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  1. The questionable this is the intelligence of much of what is written by fans and so called supporters. I am not a huge fan of CH but he has virtually every little thing that so called supporters of NCFC can think of. There are many justifiable points raised and I am sure that many supporters are just concerned about the wellbeing of the team, team members and club but some appear to wallow in all that is negative and some seem to want the team and the club to fail so that they can write more bile and state we told you so. Why not for the last 14 games no matter what get behind the team and see where some positivity takes us? What’s to lose?
  2. Not questioning any fans right to their opinion or view and do not have rose tinted glasses but the resignation to what many seem to view as certain defeat and the vast amount of negativity cannot be good can it?
  3. Now this does not apply to all NCFC fans but many that use this forum seem to not only expect defeat but would seem to want a defeat against Villa. Like many Norwich fans I wish the season could have gone better and I also would have prefered Paul Lambert to have remained our manager but he decided to move on. I am concerned that we have not and are not playing fluent football but I am not convinced like manyothers on this site that CH sets out to be negative. Talking of negative will the abject negativity being displayed by fans influence a positive outcome on Saturday I believe NOT but of course should the worst happen the negative posters can sit back gloat and say they told us so. Will positivity ensure a win not necessarily but would it not be better to be positive rather fill the ground with doom and gloom.
  4. This is just another issue where if everyone used common sense and courtesy there would not be an issue at all and it is correct that not all clubs or councils close roads on match days. I have seen some near misses but these have in no small part been down to individuals drivers and pedestrians who act irresponsibly  
  5. My concern, lets just get there and worry about next season during the cricket season. 
  6. Hoff this was just something you heard or something you thought would be fun and get you noticed. its the most pathetic excuse for a rumour I seen on here today.
  7. I have a sneaky feeling that it may have started in the county of E---X
  8. I think its time to stop the Colchester bashing and concentrate on winning the match because winning will say much more than all of the comments that have been stated on many threads. We do want to win obviously to erase the memory of a terrible opening day and we all want the winning feeling but should we lose then possible we will all feel that little bit worse and undoubtedly we will be barraged by the Col U fans.  
  9. While we have to accept the bad news as well as the good the article really does highlight that Archant are devoid of talent and out of touch with many of their readers the Cullum article last year and this one the worst form of sensationalism from a low grade regional paper. 
  10. As sad and worrying as this, is it is not the time to start another round of Delia or board bashing whats done is done and hopefully lessons have been learnt. What do we want promotion which is possibly the only thing that will save us and the only thing that will retain Lambert and most of the squad. It is not likely that the cavalry will come over the hill in the form of Mr Cullum or any other investor. So all we can do is continue to support and roar the team on to the Championship.  
  11. 500, 1000, 2000 or 3000 does not matter!!! What we need to do is win the game in style that would mean far more to all Norwich fans and hopefully short Mr Cowling up. He may have done a lot for Colchester and good luck to him but he appears to be acting like an immature little kid.   
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