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  1. I find the not selling of McGoldrick quite an odd choice, for me he is not worth £8m, but I believe they were offered £5m+. So is there thinking that they can sneak in to the playoffs with him in the team and hope to get lucky? I would be amazed if he signed a new deal with Scum so is value is just dropping every transfer window. They should have sold and gone again, Peterborough have been doing it brilliantly.
  2. I think if you look at Hull''s buys overall with an overall spend then it looks pretty impressive. Hernandez has been in Serie A for years and has a decent record - I wouldn''t class him as a Serie B player. Ben Arfa and Ramirez on their day are both champions league players, Bruce just needs to get consistency out of them. If he cant then he sends them back, not a bad situation. Diame at £3.5m is a steal. Snoddy is unfortunate, but will show his worth. Robertson is a diamond, he will be at a bigger club within 3 seasons.
  3. I actually think this is a good signing. He is not good enough to score regularly in the prem, but at this level I think he will be a great addition. If Lafferty picks up a knock then we would be very light up front in terms of a decent sized striker. We all know that Becchio is not going to get a game and again I think this is right, he is poor. Let him go.
  4. I think the view on this signing depends on how it happens. If it is replacing an out going Fer then yes this is a bad replacement. If it is to add experience, a player who has been in the premier league for the majority of his career and enjoyed promotion last season then I think its a great signing. If we are 1 nil up away at Derby with 10 mins to go, O''Neil on for Murphy could be the difference between 3 points and 1
  5. The best thing about this deal for me is that this surely puts doubt into NA if he was thinking of selling Hooper. What price would Hooper command if McCormack is £11m and who would pay it? Plus who will we get in to replace Hooper if prices are as silly as this. Very glad we haven''t done this deal.
  6. I would be gutted if we signed this kid and put him on the left wing. He is a striker and should be played as such
  7. Ruddy is going nowhere, players hold most if not all the power and he has made it clear he is happy at Norwich. No lower prem teams can pay what we would be able to ask and he wouldn''t start for a top team. Rumour over
  8. Not for me, price being talked about is around £6m, he is a good champs player and would do a job, but not at that price. Hooper will get the goals in champs, look at the Watford cup game as a one off, 2 good goals and tore them apart.
  9. If we keep the following players and build around it I think we will have a great chance. Ruddy Bennett Olsson Martin Howson Redmond Hooper
  10. [quote user="Champions"][quote user="ncfcstar"]Where did you finish in your group last season Champions? Remind me.[/quote] In a group consisting of Barcelona, AC Milan and Ajax? Last. No shame in that, however. We had sold quite a few players, we still needed to replace them. Plus AC Milan''s season was over, so they ploughed everything into Europe. Last 16 again next season, though.[/quote] AC Milan''s season was over? When is the group stage in CL played? May?
  11. [quote user="Champions"][quote user="InchY"]Proven champions league manager? ? You''re having a laugh, my mum could manage Celtic and win the SPL. You can keep him as far as I''m concerned.[/quote] "Oi Oi! See that facking Scotch cloob Celtic got as far as United, Arsenal and Chelsea." "Facking ''ell we betta sweep this woon oonder the carpet".[/quote] Well done on doing that once, I think proven is when you do it year after year, like say Arsenal, Chelsea and United. Celtic are a great club and I enjoy/support them in the CL, but that is because you are the underdog.
  12. Definitely have him back. In terms of not lighting up the prem, he has signed two strikers for Villa and both have had horrendous injuries, but he still kept them up. Makes you think he would have kept us up, despite our lack of goal scoring strikers
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