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Okay so there is no hope but Thoughts and Ratings is such a crappy title.Theoklitos -  After that performance I''m not going to bother to learn how to spell his name, positional play was non existent, didn''t talk to his defence, can''t save the ball and is the worst keeper I have seen in my life - 0Otsemabor - Didn''t link up with Whaley, who didn''t help Semi at all, he refused to cross the half way line and played a major part in the first goal.  After that his confidence was shot to pieces and he gave up - 2Doherty - I would usually stick up for him but today the Captain was not there, vocally, physically or mentally.  Worst performance in a City from the Doc - 1Nelson - Woeful, didn''t win a header, ran about like a headless chicken and rarely stuck a foot in.  Also looked very one footed - 2Drury - Never thought he was a good footballer and today has reasurred me about my thoughts.  Useless, one good pass, out of position and didn''t put a foot in when it mattered.Whaley - Crap sums him up.  Didn''t pull his defender with him, didn''t take on his man and his passing was the worst in the side.  His one shot was terrible and I can totally see why Preston sold him for so little - 2Gill - Looked up for it and whilst he didn''t have a great first half he looked the best in the side for the first 45 mins.  No idea why Jones was subbed of as Gill was the only one winning the ball in the midfield although he didn''t look like creating any chances - 5Tudor Jones - For someone brought in to win the ball, he didn''t do his job at all.  He looked great against Wigan however today looked terrible, sloppy passing, heading was all over the place and his tackling was non existent - 2Hoolahan - Wanted the ball for too long but due to lack of movement failed to create any chances - 5Holt - Put himself a bit and showed what he was all about.  Looks like he will be a decent signing for us given time.  Refreshing to have a big man up front - 5Martin - Didn''t do anything wrong and looked good the few times the ball went near him.  Didn''t have enough to do due to the ball not being played up to him - 4SUBS:McDonald - Looked simply class, only one moving about, creating chances and took his goal well.  Needs to start vs. Yeovil.  Although only on for 20 mins he was my man of the match for his goal and sheer effort.  Good display from the youngster - 7Adeyemi - Looked better than Jones and nearly scored with a good shot.  Strong for a young lad and can only get better - 6Gunn showed today how bad he really is at his job.  Brings a sub on at 5-0 down, didn''t take Theo off when the crowd (rightfully) got on his back and stood there like a lemon for the whole game.  Needs to leave now, he doesnt give you any confidence in his abilities,

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Theocrappalous   1

Semmy                3

Doc                    3

Nelson               3

Drury                 4

Hoolahan           5

Gill                    4

Tudor Jones       5

Whalley              3

Martin                3

Holt                   5

Adeyemi            6

MacDonald       6



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i agree with most but nelson did well considering, he must have lost a lot of confidence. I hoped doc wasnt going to play, after watching the wigan highlights he looked at fault for most of their chances. i dont know what Theo Paphitis was doing for the freekick, he just stood behind the wall. Id like to see hoolahan go if hes just going to go back and forth on the bi line. semmy was as shit as ever. whalley couldnt pass. jones and gill looked decent so did holt when he stayed on his feet. cody and adeyemi did well too

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OMG .  The lasting impression of this game were so similar of last seasons depressing campaign.  Pretty keep ball across the width of the pitch, no penetration, threat or ideas,  defensive incompetence, central midfield anonimity and a complete and utter lack of guts, fight or desire from the squad with the added disaster of a poor keeper.   It could and probably should have been 10.  So poor it was nearly 5 mins after kick off that we finally had secure possession outside our own half.

Theodropalotus  2 the worse keeping debut I have seen since,  well,  Gunns against coventry actually.  At fault for 5 of the goals.

Ots 1  And that 1 was for the run when the score was 0-0 - but like the rest of the afternoon was a finished with woeful passing.   Gifted the Us their opener,  killing his own, the keepers and the rest of his defences confidence with a lazy ill thought out back pass.  Was abysmal for the rest of the game and should have gone for Spillane before half time.

Doc 4 Clearly lots to work on in his partnership with Nelson but was rocked by what was going on around him.

Nelson 3 Much better in the second half but I can see why hartlepool fans were not sorry to see him go.

 Drury 5.  A shadow of himself but under so much pressure from the midfield

Whalley 5  Him and ots on different wavelengths,  no threat at all.

OTJ 2  So tall - but physically weak and had no impact - adeyemi completely outclassed him.

Gill 1 Was lucky to stay on so long - outshone by OTJ.  No midfield bite, no leadership,  completely ineffective. His final crossfield pass before being subbed summed his performance up.

Hoolahan 6  The ONLY ray of light - ona  different level  to the rest of the team,  but ended up losing possession by trying to do it all.  Can we really hold onto him unit Sept?

Holt 5 Worked hard but with no service.  Hard to judge

Martin 4 Ran but lighweight and no impact or skill.


Cody 6  Took his goal well and shows that pace (and quality with Hoolahan) does have a place in this league. However we need to get him into the game better and he needs to be a little stronger.  Encouraging

Adeyemi 7 My motm,  final gave us something - not a lot - in midfield and got forward too.


Subs bench left us with no options - mainly because Gunn seems to understand when they need to be introduced.  Where was the creative spark going to come from if hoola injured  why no WLY on the bench?  WIth a lost cause why not lket MAric have a run to start his acclimatisation to league one football - he could not have done any worse than anyone else.

There must be some key changes next week.  Keeper, right back,  ? over Askou for Nelson,  def Adeyemi in for Gill,  probably Hughes in for OTJ too depending on fitness. A centre back and WLY on the bench.

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