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Farke Off

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It seems to me that the club has accepted mediocrity. We have little chance of going up and we don’t deserve to at present.

The appointment of Farke was brave, or cheap, (or both) but the gamble has worked. The team is clueless, spineless and lacking the attributes (or players) for the Championship.

Stuart Webber seems to be a one trick pony.

Saint Delia & co. Seriously time to Farke off and give the club a chance.

This looks to be a Grant team v2.

Frustrating, disappointing and boring. A bit like the England team.

Oh well. League One was fun after all.

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Such a spell was inevitable.

No bounce back last season =

Jacob Murphy & Jonny Howson sold and we haven''t got the finances to replace them.

This is a transitional period ... the worst is yet to come after the following two windows!

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