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Players scores v Villa

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Greeno           7   Safe as ever and kept us in the game with several key saves

Eddie             5    Again exposed by diamond, but poor dsitribution and no attacking support

Drury             5    Exposed by diamond poor distribution but did get forward.

Fleming          7    MOM, defensively solid, few mistakes, battled well with Cole.

Charlton         6    Worst game distrbutionally, good partnership with Flem meant a clean sheet

Safri              6    Good first half, not so influential second, surprisingly subbed

Holt              5   Shocking.  Touch appalling, positionning non existent.  Looked tired.

Francis          5    Not sure where his mind was yesterday, good shot near end but little else

Bentley          6    Still looking for a Red O2 shirt to pass to.  Some good runs but too little.

Hux               5    Off colour but well marshalled. 

Doc              5     Tried hard but so would I.  Some good flicks, no support for big defender.

McVeigh         7    Nearly our MOM in just 15 mins; showed Bentley how to play that role

Leon              6    Lots of energy, little impact in too short a time

Jonson           6   Too late to have any impact but got in a good cross from his only real touch.


The diamond didnt work for me and too many players had an off day, fortunately for City including Villa.  Probably the worst quality game we have seen at FCR since Bradford, at least we didnt lose.   Bentley and Doc should be rested and Holt simply dropped.  With no attacking runs from Eddie and apppalling distribution time to bring back Helveg too.





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How can you say Edworthy had a bad game?! He was the best player we had on the pitch next to Greeno. He rarely gave the ball away, his defending was watertight and put some good crosses in.


Heres mine: 

Greeno           8   Two blinding saves either side of half-time saved us from losing 2-0

Eddie             7    Solid as a rock and looked an attacking threat every time he got the ball

Drury             5    Not a great game but charged down a couple of shots and got forward

Fleming          7    Watertight. As always

Charlton         7    Again, practically inpenetrable

Safri              6    Looked as sharp as anyone on the field in the first half, dissapeared in the 2nd

Holt              5    Awful game by his standards. Had a shot in the first half about a mile over the bar from 7 yards out.

Francis          5    Did "OK" but was just too slow when he had the ball and rarely first to it.

Bentley          4    The worst Norwich player on the pitch... but still a threat when he had the ball on the edge of the box.

Hucks            6    Average game but he looked injured in the 2nd half, kept holding his ribs. 

Doc              5     He held the ball up well and distributed it well but then so would Iwan. And Iwan would have probably stuck away the header he had in the first half.

McVeigh         6    Did alright when he came on. Looked like he wanted Bentley''s shirt and should really get it.

Leon              4    Ran about all over the place but did very little. Doesn''t look good enough to beat Premiership defenders.

Jonson           4   Didn''t have enough time to do anything

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Its all about opinions with only Eddie really dividing us. As I said I thought Eddie was solid defensively given the pressure the formation puts him (and Drury) under. Drury at least made a good run into the box in the first half before running out of conviction/ideas, I cant recall Eddie doing this and thought his passing was wayward, like much of the defence. If I was to choose only 2 things to change Eddy wouldnt be one of them, the formation and Leon for Doc would be.OTBC

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  • Greeno 8 By far the best keeper in the country, what a save to deny cole
  • Eddie 7 Quite a solid performance (as usual)
    Drury 7 Solid and seems to be getting better going forward
  • Fleming 7 Mr.Reliable turned in another good performance
  • Charlton 6 Dependable but pretty average
  • Safri 6 Can''t really tackle but showed some good touches
  • Holt 7 I still can''t believe he nearly scored
    Francis 7 Another good performance, so far my player of the season
  • Bentley 4 Needs to start performing
  • Hucks 6 Didn''t look at his best on saturday
  • Doc 5 Iwan would have done better with a broken leg!
  • McVeigh 7 We look a better side with McVeigh in the team
  • Leon 6 Needs to be given longer
  • Jonson 5 Hasn''t done much to impress yet

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The whole team were absolutely rubbish cos they didnt get 3 points which is wot they needed so really norwich should just get rid of greeno and buy a striker who might actually put the ball in the back of the net unlike huckerby who is a never will be.

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On the telly, it looks like this:Green 9Edworthy 7Fleming 7Charlton 7Drury 8Safri 7Holt 7Francis 6Bentley 7Huckerby 7Doherty 6none of the subs had enough time to earn a rating but mcveigh was the best of the bunch.I thought Green did particularly well and Drury showed again why he is probably one of the best left backs in the Premiership. There are not many I''d prefer to have on my team than our skipper.also, it''s possible to lower everyone''s score by 1 point. it just wasn''t that good a performance but relatively speaking, that''s how i think they played.

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Er, Bob Dave are you being ironic or do you actually believe that? Hux has been outstanding this season but has had virtually no support up front. At the end of the day a draw was a good result against Villa although I do think we should''ve beat them given how they played.

In our last two games we have drawn 0-0 with spurs and Villa and people are writing us off, Chelsea have done exactly the same in their last two games and no one is getting on their backs

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Green 9- great game, getting better and better, but transfer movement is happeneing in the manu camp and arsenal. Surely they cant sign him untill the transfer window......... Carlton cole save was brilliant!!!

Edworthy 4- Not the best of games, looks pointless going foward, unlike drury doesnt like to take on people or cross it in. Surely could have whipped a few into doc?????? i think we need to see helveg given a chance.

Flaming - 9 MOM, made all defensive clearences and headers, never slipped once and apart from carlton cole.

Charlton 7- Didnt look his good old self, played ok but looked abit out of place in the first half, looked better in second.

Drury 6- Played a good game, got forward alot, much better than edworthy, and got some crosses and runs in. Edworthy needs to copy Adams example.

Safri 7- Played a decent game and was very supprised for him to be subbed, would like to see him start in place of holt in a 442 line-up  on tuesday

Holt 5- Poor, out of place, and wondering around out of position yet again, did well to tackle angel after running back for drury after a norwich attack, was about all he did all afternoon.

Francis 7- Wondered round like a lost sheep in this new formation, we need 442 to get francis to play at his best. ALthough he was lost he still managed to play a good game and block the route to goal by getting in some decent tackles.

Bently 6- Probably his worse game so far. Played a rediculas first half which had him running round like a mad man trying to win the ball. Looked far more comftable asa winger. WE NEED 442!

Huckerby 6- Not a great game, still managed to run here and there and be his general self. Set up most our chances, but we need more from the right wing, we hand no wings. So huckerby was doing everything

Doc - 5 not his best game, but still did a good job.


Mcveigh 8- came on and played his heart out. Looked good in that formation but would still probably be more comftable as a winger. Could have been mom in 15 mins! Was unlucky not to get a good cross which could have been our winning goal. Didnt have enough time to do anything else

Jonson 7- Came on and did the job better than bently and doc put together, still looks a bit raggered but hes only going to get better if he playes.

Mckenzie 7- Played well, but needs to start, nuff said.......


Overall, i think we should scrap the 442 diamond and go back to how we played last season. I would like to see either:           or

------------green------------        ---------green------------
-helveg-flem-charlton-drury           -helveg-flem-charlton-drury
-Mcveigh-Safri-Damo-Bently       -Bently-Safri-DAmo-Huckerby 
--leon/sven/doc-Huckerby---      -------Leon-------Sven----

Subs:                                       subs:   Mcveigh, Edowrthy, Mullers, ward, doc

Mullers. edworthy, ward,

---------Green-----------             ------------Green-----------
-helveg-flem-charlton-drury           --helveg-flem-charlton-drury--
----------Safri----------              ----------safri---------------
Mcveigh/(bently)-Damo-Huckerby   mcveigh---Damo-----bently---
-----Leon-----Sven/Doc            &

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What strikes me is how high the EEN scores were compared to the general concensus on here - the average score from rick brown tongue waghorn is an average of just under 8 - making it his best performance of the season?


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