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  1. gremlin griggs

    Team for Yeovil

    jas why dont you apply the managers job. a great team.

  2. gremlin griggs

    My Ratings

    only one thing  gill was useless played two decent passes 2.and at least hoolahan was trying
  3. they have been given more time now oct28
  4. gremlin griggs


    has he said he wants to leave.or is it media hype as usual. people should get off his back.lets keep him here some of his bookings were poor decisions.
  5. gremlin griggs

    Charlton await decision after Miguel Llera talks!

    the sunday mirror website states he has already signed for charlton
  6. gremlin griggs

    Good Luck Manchester United

    its got to be barcelona how can you ever support scum utd
  7. totally agree with you.i wish the minority of so called fans would f... o.. they will die moaning.
  8. gremlin griggs

    Fixture list?

    wed 17 june 10am but dont get to excited
  9. get off the guys back.give gunny a chance
  10. gremlin griggs

    Lets finish with all this negativity

    great post at least your in the majority of real fans. lets stick together and things can turn around.
  11. gremlin griggs

    Go Gunn

    why dont you change your name to dickhead instead of slaphead.get behind the guy a the club. we will go up if we stick together.
  12. why dont people like you shut up. things aint good going down but dont blame us real fans for renewing our season tickets.
  13. gremlin griggs

    Russell - asset or liability?

    he is an asset to the club the ref was poor in the second booking as it was right in front of us.russell hasnot been at his best at times but you need players with his attitude and bite. the minority of fans must get off his back havenot theyever played football.keep going rusty.on the the ball city.

  14. gremlin griggs


    give him a chance has a quality left foot he could help in keeping us up as he might get the balls into the box then hopefully prove why roeder was wrong again. give him a chance gunny
  15. gremlin griggs

    Shack is back

    good to see him back if only on loan he will be better under gunny than roeder the rat