinet is empty and you''re busy stumbling to the local off licence.
  21. Len

    Legends Game

    We need a permanent Legends team, with Mike Walker managing. Then we can then challenge [url=https://fcbayern.com/en/teams/all-stars]this lot[/url] to a game.