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We get Moxey Mansfield get this !!!!!

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[quote user="morty"]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2042298/Mansfield-CEO-Carolyn-Still--29-agrees-marry-clubs-chairman-John-Radford.htmlWhat is it that women find so attractive about men with money lol?6 years ago though, how on earth did this come up on your radar OP? [/quote]
The same thing that men find so attractive about women with collagen, peroxide and silicon.....that initial "rubbing the hands with glee" moment.
When the interviewer asked Ms. Still much earlier what experience she would be bringing to the club from her background in fashion ( he kindly did not elaborate ) she looked a little perplexed before responding with "I will be bringing passion."
I''m glad we have Delia. 

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