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Having been at the game and now watched extended highlights on TV, and as no one else has done any, here''s my thinking:-

Rudd 5 - Should have done better. Slow off his line, left a big gap between him and his back four all game because we were trying to play a higher line, and didn''t dominate his area as we''ve seen him do.

Pinto 5 - His first game, but slightly worrying signs. Lost his defensive position all the time, meaning centre backs were covering for him as he had no help from Redmond. Looks pacy going forward.

Bassong 5 - would have been a 4 but for his goal. Pulled out of position time and again. Lucky not to concede a pen. I''m sure he used to have pace but Lallana did him comfortably for the third goal when he should have put ball and man into the stands. Must be on borrowed time.

Martin 3 - he only gets that because most of his forward balls were OK. Even ignoring the back pass, this was a nightmare performance defensively. Simply not a centre back. Gets square on too often and is taken apart by pace. Dragged out wide and commits far too easily. Still think he''s a good back up right back to have but no longer a first XI player. Alex Neill''s biggest decision but if he starts against Spurs I will be astonished.

Brady 4 - Cost us two goals (first and the fifth) and it could have been more, though he did save one to prevent us going 2-0 down. Again, good going forward but relies totally on his pace to get him out of trouble defensively. We have a specialist left back and I just don''t understand why he isn''t playing - if he isn''t good enough, get another one, but this position has cost us so many goals this season.

Howson 5 - good first half, disappeared second half as usual.

Dorrans 5 - see Howson. If these are our two best options at holding midfielders we have a problem as neither can actually play the role at this level. Howson always has his best games going forward yet our management keep playing him as a DM or a winger. Liverpool passed through our midfield like it wasn''t there. We badly missed Tettey.

Redmond 3 - a total enigma. Clearly talented and clearly couldn''t give a monkeys. Ran away from several potential openings and tackles. His decision making is either just poor, or he really is very stupid. His heart isn''t at Norwich anymore - if he doesn''t sign the long term contract that''s been put to him in the next 72 hours, get rid of him for £10m (if anyone will pay it) and buy someone who cares.

Hoolahan 7 - continues to be a shining beacon of hope in a sea of ineptitude. Always dangerous, always probing. Some things didn''t come off, some did - his ball to Naismith the highlight for the second goal. Still got it - I just wish he was 23 not 33.

Naismith 8 - great first hour, then disappeared. Super running, good goal, won the pen. Probably knackered, but should have been subbed earlier. Excellent signing though.

Mbokani 8 - another display of power. Great improvised finish for his goal, dominated the Liverpool centre backs when given the ball. Didn''t deserve to be on the losing side.

Subs had no impact at all. At 3-2 I was screaming for Mulumbu to replace Hoolahan to help shore it up as it was patently bloody obvious that we had run out of steam. If we''d had a leader on the pitch to make us compact when we scored the penalty they wouldn''t have got back in it so quickly, which is what ultimately cost us the game. At that point we should have been solid for 20 minutes, just let them have the ball, like against Swansea and Southampton then we would probably have gone on to score a fourth. We know we can do that, so why the hell didn''t we?

Our centre backs were appalling, but more so because our DM''s and full backs were also useless defensively.

I like Neil and you can''t criticise what he''s achieved for us, but it''s annoying that he is learning on the job and making some pretty basic errors in tactics.

We will not survive on heart alone; we need to be cleverer. I expect Klose to start against Spurs but it''s not a game we are likely to get anything from, unlike yesterdays.

However, unless the defending improves as a team we haven''t a chance of surviving.

Personally, I think we should spend another £10m on another centre back, play Olsson at LB, with Brady in front and put Jarvis on the right instead of Redmond, until he gets his head back. Mulumbu is better than Dorrans as a DM if Tettey is unavailable.

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Rudd 5

Pinto 5 Martin 3 Bassong 5 Brady 5

Dorrans 4 Howson 6

Redmond 4 Naismith 8 Hoolahan 8

Mbokani 8

Dorrans and Redmond are not good enough. Redmond needs dropping and given a kick up the back....

I''d play Olsson with Brady left wing, Tettey will hopefully be back, if not Mulumbu or O''Neil in Dorrans place. VOO in place of Redmond. Klose and Bennett in central defence.

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I thought Redmond played quite well and it ended up being a mistake to take him off.

People are becoming far too quick and eager to get on his case.

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For the last few games we have conceded 4.5 goals per match, so we can''t blame Pinto, although he was very disappointing defensively.

The back four had an off-day collectively, perhaps because there was no covering midfielder. But you can''t blame the lack of midfield cover for the back four being out of position, and making careless passes.

We need four defenders who are in communication, and preferably with one of them pointing out dangers and encouraging concentration. I don''t know whether Klose is up to this, as a newcomer, but they need concentration and they need to play to instruction.

If Bennett was not injured or otherwise unavailable, then I am appalled by the manager''s decision to leave him out, as the clean sheets have corresponded to his and Rudd''s inclusion. We know that we have a weakness in the back four, and that this would be revealed if Tettey didn''t play, but I can''t believe that the manager believes that Martin is better than Bennett.

The manager clearly did not read what the Croatian journalist wrote of Pinto - essentially good going forward, but weak defensively - this is true of Martin and even Whittaker.

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Rudd 5

Brady 6

Martin 4

Bassong 6

Pinto 6

Dorrans 5

Howson 5

Redmond 7

Wes 7

Naismith 8

Mbokani 7

Jerome 5

Olsson 4

Jarvis 4

The subs were disappointing; none had a positive impact, Olsson was poor and Jarvis was completely invisible.

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if we cant blame pinto as new to the back 4, then on the same basis bennett has to take some of the blame?

his performance v bournemouth sums up his standard, ineffective, out of position and slow to read the game, a solid stopper yes, but struggles against any non linear movement. If he is the answer we really are asking the wrong question

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"GJP" I thought Redmond played quite well and it ended up being a mistake to take him off.

People are becoming far too quick and eager to get on his case.

100% this; he was good attacking with quick ball movement and linked up well with Naismith one more than one occassion - people have commented on the wes link up, redmonds was as positive.

We lost attacking impetus with the removal of both wes & redmond - both of whom offered themselves for passes from dorrans and howson which was an option lost when taken off.

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Rudd 5,

Brady 4,

Martin 3,

Bassong 4,

Pinto 4,

Dorrans 3,

Howson 4,

Redmond 4,

Wes 4,

Naismith 6,

Mbokani 5;

Subs - Jerome 4,

Olsson 3,

Jarvis 4.

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