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Buzz Killington

Cruel, cruel Archant

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I must admit I was full of excitement this morning, awaiting the EDP canaries exclusive. Was it a new player signing? New investment? A take over? No, we have record debts. What a cruel announcement to make in the way they have. Shame on them I say!

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While we have to accept the bad news as well as the good the article really does highlight that Archant are devoid of talent and out of touch with many of their readers the Cullum article last year and this one the worst form of sensationalism from a low grade regional paper. 

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To top things, my college isn''t even closed because of the snow, despite there being no trains or busses! Wonderful!

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One hopes Mr Mcnulty has got a handle on this and in his press conference this afternoon will be telling us how it will be sorted. The report in the evening news is headlined Norwich City staring into financial abyss. Before making such statements should we not be letting our saviour Mr Mcnulty speak first?. There must be something sorted as assuming Whitbread has signed that makes 3 new signings and the money has got to have come from somewhere.

They also have failed to report that we now have assets which we did not have in May ie Holt Hoolahan Russell ect. Unless I am mistaken ( although we would not want to see them sold ) our debt could now be brought down by selling these players ie we are no longer bankrupt.

Before we pass judgement lets see what Mr Mcnulty has to say I am sure he has a cunning plan or we would be selling our players now

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[quote user="Hit Squad"]
That artical on it''s own has made me not want to purchase another EDP.

What a load of hype journo should be moved on for that

So your solution is to shoot the messenger then.

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[quote user="Pablo Picarsole"]Come on people, the EDP is your local paper, do you really want to lose it? You''d be left with extreme right wing papers like the Sun, Mail, Express etc.[/quote]

What are you talking about? What exactly has "extreme right wing" got to do with football?

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So once again Archant claim an ''Exclusive'' on ''news'' from May 31 2009.

Much like the breaking news Exclusive that Cullum talked to Delia about

a year before they ''broke'' that load of tripe.

Their calling it an Exclusive just because there announcing the news

before McNally does this afternoon. Even tho the information is 8

months old and may or may not give a true picture of our finances at

the moment.

We may well have received investment that we dont know about, and since

McNally''s and Bowkett''s arrival and Foulger''s efforts as well as im

sure Delia and maybe Carl Moore, coupled with the fact that we''ve just

bought 3 new players and are on the hunt for more, it really doesn''t

sound like were heading for financial meltdown does it?

So the debt has increased by £5m thanks to Doncaster letting Roeder run

riot with his pathetic management ideas of loans over signings. The

figures were upto 31 May 2009. It is now 7 Jan 2010 and were buying

players left right and centre, when was the last time we had 3 players

bought in the first week of the Jan window?

If the finances were in that much trouble then no players would have

been bought and all we''d be hearing is that Holt and Hoolahan were on

their way.

The actual picture couldn''t be more opposite. Once again this is more

sensationalism by Archant, using a news story that is 8 months old,

making it out to be more than it is, just to sell papers.

I for one had no intention of rushing out to buy an EDP this morning,

as I will never forget getting up at 8am to get one for the Cullum

debacle!! This is what you get when your chairman is also associated

with the local rag.

So which part was the exclusive? The debts rising to £23m? Roeder being

the cause? The figure was calculated in May 2009 and im sure we could

have all figured that the debts have risen. And we all knew the on and

off field consequences of Roeder''s tenure.

Well done Archant, im sure youve conned a lot of pensioners out of 50p

this morning and sold a few more papers than you normally would on a

cold January morning. I for one will never be fooled again by your

pathetic attempt at journalism.

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