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jon francis

Ratings last night

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Green 6 - Reasonably solid at no fault for goal but looked slightly shaky with one or two crosses.

Colin 7 - Impressive again looks a good solid signing.

Docherty 8 - Superb won everything looks like a new player.

Davenport 8 - As above.

Drury 7/8 - Best game of the season solid at the back and looked better going forward and linking with hucks.

Marney 6/7 Fairly quiet game with 2 pieces of real quality free kick and cross for the doc.

Safi 9 mom - He is just superb his crossfield passing was better then Beckham and his ball winning was better then keane awesome.

Hughes 7 - Another solid game always improving.

Huckerby 8 - Looked dangerous all night his best game of the season.

Ashton 5 - Shouldnt of been on the pitch, must be given credit for giving it a go though, he will be back to his best after a little rest I have no doubt about that.

Mcveigh 8 - Yet again looked bright and lively throughout, along with saf and the doc the success story of the season so far.

Lisbie 7 - Lively, should of done better with couple of chances though.

Brennan 7 Kept ball well in his brief appearence.

What do people think of these ratings?

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Would largely agree but would swap your ratings for the Doc and Safri.

Doc 9 - faultless on the floor, in the air, distribution and overall positioning good.

Safri 8 - largely agree but some wayward passes at times not finding their targets and losing the initiative - but still good overall

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I loved it last night- even if I did get home after midnight! My ratings:

Green 7 - Was absolutely fine. Never asked to do that much.

Colin 8 - I am really impressed with Colin. Could become a legend.

Docherty 9 - Was a rock

Davenport 9 - Was also a rock

Drury 7 - Good game

Marney ? - Frustrating player- always looks a bit half committed at times , but then provides something special! Flashes of brilliance!  

Safi 8 mom - Great great player. And WHAT a goal it was.

Hughes 7 - Thought he was a bit scrappy last night. But love the way he pumps the crowd!

Huckerby 8 - As always. Dangerous. Doesn''t track back. And we love him!

Ashton 3 - Should have been in bed. Clearly on planet la la and scared to head- hence  first goal.

Mcveigh 8 - His touch is magnificent. He stops balls dead but a bit lightweight.

Lisbie 4 - Good touch and speed but for a striker he can''t hit the proverbial bovine behind with a musical instrument. PLEASE send him home!

Brennan 6 Bit quiet- didn''t have much to do

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Green 7 - another good game, unlucky on the goal, was unorganised like the rest of the team at the time, couldnt do much about it, then after that didnt really have to do much at all because our defence was outstanding!

Colin 7 - Impressive and a good asset, got caught out once or twice going foward, was ok last night, but against better teams they could take advantage, take care colin!

Doherty 9 - Outstanding game, won everything in the air, sprayed the ball about well and passed it around lovely. AND got a goal, great header, good to see him scoring

Davenport 9 - as above, they work so well together, whats going to happen at the end of his three months thou? we need him in there really

Drury 8 - Looked great last night, nothing got past him at the back, and he was a strong force going foward, was unlucky not to have scored, linked up well with huckerby, got a couple of great shots in and also some dangerous crosses, unlucky not to have scored but his first touch let him down..... then again he isnt a striker so its no big deal, best game of season so far from him

Marney 7 - A good game from marney, was quiet in the second half as was huckebr, but from what i gather this was down to nigels decisions. With marney and safri in the side, spraying the ball wide quickly is a great way to attack..... middsleborough do it and it works for them, so lets do it ourselves.

Safi 9 - nearly an eight, but after seeing that goal it has to be a nine. like marney, sprays the ball around lovely, and had a great game, won mostly every tackle, and he won every header. Gave away the ball cheaply at times, but another outstanding game from him.

Hughes 7 - Another good game, looks good on the ball, passes it around nice, and makes some good foward runs, unfourtuantly no-one picked him out....

Huckerby 8 - Was our main attack asset, and it worked. Got marked out of the game abit in the second half as did marney, worthington also changed the system which cut huckerby out the game abit.

Ashton 5 - Credit to him for trying, but he was never in the game

Mcveigh 8 - Another great game, did he ever stop running? So creative and something we have lacked, constantly making runs along the back-line but our midfield failed to pick him out.

Lisbie 6/7 - holds the ball up well and lays it off well too, but you can see why charlton dont need him..... hes rubbish infront of goal, and at times his first touch is dreadful, but he is a good addition to the squad, and id like to keep him for the further 2 months if we can

Brennan 6 - didnt come on and do a lot, but passed it well as usual

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Just quickly i''d say:

Green: 6 (had nothing to do really) solid!

Colin: 6 (as greeno didnt hav much 2 do) solid as wel

Doherty: 9+ ( a very impressive performance, brilliant in all departments, air floor etc) Was my MOTM

Davenport: 7 (didnt look as good as doherty, but they compliment echother well!) Sharp

Drury: 8 (got forward very well, defending brilliant) Impressive!

Safri: 9 (he passing from left-to-right was quality everytime, tackled well and good goal) Brilliant

Marney: 7 (also good passing like safri, got into the match well)  

Hughes: 6 ( he lost the ball a couple of times, with lose passes) Can do better

McVeigh: 8 (got himself in great postions, was a bit slow going, but in the end his touch was very good) looked very sharp!

Huckerby: 8 ( his crossing wasnt the best, but he caused madness in the hull back-side, a really treat, he also combined with drury really wel down the left) Very danagerous

Ashton: 6 (he clearly wasnt up 4 it, but we all know why, tired hard though) Felt sorry 4 him, in a sense


Lisbie: 6 (did well, held ball up well at times, but should have scored) CAn also do better

Brennan: 6 (didnt do any wrong or right really) did enough

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A few interesting ratings...but my own ratings from the game are:

Greeno - 7. Solid, improved kicking on recent form

Colin - 7. Won a massive 50/50 which left him half dead, improving alot. still finding himself out of position.

Doherty - 9. Awesome, won everything in the air. only one foul (incredible), even though it was the foul for the goal from what i can remember, Scored a nice goal. MOTM imo

Davenport - 8. Buy him. Revelation

Drury - 7. One of his better games

Marney - 7. The opposite of Bentley - 100% effort, just hasn''t got the final ball

Safri - 9. Beckham in disguise, A1 passing.

Hughes - 6. Played as a 5th defender in my opinion, didn''t do much

Hucks - 7. Created alot in the first half. Got doubled up on in the second half

Ashton - 5. Shouldn''t have started. Needs a rest

McVeigh - 8. Brought the ball down on a sixpence more than once. Superb performance. Did you see him win a header against their 6ft+ sub?!


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Stuck in scotland for the week and miss the best performance of the week - pehaps I should stay here more often!!!

It looks like confidence is growing and the team chosen for Tuesday was the best the club could put out - thats all I have been asking for.

Now we need to ass some consistency - follow this up with a good performance on sat and with the october fixtures we have,our squad and that consistency we should be moving up the table.


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The entire team played well !  no doubt about that ... but  it WAS Huckerby  that made the goals .. no doubt about THAT !!    problems with that summing up anybody ?

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[quote]A few interesting ratings...but my own ratings from the game are: Greeno - 7. Solid, improved kicking on recent form Colin - 7. Won a massive 50/50 which left him half dead, improving alot. still fi...[/quote]

Marney hasn''t got the final ball, apart from the 2 best crosses of the season (v. Coventry for Deano''s goal and v. Hull for the Doc''s goal). Other than that I agree.

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[quote]I''m not sure about assing some consistency ZLF but really you should make more of your trip to Scotland and enjoy your break (adduming its a holiday not work).[/quote]

Hmm ass some consistency, can''t you just tell I am a proof reader! - perfect typing with whiskey inhibited fingers! 

Sadly it was work - but was OK anyway - far worse places to work than in the highlands for a few days...

Fingers cross for assing some consistency in Brighton



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