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  1. Capt. Pants

    Reasons to be cheerful

    I'm only concerned about what goes on on the pitch and that certainly has been frustrating at times but not atrocious. I have little concern about what goes on off it and even less in that lot down the road. Football is very much a social occasion for me to be enjoyed with beer and friends. I enjoyed it in the Premier League and also in League One under the magnificent agent Lambert.
  2. Capt. Pants

    Did you really expect us to do well

    I thought we would stay up given the magnificent style of our promotion. Injuries and a lot of bad luck haven't helped but it's disappointing we haven't made a better fist of it given its an extremely medicore Premier League this season in my opinion. Not that fussed about relegation as we clearly are nowhere near good enough and it's a tough watch with no goals Norwich nowadays. Just hope we don't capitulate now and get tonked every week as that could have dire ramifications for next season. Go down swinging as they say.
  3. And then ask if they would like to swap places with us.
  4. Capt. Pants

    Time for change

    For some reasons Vrancic's face doesn't seem to fit anymore. I struggle to understand that given the performances of Duda and Rupp and others to be fair. He might be the shock departure in the summer which will be a big shame,
  5. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Expectations will be sky high, Farke and the players will be under pressure right from the off. It's been a free hit this season for many on here with many excuses, some valid, some not. But next season Farke and Webber have to deliver.
  6. Capt. Pants

    So will Farke REALLY be here next season?

    He should be here but whether or not he will be is another matter. Relegation unfortunately poses all kind kind of questions about who in the coaching staff will be here, which players will have to be sold, who will want to leave? Absolutely no guarantees we will be promoted, might not even make the play-offs. Beggars belief that some on here that some want us to be relegated with all the financial uncertainty that brings. A few of the players may have reached the end of the line with us either through their own choice or Farke's. Depressing boring performance today absolutely no cutting edge or creativity whatsoever so changes are needed for promotion to happen next season. I just hope Farke is hungry enough to do it all again or take the flack if we don't get off to a very good start season. We shall see.
  7. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Simply dreadful. Down and out without so much of a whimper. One goal in open play in the league this year! Have to say we're quite boring to watvh nowadays. The pack will have to be shuffled to get a team worthy of automatic promotion next season.
  8. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Buendia won't be here next season.
  9. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    I give up. What does Vrancic have to do?
  10. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Agree. It never needed to be like this. A powderpuff attempt at trying to avoid relegation.
  11. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    We'll be saying next season we can't compete with rich Championship clubs. Excuses excuses all bloody season.
  12. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    We should be developing our own players not waste of space loanees like Duda
  13. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Humiliating this could be 5 or 6
  14. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    We're pulling out of challenges in midfield.
  15. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Farke can't wait for 80 mins until he makes a sub this week
  16. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Midfield simply awful today.
  17. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Absolutely diabolical. AGAIN!!!
  18. Capt. Pants

    Wolves Match Thread.

    FFS so easy. Playing decent but we cannot defend.
  19. Capt. Pants

    Wilder V Fury

    Just watched the full fight on Youtube. Tyson and absolute monster, at one point licking the blood off Wilder's shoulder from his burst eardrum! Wilder a rag doll most of the fight, can't seeing him coming back for a re-match.
  20. Capt. Pants

    Zimmerman '95% out' for Wolves

    So who do we have cover for full back then? Byram out for the rest of the season.
  21. Capt. Pants

    Mixed emotions after that

    Agree with the comments re Rupp and Buendia. Duda looked lost in that game for me and I'm not sure what he has to offer over Vrancic tbh. Pukki had very little to feed off. It was pleasing that we stopped Alex A and Robertson getting any crosses in, and generally we contained Salah and Firmino really well. I thought Liverpool barely got out of 3rd gear most of the match though.
  22. Capt. Pants

    36 Points to Play For

    The huge issue for me is that Pukki is not scoring but his overall play is good. Buendia seems to be way off form now too, could still be carrying a knock but those two need to be on tip top form if we are going to have even an outside chance. Also looks like only 2 fit fullbacks for a while, hopefully Byram is not long term. A bit of an altercation between Zimmermann and McLean after the Mane goal and Zimbo went straight down the tunnel at the end. A lot of challenges for Farke but realistically for me is can he deliver promotion next season.
  23. Totally agree with the OP. I see the half and half scarfs were out in force today. Utter disgrace.
  24. Capt. Pants

    Scousers never change

    i absolutely despise that ream and their fans.
  25. Capt. Pants

    One team makes tactical subs

    It was a decent performance but we hardly looked threatening or had any prolonged period of possession or caused Liverpool many problems, as you would expect. Obviously Mane was going to come on at some point so it was hardly a tactical genius, nor was Buendia. Mane arguably changed the game and Emi was frankly, dreadful. Drmic I thought looked lively. Liverpool were very ordinary I thought and we could have snuck a point, but we look every inch a relegated team.