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  1. Yep yep yep... Spot on Hog and Brienne.... I love our squad... Johnson needs intensive shooting training, Elmander can sod off, RVW needs to find his confidence asap, Redmond will get even better with time, Turner can go and a handful of players need to get back to former glory form.... Other than those observations: we really should be doing better. I blame the manager.
  2. While you optimists and pessimists argue about the measure of water in a cup.... The opportunist seduced your mrs ;-) The scary stuff does far over power the good omens for me... For one example: the amount of times I''ve thought "can''t believe we won/got the draw" doesn''t compare to how many times I''ve thought "as if we lost/didn''t win"! I agree with the last dude.... Well nearly anyway.... I 49% think we''ll survive and 51% think we''re going down.... :-s
  3. Inchy..... I admire you conviction.... But tone it down a little!? You have formed your own connection and scapegoat for the dire performances.... IMO: your suggestion wes is to blame is so daft it makes me laugh... But each to their own, no? Or is it a case of "if you dont agree with me you know nothing about football"? I hate seeing that ... Even if it''s something I agree with... Like the OP
  4. Look dude.... Some are optimists... Some are pessismists... Some are realists and realise you have to look at all viewpoints to truly get an understanding of reality and what holds more importance.... For example: your point is true... But I can just as easily point out that being 18th in the form table, plus our season so far, means we should be looking below us more than above.... Added to the fact a very strong case could be made that we''ve dropped a silly amount of points this season and so shoulda/woulda/coulda been 10th or better as it is if, IMO, we had a better suited manager for us. I''d be willing to bet that if we were to engage in a stat/fact battle, you would run out of good omens long before I ran out of bad ones :-( ..... It''s depressing because it IS depressing
  5. Haha... I did get a clue after the very first sentence to be fair :-) And I''ve seen enough people claim to actually think like that, it wouldnt surprise me nowadays :-(
  6. Lovl... Took me a minute to register the sarcasm there Bury :-) very subtly cranked it up as the post went on haha
  7. Correction: W: 17/67 (25.37%) D: 22/67 (32.84%) L: 28/67 (41.79%)
  8. With 15 games to go, I made a little prediction project.... I was harsh to us and involuntarily stingy to the other bottom 11s.... I finished with us 13th on 36 points! Stoke, Fulham and WBA relegated... but 51 games later... And accuracy of 43.1% (19 right) .... And now we''re 18th on 32 points :-s (we''ve took the place of Stoke....... I have to admit to seriously worrying about our PL status...
  9. Lol thanks man.... Better than ya average comment I tend to get on my posts like this haha Each to their own... I saw moments of flair and hardwork and willingness and hunger.... I just think he''s class and yet has massive room for improvement too :-) Enjoy your day... Sposed to be 16-17°c today!
  10. ***DISCLAIMER: I offer no guarantees that anyone will find any of this even remotely interesting! Comment nothing constructive at own risk ;-) *** As bad as it is (believe me, I''m livid... Stoke''s away form was worse than our own! And their goal was our 1st conceded at home in 465 minutes), it could be worse. Hoolahan and Redmond looked good! One point is better than none after all... And with Fulham (admit it: bogey team) as good as gone (I remember a certain team being written off, having won just 3 games with 7 to go [Fulham have won 6 with 9 games to go], but then having survival in their hands come final day...), that''s essentially 2 places left in the R zone... But, as Hughton agreed, I see it as 2 points dropped... At least other results mean only Cardiff gained points on us. I won''t rave on about all the mistakes I feel Hughton made as I''m sure it''s all been said already/before. I will say, though: Still no maximum points under Hughton (just Southampton and WBA left to get it). Still no substitute goal or assist all season. Still only 3 league games where we''ve scored more than once. Despite the increase in clean sheets (which some people insist is a shining beacon), we have the 18th leakiest defence (44 goals conceded) and 18th best goal difference (-22)... The 2 teams worse than us in both are 19th: Cardiff 50GC -28GD 20th Fulham 65GC -36GD... From them we have 1 point from 9 and, incidently, a cup draw and defeat with Fulham to boot! Still looking dire and inept. Instead, I''ll explain how it is literally a case of 2 points dropped in the case of my predictions of a worst-case-scenario (lose last 5) that had us finishing 13th with 36 points. I originally predicted us the win... But ours was the only prediction I changed my mind on... To a 1-all draw! Doesn''t fill me with glee to be right sometimes (such a curse ;-p ahaha... My only correct Norwich result, from 6, is the West Ham defeat :-s grr). At first, other results kept working against us but seemed to be getting better. I also got Palace 0-1 Southampton spot on. If Spurs had scored 1 consilliation goal and WBA had scored the 3rd goal instead, that would have been 2 more spot on results. The only other result I got wrong was the Cardiff v Fulham game. I just needed Fulham to score 2 more goals to be spot on... But I did openly say the prediction was biased and I''d give Cardiff the edge. Getting 3 from 5 right gives my accuracy an increase of 1.8% (woohoo ahaha!) to 43.1% (22/51). But thanks to the beauty of football maths (where you can be right from being wrong), despite getting 4 from 6 results right for Chelsea and 2 from 6 for Cardiff, both their point tallies are spot on course... With Hull, I''ve got all 5 results wrong but I''m only 3 points out. I am 3 points out, or better for 14 out of the 20 teams. I''ve said from the start that this is purely hyperthetical and I''m aware you can''t take an end prediction made of 150 guessed results too seriously... So I take it all with a hefty pinch of salt but it does offer up a handy measuring stick to survival... Seeing as it had us up at 13th after losing last 5 (imagine having to play your bogey team if they needed the 3 points to survive? Fulham face Newcastle, then Man City, then Everton and finaly Villa before hosting us... And they are the only remaining bottom 11 side that can join Villa in enjoying maximum points from us this season.), you''d gladly (well... Maybe not "gladly" haha...) accept me getting 100% accuracy, or at the very least my bad accuracy working in our favour... As getting 3 points becomes more important in my predictions, it does too in real life. That''s why I share these things ... Just in case someone finds it useful... I try to keep it informative and interesting. I know full well I''ll get the same boring "abusive" insults thrown at me... As if they have the right to dictate how people spend their free time. Don''t say I didn''t warn you in the disclaimer ;-p Anyway.... As I was saying: I think being 3 points out on 14/20 teams isn''t bad going. Unfortunately, dropping the 2 points against Stoke means my accuracy for Norwich is, for the 1st time, in that minority (-4). Only 3 of those 6 are bottom 11 sides... Stoke (+7) and West Ham (+8) are the other 2. Both of them, plus Villa (+3), Cardiff (=), Sunderland (-1), WBA (-1) and Fulham (-3) all finished below us in the original predictions and they are either not as behind target as us or ahead of target... This is also the first time since I started this Norwich have dropped into bottom 3. My accuracy this week means only the bottom 4 move places from before this round of fixtures... Cardiff survive at our expense... = 01 Man C 88 -3 = 02 Chelsea 87 = = 03 Arsenal 79 -4 = 04 Liverpool 78 +6 ----------------------------- = 05 Spurs 74 -1 = 06 Man U 70 -4 = 07 Everton 65 -1 = 08 Southampt. 55 -1 = 09 Newcastle 53 +1 = 10 Hull 43 +3 = 11 West Ham 42 +8 = 12 Palace 40 +3 = 13 Swansea 38 -3 = 14 Villa 37 +3 = 15 Stoke 37 +7 = 16 Sunderland 34 -1 +1 17 Cardiff 34 = ----------------------------- -1 18 NORWICH 32 -4 +1 19 WBA 30 -1 -1 20 Fulham 30 -3 In my worst-case-scenario predictions, made with depleated faith... I gave Southampton the win... Despite having lost near-all hope... I''m gonna stick with all predictions except ours... Yeah... Why not? Clinging to blind hope is much less of a negative vibe... I still can''t see us winning so I''m gonna say we''ll draw after being ahead again. I''ve already predicted the results so now just to attatch some scorelines... Saturday: Southampton 1-1 Norwich Hull 1-3 Man C Fulham 2-4 Newcastle Villa 0-3 Chelsea Everton 2-1 Cardiff Stoke 2-2 West Ham *would rather West Ham win than Stoke Sunderland 0-2 Palace *would rather Palace win than Sunderland Swansea 1-0 WBA *this is actually another deviation from the original predictions... Originally I said a draw but I''m not just being hopeful... It''s just a gut feeling. Sunday: Man U 3-4 Liverpool Spurs 3-2 Arsenal Hughton''s league results: W: 17/66 (25.76%) D: 21/66 (31.82%) L: 28/66 (42.42%) Current, Last Season, 1st season up, Last Relegated from EPL Pos. W. D. L. GF. GA. GD. Pts. C: 15th. 7. 8. 14. 22. 44. -22. 29 LS: 13th. 7. 12. 10. 27. 45. -18. 33 1st: 13th. 9. 9. 11. 39. 46. -7. 36 LR: 19th. 3. 11. 15. 29. 58. -29. 20 Attacking rank: C: 18th LS: 18th 1st: 8th LR: 18th Defensive rank: C: 18th LS: 14th 1st: 15th LR: 20th Goals per game: C: 0.76 LS: 0.93 1st: 1.34 LR: 1.00 Failed to score: C: 38% LS: 38% 1st: 24% LR: 41% Scored twice or more: C: 3 (10%) LS: 6 (21%) 1st: 12 (41%) LR: 8 (28%) Don''t worry ... I haven''t forgot the 8 points from 12 from Hull, Newcastle, Man C and Spurs... But the 17 points from 45 available, in the remaining games against bottom 11 clubs (including 0 from Villa, plus the nature of the 4-1 defeat)... Plus the absolute thrashings from Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal too, they all hold more weight IMO... It is like 2 steps forward and 22 steps back... And the only thing that''s constistant is the struggle to score goals! Just because I''m resigned to it seeming we''re stuck with him for now, doesn''t mean I have to keep shtum about him. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Fingers crossed for next weekend... And if you ever feel a bit blue... Just think back to how good we were just 2-4 seasons ago ;-) OTBC
  11. Warning: I will mock you mercifully if you just comment the same boring insults. It''s simple: you can see this is long... So why read it if just to slag it off? I offer no guarantees anyone will find this remotely useful or entertaining. I predicted we''d beat Villa... I really thought we''d get our first back to back win, especially after being stunned by 4 points from 6 from Man C and Spurs. Villa were 1st of 2 bottom 11 teams to get maximum points from us... the other being Fulham. Had we have won, other results really went our way... We could have gone 11th (incedently my predictions had us 11th too...), but because we lost, Villa, Stoke, Swansea and Palace all gained points on us... Here is the current table Played Pts 01 Chelsea 28 63 02 Liverpool 28 59 03 Arsenal 28 59 04 Man C 26 57 -------------------------------- 05 Spurs 28 53 06 Everton 27 48 07 Man U 27 45 08 Newcastle 28 43 09 Southampt. 28 39 10 West Ham 28 31 11 Villa 28 31 12 Hull 28 30 13 Stoke 28 30 14 Swansea 28 29 15 NORWICH 28 28 16 Palace 27 27 17 West Brom 27 25 ---------------------------------- 18 Sunderland 26 24 19 Cardiff 28 22 20 Fulham 28 21 Very concerning that the 3 below us to 18th could mathmatically put us in the relegation zone. Some may know, at the 23 game point... I made 150 guesses to make a worst case scenario (lose last 5) prediction ... It had us finishing 13th with 36 points! So far... My accuracy has been .... Not awful... 19/46 (41.3%)... And thanks to the beauty of football mathes, I can be right or close from being wrong... This is how my predictions had the table looking now... Complete with the difference from reality... One thing some mud slinger called me was stupid... I can modestly say I''m not: I had to take away the correct points for the games in hand haha... Anyway Played Pts -2 01 Arsenal 28 63 -4 +1 02 Chelsea 28 63 = -1 03 Man C 26 60 -3 -1 04 Spurs 28 54 -1 ------------------------------------ +3 05 Liverpool 28 53 +6 -1 06 Man U 27 49 -4 +1 07 Everton 27 49 -1 = 08 Newcastle 28 42 +1 = 09 Southampt. 28 40 -1 -4 10 Swansea 28 32 -3 -4 11 NORWICH 28 30 -2 +1 12 Villa 28 28 +3 +1 13 Hull 28 27 +3 -3 14 West Brom 27 26 -1 -3 15 Sunderland 26 25 -1 = 16 Palace 27 24 +3 +4 17 Stoke 28 24 +6 ------------------------------------ -1 18 Cardiff 28 24 -2 +9 19 West Ham 28 23 +8 = 20 Fulham 28 23 -2 So I was 3 points or less out on 15 out of 20 teams... Unfortunately though, top 9 teams totalled -19 points whereas bottom 11 teams totalled +19 points... But we''re "behind scedule". It''s interesting to note the correlation with real life: getting wins become more important not just in real life... But to keep us up in my prediction table too... Here, once again, is how my 150 guesses panned out... Pts 01 Man C 91 02 Chelsea 87 03 Arsenal 83 04 Spurs 75 ------------------------ 05 Man U 74 06 Liverpool 72 07 Everton 66 08 Southampt. 56 09 Newcastle 52 10 Swansea 41 11 Hull 40 12 Palace 37 13 NORWICH 36 14 Sunderland 35 15 Villa 34 16 Palace 34 17 Cardiff 34 ----------------------- 18 Fulham 33 19 West Brom 31 20 Stoke 30 Here is how it looks with results in mind.... Pts = 01 Man C 88 = 02 Chelsea 87 = 03 Arsenal 79 +2 04 Liverpool 78 ----------------------------- -1 05 Spurs 74 -1 06 Man U 70 = 07 Everton 65 = 08 Southampt. 55 = 09 Newcastle 53 +1 10 Hull 43 +5 11 West Ham 42 = 12 Palace 40 -3 13 Swansea 38 +1 14 Villa 37 +5 15 Stoke 36 -2 16 Sunderland 34 -4 17 NORWICH 34 ----------------------------- -1 18 Cardiff 32 -1 19 Fulham 31 -1 20 West Brom 30 I would still take getting 100% accuracy from now on as it keeps us up... Or at least my innaccuracy working in our favour for a change. Just to keep you up to date... Here is the current form table (last 6 games)... And how it compares to how my predictions had it (again, games in hand considered)... Actual Predicted 01 Liverpool Man C 02 Chelsea Chelsea 03 Man C Arsenal 04 West Ham Man U 05 Sunderland Spurs 06 Spurs Swansea 07 Palace Sunderland 08 Swansea Liverpool 09 Man U Southampt. 10 Arsenal Everton 11 Stoke NORWICH 12 Southampt. Palace 13 Hull Newcastle 14 Villa Hull 15 Everton West Ham 16 Newcastle Villa 17 NORWICH West Brom 18 West Brom Fulham 19 Cardiff Cardiff 20 Fulham Stoke Couldn''t have been more wrong with Stoke and West Ham lol.... Kinda worries me about playing Stoke now... We did well to be one of 2 teams to win at theirs but.... Things are so bad... I just fear we might not get any points from them this time. In my predictions, Stoke was supposed to be our first back to back win... If we win, it''ll be our first maximum points under Hughton''s tenure... If not, just 2 cracks left at it: Southampton and West Brom. If we don''t win, it places more importance on getting wins in our futre games. Also, as I predicted 3 points, anything less and we''re at least 2 more points "behind scedule" .... This was also our last win in my WCS as I gave us draws with Sunderland, Swansea and West Brom... While I don''t THINK we''ll actually get no points from last 5 (maybe Fulham, Man U and Arsenal) ... Right now... I wouldn''t bet against it either :-/ Here is my predictions for next round of fixtures... Norwich 1 - 1 Stoke Original Prediction: HW °Just cant see us winning :''-( West Brom 1 - 2 Man U OP: AW Palace 0 - 1 Southampton OP: AW Cardiff 3 - 3 Fulham OP: D °Massive game for them and us! I may have let hopes influence it still being a draw... I would say Cardiff have the edge... Chelsea 4 - 1 Spurs OP: HW I hope at least even one person reads this and appreciates it or maybe even likes it ... But I''m still happy if not lol... This just started as a little project and the whole thing just grabbed me and kept my idle hours occupied... And just thought I''d share :-)
  12. I think you''re still looking at predictions all the wrong way mate... No matter how smart a computer is... They will never be able to say what WILL happen. Any (serious) prediction is made on whatever data is available... They are not claiming to be anyway near what will be.... In people like me''s case: just a bit of fun... A yardstick on not only my accuracy, but also how on course to survival we are going on this ONE scenario. In the computer''s case: nothing more than an interesting read... A crunch of stats and numbers to pass the time... It''s up to each own person how much they take from it. The beautiful thing about football predictions, when looking at a set of many predictions (150 in my case lol), is you can be right after being mostly wrong..... Take us for example.... 1 out of 4 correct results but only 1 point off for points tally... And after 50 games are played... I had us 11th on 30 points.... After Sunday, we COULD be 11th on 31 points... Making predictions is an art form ;-)
  13. Well thank you... I do try :-) I have to agree (being a realist) that all that matters is how we actually do... And form and surprise results does make ANY prediction err... Loose ... But if you can make your prediction on as much evidence as possible, then that''s surely better than flipping a coin and just attatching an initial gut feeling? I think having the personal touch on predictions is better than computer generated ones... However, if a super computer has crunched all stats possible and throws us up as 6th least likely to get relegated.... Along with a big pinch of salt, I''d take a little hope from that :-)
  14. Come on now houston... That''s in danger of taking it down pedantic roads ;-) Over the last 4 games... My only correct one for us was the West Ham game... It didn''t feel good that we lost... But I did think "well... At least it''s not a shock to my system... Like the Cardiff game was :-)
  15. Was tempted to reply with a yawn and a middle finger... But ya did make me laugh so.... Cheers for the vote of confidence but my accuracy proves i''m not very likely to win the jackpot. I could claim I work on things like this inbetween 12 hour shifts... Or even during work if I did the type of job that involves not doing a lot.... I could even claim that I have a large group of like minded friends and we work on this together... I could even claim that I manage things like this on top of work and an outgoing social life.... But... Truth is: I find getting into little projects like this offers up a distraction from the shite that is life.... Your point is?
  16. You clearly need help understanding the meaning of predictions... A prediction is what you think will happen. Sometimes hopes and fears can influence... But a prediction is all things considered. If I based the rest of the seasons on what I hope: i''d have us finishing top.... Based on fears, we''d be bottom.... Such is the nature of hopes and fears.... Hope that helps
  17. Gambling is far from a fools game, now I think of it.... Gambling more than one can afford is the fool''s game :-)
  18. A conversation with you must be a barrel of laughs.... Do you think we''ll beat Villa? Can''t say... Predictions are pointless. Oh... Ok... So do you think we will survive? Dont know.... Not gonna stick my neck out. Fair enough... Got any plans for next week? Dont make plans... Never know what might come up. ;-) But seriously... I''m all for "each to their own" but cant understand the point of this post... How do you think us that enjoy the needless and thankless task of making predictions will read it? You started a thread just to say that because the likelihood of getting it spot on is next to none... We''re wasting our time and are a bit silly.... For starters: anyone who makes predictions and expects them to be right without doubt is frankly moronic and deserves to be ribbed for it. Think you''ll find most people make predictions for either fun or just to see how sharp their guessing prowess is... More to the point: there''s careers based on making predictions. If not for predictions in science... We''d never learn anything new because there''d be no such thing as an unexpected result. So to answer your title: largely no purpose beyond enjoyment for the person making them, but they can also be very useful indeed. Take my predictions for example.... I made them just to see IF I THOUGHT we could survive even if we lost last 5 games... I thought "but it can go in any number of other ways" was a given.... The result just means I have a platform to measure minimum form to match that target. I had us finishing 13th.... So how I''d love to end up with as close to spot on as possible... I think I might start a thread called "what''s the point in watching soaps?" They''re not real people. All it is is a negative ball of lies, cheats and murderers. Hold on.... Perhaps I shouldn''t? Some people enjoy watching soaps
  19. Good call, that woman! When did ya place it? Win big? I guess I can count on one interested reader whenever I decide to do a progress report. :-)
  20. I wish I had the cold hard cash to gamble mate. I think I''ve only only ever placed 2-3 small bets ever... My last one: Hooper did score first... And I was on the money... But whoever we were playing ruined it by scoring. As it happens, I do have some time on my hands (hahaa!) and realised I had a brain fart.... Given 100 games, my ratio would sugest I get 39.47 results correct.... Anyway... I have to travel in to this fine city soon. If I remember rightly, wednesdays are steak days at the Bell... Well worth the small price
  21. Sorry Mrs Miggins but 42% of marriages end in divorce... On some people''s logic, we shouldn''t even bother ;-) Come on LDC.... I read your verbose rant about respect twice and had the decency to somehow contribute more than just a smilie.... I''m good at mathes, not a mind mind reader... :-s could mean any number of things... When will I learn to include a little dig at the unimaginative somewhere in the middle of my long posts? Something childish like "first twat to comment something about how I need to get out more or how they stopped reading or got a headache at a certain point wins. Prize: a great big patronising smile with 2 thumbs up"... Hey Ronnie... Just a quick little speed lesson on basic Football math... If I predict a win but we lose, like Cardiff,then predict a defeat but we win, like Spurs, then can you work out what happens when you +3 then -3??? Well done if you got "=".... Where would be the fun in that Phil & Ted?? Cant account for form, strength of opponent or surprise results that way... Or the personal touch.... I don''t understand the hostility lol .... I gave us 5 straight defeats and we still ended up 13th.... Why are you not willing my accuracy on? I''ve said from the start that this is nothing more than one scenario and to be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.... And really think about what my 39(.5!! ;-p)% accuracy means... That''s out of 38 games... So the ratio would suggest a better percentage given 100 games. I personally think being spot on for points tally on 4 teams, 1 out on 6 teams, 2 out on 2 teams, 3 out on 4 teams.... =< 3 out on 16/20 teams is damn good going.... And considering after making 50 guesses I had us at 11th with 30 points... And we''re this close to being 11th with 31 points... I think I can safely say: suck it ;-)
  22. WARNING: I offer no guarantees you will find any of this even remotely interesting. DISCLAIMER: Read at your own risk. Comment nothing but abuse at your own peril ;-) I know this is geeky to the extreme... But having kept records of my predictions I made at 15 games to go, I can keep track of how my guesswork turned out.... And how the repercussions of my accuracy affects the end result. I''ve got 15 out of 38 results correct ... That''s nearly 39.5%.... Not too bad... I think there are some good calls amongst these... Couple of derby calls... Anyway: Norwich losing to West Ham. West Brom drawing with Liverpool. Swansea losing to Liverpool. Swansea beating Cardiff. Swansea drawing with Stoke. Man C beating Stoke. Man U beating Palace. Southampton beating Palace. Everton beating Villa. Everton losing to Chelsea. Newcastle losing to Chelsea. Newcastle beating Villa. Newcastle losing to Sunderland. Arsenal beating Sunderland. Arsenal beating Fulham. Swansea and Newcastle are the only teams I''ve managed to get 3 out of 4 results correct (Everton, Palace and Sunderland I have 2 from 3)... But with Chelsea, Southampton, Cardiff and Villa I have managed a spot on points tally... Hull and Spurs I''ve got no results correct lol BUT Hull only have 2 more points than I thought and Spurs have 1 less. West Ham (+7) and Stoke & Liverpool (+4) are the ones doing way better than I thought and Man U (-4) and Man C, Arsenal & Swansea (-3) are the ones far below their target. This means I''m only 3 points out or better for 16 teams. Results went very much in our favour last weekend... Of the 6 other teams from bottom 11 to face top 9 teams... Only West Ham picked up any points... And even that''s not so bad because we won... The 2 games involving exclusively bottom 11 clubs: one was a draw and the other the prefered team to win won :-) On top of all that: Cardiff and Palace didn''t score so least we''re not bottom of the goals scored pile.... It does concern me the only 2 teams to score less than us are 2 teams freshly up... And Palace even have a better GD :-/ If results go our way this weekend... We could be 11th place with 31 points.... In my predictions, with 10 games to go, we ended up in 11th place with 30 points. This is good news! I made the first 10 predictions with depleted faith and deliberately gave us defeats in our last 5 games... Just to see... Worst case scenario. NO... I do not actually think we will definitely get no points lol but even under these circumstances: we ended up 13th with 36 points! One last thing: here is some stats to compare between Current (C), this point Last Season (LS) and since 5 Games ago (5G)... Where we ended an 8 game run without a win by getting a goal in the 87th minute (?) against Hull.... and just for shits and giggles, this point in the 04-05 season (05)... League: C: 14th w: 7 d: 7 l: 13 gf: 20 ga : 39 gd: -19 Pts: 28 5G: 12th w: 6 d: 5 l: 11 gf: 18 ga: 35 gd:-17 Pts: 22 LS: 12th w: 7 d: 11 l: 9 gf: 27 ga: 41 gd: -14 Pts: 32 05: 19th w: 3 d: 11 l:13 gf: 26 ga:52 gd:-26 Pts: 20 Hughton''s tenure stats: C: w: 17/65 26% d: 21/65 32% l: 27/65 42% 5G: w: 16/60 27% d: 19/60 32% l: 25/60 42% LS: as above... Fuck the percentages ;-) 05: well he wasn''t here but I''m gonna blame him at any rate ;-) Attacking rank: C: 18th 5G: 18th LS:17th 05: 18th Defence rank: C: 14th 5G: 16th LS:13th 05: 20th Failed To Score: C: 41% 5G: 36% LS: 33.3% 05: 44% Goals Per Game: C: 0.74 5G: 0.82 LS: 1.00 05: 0.96 Scored two or more in a league game: C: 3/27 11% 5G: 3/22 14% LS: 6/27 22% 05: 5/27 19% Hmm... Things need to turn around sharpish... I think so long as he dont mess it up and they play like that again...it''s doable. If we can pull off our first consecutive league win on Sunday... If Newcastle beat Hull and Palace beat Swansea (even better if a draw)... We could go 11th! A new season high I believe... Villa are only 1 of 2 teams from the bottom 11 that can get maximum points from us. The other one is Fulham. We''re yet to beat Villa since Lambert went there..... Sunday could be our day :-) 4 games ago I predicted the win for us... I said things might be rocky at Villa and I got it spot on (3 defeats and a draw) ... But the disasters either side of the Man City beaut, and all other omens, does make me worry. I''m gonna stick my neck out and say we will win... Really push the boat out and say we''ll score twice: 2-1 after all... Our form (DLDLW) Is slightly better than theirs (WLLDL). Heck, lets really bore ya even more... I''ll spare ya details... Just forms, prediction and original prediction... LWLL Everton 1-3 West H DWWWW (HW) LLDLD Fulham 2-5 Chelsea DWWDW (AW) LDWLW Hull 2-3 Newcastle DLLLW (D) LWDDL Stoke 0-2 Arsenal DWLDW (D) DWDWL Southampton 3-3 Liverpool WDWWW (D) --------------------------------- WLWDL Swansea 1-1 Palace WLWL (D) LDWWL Spurs 2-0 Cardiff LWLDL (HW) Fingers crossed it''s another Spurs... And not another West Ham ;-) So... If anyone has read all that: Thank you for reading :-)
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