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  1. If we don't have EPL money or parachute payments then alternative finance will become an issue. Support from the home fans is tenuous at best, I was quite alarmed how quickly it got sour on Saturday. Really interesting and pivotal period in the club's history. There are many clubs who have spent more than us and gone backwards. We shall see!
  2. I'd rather we spent £200m. I'll let the money men at the club worry about that. Who knows after this season we may need to spend £50m plus just to finish 7th in the Championship, especially if Pukki goes.
  3. I'd be really surprised if we don't extend Onel's contract. Whilst he's far from brilliant he's done more than the others you mention. Wagner seems to like him. Tzolis will need the rest of this season to show if he's good enough. Who knows what Rowe has to offer; seems very keen but hasn't played this season and is competing against Tzolis and Marquinhos for a place on the bench. Rashica will know of Wagner but clearly didn't want to play for Smith. I'd be surprised if he returns next season but maybe Turkey isn't someone he'd want to stay!
  4. Best Premier League season for years. The fact that we haven't been even broadly competitive in our last 2 visits shouldn't detract from our desire to get there. We have gifted so many goals this season and as soon as we play anyone any good we choke. It doesn't bode well for the play-offs even if we get there.
  5. Slightly ironic that some say Todd should shut up and move on, when they can't themselves. There are bigger and better things that we as supporters of NCFC should be concerned about now.
  6. Makes you wonder how many were actually in touch with him whilst he was here? NCFC still living rent free in Cantwell's head. Sad in some ways and I'm not sure it bodes well for the future. Rangers would do well to keep an eye on this as a wondering focus after a week or so is a bit concerning from their perspective.
  7. Having spent a year or so being nutured I would be surprised if it was anyone otherthan Neil Adams tbh. Who knows Attanasio may wish to carve the role up similar to Chelsea, in which case one of his US contacts might get involved.
  8. Fulham are safe, they've already got 32 points. You can add West Ham to the mix. So many twists and turns in the EPL this season, really difficult to call who will come down.
  9. Capital R for Rangers and boyhood is one word. So he's going to do a bit of sh1t stirring, and here was me thinking he'd get his head down and focus on playing again.
  10. I assume they are practicing playing out from the back in training using our own players to do the press? So strange we looked so rubbish at it, yet it's a system used by Farke and Smith. There's something not quite right in our midfield setup. Kenny was way too deep, almost a 3rd CB at times, and Sara and Dowell either not looking or in the wrong position to receive the ball. Onwards and upwards, better we learn this lesson now whilst there are still games to do something about it.
  11. We're not I agree, and having Hanley on his wrong side doesn't help as if the LB is marked (and they will be) he has to move the ball to his right towards our goal, which from my seat looks bloody scary!
  12. Presumably someone at the club knows precisely how many shares there are? The unknown factor is how much Attanasio will pay for them. Obviously from a fan perspective I hope he pays less for the shares and invests more on players.
  13. It was a bit of both. It was too early in the game to be pissing about at the back, especially when Burnley were out the traps as quick as they were. Had it not been for that block from Hanley after McLean had given the ball away we would have been 2 down in 8 minutes. I don't expect these mistakes again.
  14. We have to accept that neither Krul nor Gunn may be the answer if that's the way we want to play. Was Krul this bad when Farke was here? What's changed? He got away with it at Preston but the better teams aren't letting you off the hook.
  15. Managers will seldom publicly critise individual players so I'm not paying much attention to that. Kicking is a facet of Krul's game that is simply awful. If we are to continue to play out from the back then he has to be replaced. To be fair Hanley is equally culpable.
  16. Attanasio will keep Webber around as long as he wants to. It won't be forever but there's no way he's going anywhere soon, unless it's HIS choice.
  17. At least he put himself about a bit, which is more than Josh Sargent did. I think the ref had more touches of the ball than Josh did!
  18. I was not surprised by the defeat but our lack lustre start was a real eye opener bearing in mind we still had slender hopes of automatic promotion. It's was also on the back of the best part of a 2 week break which many on here thought would be the perfect opportunity to perfect Wagnerball further, and get fitter. Instead we saw the complete opposite, which was highly frustrating. In theory some very winnable games coming up including a must not lose game at home to Hull where the team simply has to perform in front of the Carrow Rd faithful. The squad is due for a bit of an overhaul in the summer but in the meantime Wagner has to be a bit more creative and brave in some of his selections.
  19. Isn't it something like 1 home win in 11? Add to that the pathetic number of home wins last season and the season before that we couldn't even get in the ground, it's coming up 3 years since I've seen anything good at Carrow Rd. This group of players for some reason hate playing at home and the fans are starting to hate going to see them.
  20. That didn't seem to stop Burnley getting a few Belgians in. What is clear that we need more investment in the playing side so Webber can get back to the markets we're more comfortable with. We were demolished yesterday by a team who have been playing and developing their new style all season vs just 3 league games for Wagner. Yesterday was chastening and a good time for everyone to get a kick up the backside.
  21. Never mind, their houses were probably getting robbed whilst they were at the football.
  22. If you haven't got the players to pass the ball around at the back then don't do it, it's as simple as that. The other issue was that Sargent was totally **** and didn't show or compete for a long ball, so that gave us no alternative. There were people falling around laughing as McLean was announced MOTM but nobody else was any better. Sara does my head in; brilliant 2nd half against Coventry, but today felt like his first game again.
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