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  1. Hope so as that will be double what they were planning to pay McKenna.
  2. Speaking to a Man Utd fan yesterday and he would rather keep Ten Hag then have McKenna. Utd need quality players and it will be difficult with a no-name like McKenna. Marescu, McKenna and Frank on the Chelsea shortlist.
  3. We'll have non of that sensible talk thank you. The players have ****ed off for holidays so there isn't that much he can be getting on with, especially if Knapper is leading on recruitment.
  4. At the moment demand for 'quality' coaches exceeds supply, hence Bayern looking at Kompany. Who knew that 2 years ago Xabi Alonso would be regarded as one of the best coaches in the world. Times change and it's why Man Utd could well go for McKenna. From our perspective I'd rather Burnley be without Kompany than with him.
  5. Nothing we haven't heard, but another outgoing statement/interview that doesn't mention Knapper.
  6. Just been on BHA forum and they're a right bunch of fannies. One even said it would look bad if they stole the manager off a newly promoted club. Ten Hag might be sacked after the weekend, so we might see some movement soon.
  7. If their fans could just be broadly sensible for a moment and not live in this delusional fantasy world then I might have a modicum of sympathy for them having their manager poached by a bigger club. The clock is already ticking on their Premier League status and life with McKenna. I have absolutely zero sympathy for them.
  8. Haha. I voted tactically last time thinking that might be the best option to get the Tories out. It failed miserably in the end and was just a wasted vote. I think there's little prospect of the Tories not retaining South Norfolk and Mrs Pants can't stand Starmer so might as well not bother 😁
  9. Wisely they've chosen a date that doesn't clash with any Euro 24 fixtures otherwise the turnout would have been even lower. It's going to be a painful few weeks if not years.
  10. You have to speculate in a rift between Wagner and Knapper or at least agreement to disagree. Rumours around that he was going to be sacked even had we been promoted, so the fact he was binned after the final whistle at Leeds is hardly surprising. The bigger picture for me is what the hell were our recruitment team and Knapper thinking re SVH and if it deters future loanees from signing for us.
  11. I quite like the scenario where everyone at the club from the top down becomes more accountable. From the playing perspective I hope everyone now has to fight for their place. It just felt under Wagner the team always picked itself. The squad was too small. We're going to have to bring in a sh1tload of players and that’s before the likes of Rowe, Sargent, Sara and Idah possibly being sold.
  12. That's not how it works. Most managers will not speak to other clubs whilst the current manager is still there. Sacking Wagner quickly means anyone interested can talk to us now. I would be surprised if it's a quick appointment. Changing manager mid-season requires a quick decision but we have time to make the right one.
  13. Some of the players will have gone on extended holidays now. The Scottish contingent might not be in Germany too long, but they'll need a break afterwards.
  14. That would be a tongue twister for some on Canary Call. Johannes Hoof It Up.
  15. We certainly are, but given how quickly we got shot of Smith and Wagner we might have to give a bit more commitment than a 12 mth rolling contract.
  16. True. Cooper did set Forest up pretty well defensively in their 1st season in the EPL though.
  17. Yes, if they are happy to take orders from the new Head Coach and his Assistant as well. I think Pelach may move on tbh. As I mentioned in another post if we are seriously thinking about a young Head Coach such as Cuesta then it makes sense to sound out Pelach.
  18. To be fair if Ipswich can get Cooper or Edwards as a replacement then that wouldn't be a bad outcome. Brighton would be a great project for McKenna if only to stabilise them. De Zerbi took them to next level but they're very beatable nowadays, and that needs to change.
  19. If we're seriously considering Cuesta it would make sense to sound out Pelach as well? Or the two of them could make an awesome partnership? I'm guessing Knapper will already be thinking about the coaching team. Hughes I think is more an employee of the club who Wagner moved into his coaching team having previously been in charge of loans.
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