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  1. Yep Morty your right I have a major axe to grind with you, the know it all of posters!! Well you''ll be pleased to know this will be my last post here, your are the epitomy of everything wrong on this site, you know it all and feck the rest!! Hence so many decent posters have left! Been a long time since you have been on the rigs, my bet, as you spend an inorbitant amount of time on here you no longer have a job, probably saw you for the knob you are! Morty as far as I''m concerned you can f!!k off and die!
  2. You stated in a previous post there would NOT be any job losses!!! Like you know it all as usual, did your read the fact that McNally said there would be job losses. Or do you post so much drivel on here that you forget what you post!
  3. [quote user="morty"]It seems that some are surprised at the content of the statement, for me it just confirms pretty much what I already thought / knew.[/quote] This coming from a bloke who said there wouldn''t be any job losses!!!! My missus nearly lost her job but fortunately she wasn''t last one in!!! Morty keep your thoughts to yourself, thanks!
  4. Sacked Mel and the betting odds make Malky favourite with Hughton second fave!!! Good bet for relegation next year then!
  5. jas the barclay king my mistake. Now there''s a surprise!!!!!
  6. Skybet have a special on our next manager, Malky favourite at the moment.
  7. Mr B that''s exactly what he meant. Adams is still in the running though, we''ll see next week.
  8. [quote user="hobgoblin"]By the end of next week![/quote] New manager that is.
  9. [quote user="Al"]Do the high earners really have reductions for relegation in their contracts? Wolves were relegated without debts but were screwed by high earners on premiership wages they couldn''t get rid of because of the wages they were on. I would be very surprised if the high earners would''ve agreed to reductions because their stock was much higher at the time the contracts were signed & so the club would need to have pushed the boat out to get them to sign[/quote] McNally stated in his regular staff meeting in response to that question " all but two of the current squad have a relegation clause in their contract". As to who they are, he didn''t elaborate.
  10. Herman considering McNally was in his office all day and chaired a staff meeting, I''ll let you decide.
  11. There I was thinking you were talking about jiz the Barclay queen!!!
  12. No, I''m sure you''d have made something up!! Anyway have had fun pointing out what a tw@t you are, off to South Africa in the morning, #havealife!!!
  13. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="hobgoblin"]So yes and maybe then son!! See, your know it all post was wrong again!!!![/quote]provoked a response though didn''t it!!! isn''t that the whole point of message boards???so I was wrong.. fair enough.[/quote] Ahhhhh so you want attention, well 20k posts say''s you don''t have any meaning relationship with anyone so the pinkun msg boards will do!! Big hugs and lots of kisses!! Xxxxxxxxx
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