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A Load of Squit

We still don't know

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I still miss those Fag Packet Accountants......such a shame they went into liquidation.Spreadsheets in widescreen full of figures that were either assumed, approximate or just simply guesstimates - all designed to show Delia in a poor light. Amazing how the old girl is still here and yet they''ve all disappeared. [:D]

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"The finances were, if anything, even more precarious. The board’s

response was to sanction the issue of a shedful of more shares…and in

what feels in retrospect like a somewhat cavalier moment, Delia and I

also agreed to underwrite the share issue, and hope that enough of the

other shareholders would take the altruistic view and pay up. Many

did but quite a few, including some with significant shareholdings, did

not and the unforeseen outcome was that by the end of 1998 our own

percentage had increased to 63 per cent!"
I thought that was the most interesting line. I
wonder who is being referred to, and whether they were glad their non-action meant Smith and Jones'' holding ended up so large...

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