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  1. Exactly Simmo sooner the better. Lennon in imagine all the people.. oh Neil I meant
  2. Get an exciting thread underway then please LDC. Lickydickycanary that is
  3. Don''t be to critical Jimbo..... He thinks everything''s rosie. He started a great thread the other day surely you didn''t miss it.... "I''m thinking about thinking about thinking about the weather for the game as I''m thinking about going but it all depends"
  4. "Anything to compete against On The Ball City" Are you on drugs!!
  5. "You rather like that word don''t you Mr LDC? You can''t mean the word THINK surely Jimbo
  6. I didn''t realise you pick who can post Zak? Am I ok to carry on or should I just leave now?
  7. I''ve seen all types on here too and as in real life there are those who are abusive, unpleasant, twisted, even mentally illĀ» I think maybe you need to find nicer friends if the only people you know are abusive, unpleasant, twisted and mentally ill in real life and on here. I''ve noticed there is a few rummen''s on here''s but overall the city is full of nice people. This is not a true perspective of people in the city. Not that I need to tell you that do i.
  8. I''ve read this board for a long time boyo I''ve seen your type before, you know the type to cry victim one minute then shoot people down the next it''s utterly despicable.
  9. That''s right Lake District respects people''s opinions, so long as they are the same as his own.
  10. It will happen you are right. But there''s to many on this board that would quite happily have the owner of me here forever even if we go to the blue square bet. Anything would be better than being proved wrong. This is easily visible by the "everything''s getting better" threads. How can anyone say we are getting better when the object of the game is to score goals. But we don''t. That aside world beaters. One poster even wants him here next season if we stay up BORK
  11. Looks like the girls have been coached by caulderwood and trollope poor poor performance
  12. But he certainly is taking us down how relevant is the speed of it? The end result will be the same if he takes us to bottom of the table in 6 weeks or he took 26weeks
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