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  1. Capt. Pants

    Stinking rich Chinese investor

    I actually think there are a lot of Man Utd fans who would love to get shot of the Glazers and get their club back. Even if it means lurking in thr shadows of their bitter rivals for a while.
  2. I'd definitely pick Onel against United, especially when he can cut inside and get amongst their defence.
  3. Capt. Pants

    Stinking rich Chinese investor

    The Premier League bubble will burst one day and when that happens these "rich" foreign owners will seek to invest elsewhere leaving God knows what of a shambles behind them. And when that happens the fallout in the lower leagues will be immense too. We are in a very good position. We are doing the right thing in the right way. Personally I have no desire to be a supporter of a rich club with no soul, no identity and a stadium full of tourists. I'm quite happy with the direction we are taking. That doesn't mean that there can't be a balance between spending £750k and £15m to strengthen the squad but that's another issue.
  4. With Argos, Tommy and Tettey back and others to return hopefully soon, we will have the situation where we have genuine competition for places. In my view this can only be a good thing. People have their own opinions on Cantwell, Buendia and others, but at the end of the day it will be down Farke's opinion not ours. With players back from injury DF can pick the team rather than have the team pick itself.
  5. Capt. Pants

    Sky Sports Lunchtime Kick-off

    Hopefully the turning point.
  6. Capt. Pants


    We are so lucky to have him, especially given our injury situation. I would argue that Trybull is just as fragile but if you play in a position where have to tackle you are bound to get knocks.
  7. Capt. Pants

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    I didn't see the game but Webber did hint in his Radio 5 Live interview on Thursday that tweaks would be made this week in light of the Villa performance. As has been mentioned, away from home it's important you haven't lost the game before you try and win. Sounds like we were solid today and that is very encouraging and something we can build on. No reason why we can't adopt that attitude at home either.
  8. Where are all these comments then? I've read through match thread and there's probably one. Most are cursing our bad luck. Hopefully it is a reaction to his op and not a fresh injury, which is what we should be concerned about, not about what's written on the Pinkun.
  9. Very good point and a clean sheet AWAY FROM HOME. Not often you can say that. Onwards and upwards.
  10. Great to see Argos and Tommy on the bench. We're getting back to full strength and we need to improve the performances from here on in. OTBC.
  11. Capt. Pants

    Team for Bournmouth

    I think that is potentially our strongest defensive line-up in the current injury situation. We mustn't concede another 4 or 5 today and hopefully we can cause them some problems at the other end. Stiepermann looks a bit out of his depth tbh so should be him to make way for Alex.
  12. Capt. Pants

    Stuart Webber on Radio 5 Live Right Now

    Came across as very very ambitious and made it clear he will be looking a new "project" in 3 years time. I think we will do well to hang onto him that long tbh.
  13. We had Tettey for the Man City game and he was magnificent. We suffered a double whammy in that in addition to losing Alex, the player(s) we brought haven't played to their potential. No DM and no good passers in midfield either. Once we get Zimbo back then perhaps we can change thing's a bit and release Amadou into his preferred position alongside either Tettey or Tommy. Until then we'll have to muddle on as we are. Unless of course Famewo suddenly steps in and does well.
  14. Capt. Pants

    Stuart Webber on Radio 5 Live Right Now

    Thanks for posting. A really good listen!
  15. Capt. Pants

    The Brexit Party

    Have to say Boris is playing a blinder? Deal or no deal?
  16. Capt. Pants

    Hoops, there it is

    NZ is about is level to be fair.
  17. There is still time to turn that average round though, all is not lost by a long way. Having played Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea already, even with a fully fit squad we could be in the exact same position. The current status is skewed imo. Let's see how we look having played all the teams once. Tbh if the scores in the Man City and Villa games were swapped we would probably be feeling a bit more optimistic even though mathematically we would be in the same position. Conceding 5 and nearly 7 against poxy Villa was a real kick in the gonads.
  18. We weren't that great defensively in the Championship, conceding around 120 goals in 2 seasons, and that's with Zimmermann and Klose fit. We were just bloody brilliant going forward. Against better quality opposition we no longer have that luxury. I hope we prove CS wrong but his article is bang on at the moment and it's looking ominous for us and Watford.
  19. Capt. Pants

    Toddy in training

    Perversely I'd rather we concede from our attacking players giving the ball away rather than our defenders
  20. Capt. Pants

    Webbers Interview

    Kind of where I'm at tbh. You can't deny SW has done a fantastic job with hopefully much more to come. I like that he's straight talking and says it as it is, as long as you can accept it back because in the fickle world of football it most certainly will come back at some stage. Whilst he's clearly not blaming the fans for the Villa defeat he needs to be a little bit careful when criticising supporters because whilst some will take it on the chin, others who have seen a raft of promotions followed by swift relegation over the years may not.
  21. Capt. Pants

    Casino Royale

    Agreed. The reaction of my 'non Norwich' work colleagues in the office wasn't quite as kind either. The trouble with footballers, too much money and time on their hands.
  22. Capt. Pants

    Webbers Interview

    Probably nothing new there from what we've heard from Stuart before tbh. The veiled criticism of the fans support at the Villa game is an interesting one and probably justified. I thought the players were a bit "flat" too. They need to be up for every game, not just for the "free hits". The fans and players choked at the Villa game in my view. Obviously Bournemouth away to contend with first, but Man Utd should be much better. Onwards and er upwards.
  23. We're not there yet. Pukki plays again tuesday.
  24. Capt. Pants

    Our summer business

    Byram, Drmic, Fahrmann and Roberts have barely played and Amadou hasn't shown what he can do in his preferred position yet. I'm not saying any of them are bad signings, but none of them have yet shown they are an improvement over what we already had. Decent back-up players but I couldn't say that was "fantastic business" tbh. It was fantastic that we have secured longer contracts on our key players and more latterly Webber, and that all obviously costs money. In an ideal world I would have liked at least one signing who could have gone straight into the team and really was a distinct upgrade on the current squad. Maybe Amadou may turn out that way, here's hoping. Anyway assuming we had funds for Claude-Maurice, hopefully we can strengthen in January.
  25. Capt. Pants

    Akin Famewo

    I think it would be suicidal to go into the Bournemouth game without a defensively minded midfielder. In my view it's a no-brainer that Famewo should play if Tettey or Trybull aren't available. What's to lose? As mentioned he shouldn't be even on the bench if he's not good enough to be near the first team.