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Jim Smith

Thoughts on last night

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I suppose when you take a tsep back and look at the side we had out a point away at Millwall is not a bad result and the table this morning continues to look healthy from our perspective. However I have to say to concede such a scrappy goal, so late in the day left me gutted and I can''t help but think of how good the table would have looked had we held on. It would have been a big three points and given us a nice cushion going into a further tricky 3 or 4 fixtures between now and early December.

Firstly some comments on our fans:

1. Excellent turnout for a Tuesday night. Reckon about 1,500 and some decent noise at times; however

2. To the bunch of kids at the back if you ever start singing "i''m forever blowing bubbles" again regularly like that at a Norwich game then there is no place for you following Norwich City and I know plenty of people sat round me who will help hasten your exit from the ground. It was f*8king embarrassing to hear it once, let alone 5 or 6 times in the second. It doesn''t wind the Millwall fans up and it just makes us look like t8*ts. We are Norwich City. We are not West Ham and frankly most City fans I know hate West Ham much more than they do Millwall.

3. I am sorry to hear that some of our fans may have been given a beating after the game but frankly having seen the group in question beforehand at on the train from London Bridge I am not surprised in the slightest and I think they had it coming. Ok most Millwall fasn these days (except for the big games) are a bunch of young chavs who don''t appear to be a patch on their forefathers but this is still Millwall on a Tuesday night and to wander round in a yellow morph suit singing and generall baiting the opposition fans is generally only going to end one way!

As for the game:

1. We looked very lightweight without Crofts in the midfield. Millwall were stronger and more athletic than us and at times outmuscled us. We however were technically the better team.

2. I though that Fox had a very good game. His goal was terrific and he generally passed it well and did more tracking back and tackling than i have seen previously. I also thought Korey Smith played well.

3. Wes and Macnamee were both quiet and it was no surprise to see them go off. Once again I was not particularly happy to see Wes subbed but i can see why Lambert did it.

4. Holt and Martin stood up to the Millwall centre backs well and it was good to see them going toe to toe with them and refusing to be bullied. i thought Martin worked really hard (although we looked more dangerous once Jackson came on) but should have done better with a through ball to Macnamee in the first half when we had a 2 on 1 break. Of concern with Holt again though was that he failed to win virtually every header he went for.

5. Barnett was immense.

6. Lappin did ok as stand in left back but i hope we don''t have to play him there too often - hurry back Drury!

7. Russell Martin was a mixed bag. Did some good things but for a spell in the first half was getting overrun.

8. We have a real problem with defending corners and far post crosses. I''m not sure who is at fault here but its something the coaches really need to sort out. Millwall had obviously done their homework as they kept targeting the far post but thankfully overhit many of their efforts. I have not seen the replay of the goal yet and must confess could not really see what happened but as against palace and Cardiff it came from a knock down at the far post and once again it appeared to me that Ruddy (who to be fair had a good game otherwise) was rooted to his line.

All in all a point away at Millwall no disaster, particularly with a slightly makeshift line up but could have been so much better has we held on!


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I agree with most of that. You''re particularly spot on about ''I''m Forever Blowing Bubbles'' - utterly embarrassing. They''ve clearly watched that godawful film ''Green Street'' a few too many times and think it''s the epitome of football culture.

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[quote user="Butterbean_Canary"]

Cheers Jim, good read

Could I be an @rse and ask for soem player ratings?


My ratings would be:

Ruddy - 7 - good save to his right first half and generally looked solid. I couldn''t really tell if he was in any way at fault for the goal.

Martin - 5 - didn''t think he had a great evening. Started quite well but they got in a lot quite easily down his side.

Barnett - 8 - got on the end of everything.

Ward - 7 - decent

Lappin - 6 - did his best and di not let himself down. Again not sure if was at fault for the goal as couldn''t see.

Fox - 7 - played well and great strike for the goal.

Smith - 7 - worked hard and soem good skill at times.

Macnamee - 5 - quiet i thought. martin should have out him through one on one in first half.

Hoolahan - 6 - neat and tidy but quiet by his standards and got outmuscled by Trotter on a few occasions.

Martin - 6 - worked hard and kep going, Some nice touches but should have played Macca in and might have done better with another first half chance.

Holt 6 - for sheer effort and persistence. Had a running fued with just about any Millwall player/fan in the stadium and made a nuisance of himself all night but did not win enough flick ons and could have done better with a couple of chances he had.



Gill - 5 - did sod all in open play but good long throw.

Jackson - 6 - livened things up and we looked more threatening when he came on.

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Nice one Jim, always like to get a feel for the game if I cannot make it,

I love reading how well Ward and Barnett play together in each report on the site. If we do not sign him on a permanent then we may as well give up now,

Problem is its a catch 22 scenario where the better Barnett plays, the more expensive he gets but if he was playing poo then we wouldn''t want to sign him

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Hugely disappointing. Millwall had a makeshift side particularly up front. Were there for the taking. Our midfield never showed any signs of holding the ball and we hardly put together a couple of passes all night. It cost us at the end when we should have comfortably played out the final minutes by retaining possession. We were simply not good enough. I am amazed that Paul Lambert said we were excellent. No we were very mediocre in all departments. Their goal was at far end but once again it appeared to be delivered close to goal and Ruddy did not come out to collect.

In view of comments re Holt, watched him closely. Cannot understand whats going on. Positioned himself all over the place but seemed to be intent on just roughing up the opposition with little other contribution. Never any threat in the penalty box. Also spent a lot of time with stupid arguments with Ref. Not sure but looks as if he thinks he is not good enough for this league and has lost confidence.

First visit to the Den. Not a sign of voilence and opposing fans seemed no different to any others. In fact even offered me a seat on the London Bridge train !!

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Funny that about Holt. More often than not whenever we score a goal or create openings it''s Mr Holt who is involved.

I couldn''t go to Millwall but having just watched the highlights on Canaryworld (usually better than BBC) both Martin''s chances were set up by Holt.

He''s not on top form, he may well be carrying an injury but as we haven''t a ready made replacement it''s possible Lambo is asking him to do a job on behalf of the team for that very reason. With the absence of a suitable signing, Lambo may well feel his pure physical presence and leadership is essential.

If this is true, the facts will emerge when a signing is made.

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