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  • Green - 6 - looked uncertain on many crosses but had no chance with the goals.


  • Eddy - 6 one of eddys better games
  • Flem - 5 positonally poor, rarely challenged and outplayed by his partner again. 
  • Shackell -6/7  Good performance, strength pace, firm in the tackle - deserves to stay in the side
  • Drury 7 - did well in minimising SWP threat and close to MOM.


  • Stuart 6 - Started excellently driving down the right hand side and making some good forward runs and passed well; could have had a pen if gone down in the first half - lack of fitness still evident but should keep his place.
  • Holt 5 - again started brightly but the more the game went on the less effective he became, dragging the midfield deeper and deeper. 
  • Francis 5 Started well but disappeared from view after 20 mins - one of the games where he is so frustrating with an apparnet lack of effort.  V tired last 10 mins.
  • Jonson - 5 Headless chicken mode due to trying too hard to impress - numerous reckless challenges prior to sending off hopefully means he will learn a lesson - worked well defencively but needs to contribute more going forward.


  • Leon 6 fantastic effort as usual, finished goal (just - thought he would miss) but...
  • Ashton 8 simply superb - lead the line excellently

Safri - 5  does not seem to have the engine needed for the prem but think he is still a better option than Holt to partner Damo.  Only impact on the game was to reduce our attacking threat - not surprising as a defencive midfielder...  


The team still has far too many willing runners rather than players who can put a foot on the ball and play.  The likes of Flem & Holt seem to retain their places irrespective of performance levels while the likes of McVeigh or Doc get dropped completely for one minor error - Mcveigh and the Bradford goal last season will remain with me for seasons.  There are better alternatives available NOW and Worthy has to remove those canary tinted glasses and take positive action - our best run followed the dropping of holt - go on nige - seize the day!

Similar comments apply to Jonson, Leon and Eddy who should all retain their places in the line up only because their better alternatives are out injured (or in Jonsons case probably dont exist in the current squad) - but like Flem and Holt they are honest pros who give their all but who are simply not up to the job needed in the prem.  Give me an inconsistent, frustrating but talented Francis over a consisent and committed Holt any day.


Come Nige - give this club the chance it needs.




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Green 5 (why was imploring the ball boys to slow down when we were 2-2. We needed 3 points at all costs)

Edworthy 6

Shackell 7

Fleming 5

Drury 7

Jonson 4 (a headless chicken would have been better)

Holt 6

Francis 6

Stuart 7 (i thought he played well but was withdrawn in case he got a 2nd booking)

McKenzie 7

Ashton 8



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Would have personally given Francis a 4.  In our hour of need over the next 10 games we need him at his utmost best.  Last night he was virtually a spectator and was unrecognisable from some of his previous performances.

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Green 5 - maybe we will be able to keep him for next season!!!
Edworthy 6 - as normal
Shackell 6 - solid but not overally noticable, should be kept for next game though
Fleming 5 - was he playing - average
Drury 7 - did good, not quite the liability he has been in other games
Jonson 6 - still like him, works hard and winds up the opposition - stupid tackles though - cost us the game?
Holt 6 - got stuck in, although didn''t make a huge impact
Francis 7 - didn''t think he did as bad as some people think, not up to usual standard though
Stuart 5 - poor gave the ball away on a number of occassions
McKenzie 7 - usual McKenzie - I couldn''t believe it when he scored that 1-on-1!
Ashton 9/10 - Oh please lets hope no other managers were watching this game.

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Green 6 - had an ok game. Had no chance with any goal, made some good saves, some goo dkicks fowards for ashton aswell.

Edworthy 6 - a better game from Eddy, one of his better ones.

Shackell 7 - played a good game, looked solid, didnt give much away and looked comftable there. Keep his place for next week!

Fleming 5 - very poor, swap for doherty

Drury 7 - brilliant game, kept SWP quiet most of the time, made some good tackles when needed, game away a few needless free-kicks thou.

Jonson 5 - played quite well when on pitch, still seems reluctent to take players on sometimes, seen him do alot better at bromby. Got sent off which didnt help.

Holt 6 - played okay, but got worse as the second half went on..

Francis 6 - Played an adverage game, dissapeared from view after the first half an hour...

Stuart 7 - Played a good game. His pace and age doesnt help on the wing as he cant take players on aswell as some other young players, did well but had to be careful incase of 2nd booking.

McKenzie 7 - good game and a good goal. Had a better first touch and held up and ran the ball well. Scored a good goal and linked up with Ashton well.

Ashton 8 - superb, a right class act. Great goal, great touches great everything. Cant think of anything he did wrong.


Safri 6 - unable to help, maybe should have scored after mckenzie got a cross in, too slow.

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Apart from Flem you lot all score our defence quite highly... yet they again failed to defend the easiest of attacks and as a unit we''re dire.

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In general, I was satisfied with and proud of our players, at least I can walk with heads up (vs the 0-3 game with BB).  I think we just didn''t have enough luck and concentration.  We should learn from experience how to play when we are 1-0 or 2-0 up early.  SLOW DOWN THE PACE PASSING BALL AROUND AND COUNTER ATTACK.  We were unlucky that 1) no Hucks who''s best at counter attack 2) just few seconds of lacking concentration of defensive players cause us conceding 2-3 goals esp. the 2nd one that Holt was injured  3) Drury, Shack, Ashton had his best game should deserve at least a point.  Well done lads, I''m proud of you all.  Just play at your 100%++ no matter the result will be.  OTBC 

Green 5.5 - couples of wrong positioning.

Edworthy 6

Shackell 7 - incredible game for him.  lots of credit from ESPN commentators

Fleming 6 - lost in the air!

Drury 7.5 - covered Wright Phillips the best any of us can, Safri came to help too late.

Jonson 5 - no comment.

Holt 5.5 - subpar performance

Francis 6 - don''t blame him because he didn''t score, he is just cannot create chances like his other good games

Stuart 7 - only one palyer on the pitch that can cross the ball in the area, we need him every games.

McKenzie 6.5 - one of his good game.

Ashton 7.5 - his best game so far, good recovery from the recent poor games and criticism.  Great ball control skill.


Safri 5.5 - should have given more time 

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