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  1. Great win City.  Just don''t put pressure on yourself.  Believe in the team and yourself & we can win it all.
  2. Before it''s too late, I''d like to thank Gunny for his loyalty to the club.  I accepted McNally''s decision but want to make it clear that it wasn''t Gunny''s fault to accept the job in the first place.  I think Gunn shared the same feeling as Alan Shearer.  Probably he just thought he, and his former team mates, could at least bring team spirit back. And that what I expected from his appointment last season.  But obviously he couldn''t do the job with all the loanees.  It''s too bad that he had no time to manage his newly built team this season.  Anyway, the new manager should have "management experience" i.e. tactical knowledge and man management skills.  I don''t think Hasselbaink have.  As the reason for the sack is for this year''s promotion, we should not risk another sack by appointing JFH!
  3. [quote user="tribes"][quote user="Thai Canary"]Coppell is my top pick too.  He did real good at Reading.  His name will also help for new signings. I don''t think we need to play direct football to get out of this league.  The only question is his price tag! [/quote]Where is all the monwy going to come from to bring in new players?. We have already brought in 12 on contracts.[/quote] I mean in the future, probably In January or after selling Nelson & Semmy.  
  4. I also want to give him another chance.  The timing is real bad.  I''m not sure if it is mutually agreed or not as Gunny''s feeling may seriously hurt by the two guys throwing season tickets at him.  If not, it shows to the world how good the board treat their man.
  5. Coppell is my top pick too.  He did real good at Reading.  His name will also help for new signings. I don''t think we need to play direct football to get out of this league.  The only question is his price tag! 
  6. I think it''s too early for Peter Reid to leave Thailand.  He still love the challenge and we (Thai team) are on the right track.  He rejected Premier League and why us? 
  7. [quote user="Paint Me Yellow"]So we sack the manager and let tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum appoint yet another useless manager to take his place. We''ve changed manager after manager after manager and we''re still crap. The changes need to be made at board level first. Change the board or go nowhere. Why don''t people understand this? [/quote] Exactly.  Totally agree with you. 
  8. [quote user="Making Plans"]When will people like this stop burying their heads in the sand and get real. There are absolutely no positives from being drubbed 7 - 1 at home.   [/quote] If I were at Carrow Road, I probably act the same as you guys.  But being far away and only reading the live text doesn''t mean I don''t feel ashamed.  I only feel that the team & my hero Gunny deserve another chance.
  9. [quote user="Downloads"]Worst part is Doc will be there next time as he''s our captain and will now play whatever. That p1sses me off.[/quote] Why not?  Last season we occasionally dropped our captain.  We shouldn''t play Doc when we need pace on the back.   
  10. [quote user="Paint Me Yellow"]You''re seriously scrapping the barrel. You''ve not convinced me at all. [/quote] It''s because I''m still thinking that we''re far better than today.  Gunny just committed too many wrongs at the same time.  Let''s give him and the team another chance (except for Otsemobor and Theo!!).  We may play totally different on away game.   
  11. Rudd would be my choice for Exeter game. 
  12. My feeling is the same as you all but there are some positive aspects from this game:* It''s the very first game of the season, 45 more games to play.  * We know our weakness on the very first game.  Plenty of time to correct it.  * this game doesn''t cause us a relegation, unlike the Fulham game, which I think it''s all time NCFC worst (this game is second to that!!).* It will take off pressure from our players in the upcoming away game series.* We have big squad this season.  Next game can be totally different story with Askou, Maric, Adeyemi playing.* We may be a record holder of the champion with the worst record on the opening day!!! We have high expectation this season.  This game really hurts our feelings.BUT we must send messages to our players that we still support them.  Restoring their confidence, not destroying.On the Ball City, long way to go.
  13. Can''t wait for the game.  I will surely follow Jon''s live coverage here in Bangkok.We have few more NCFC fans in Thailand and I will copy the link to our Hi5 Group. OTBC
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