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  1. Not for the little ole norwich brigade there isn''t, not since curbishly went to help fulham!!!!!!
  2. Wow that''s strange, there''s somne good names on there, but according to some on here they would be NO BETTER than hoots. Well it''s going to be interesting to see especially if they get bielsa as he was touted on here MONTHS ago. So I hope they get him I also hope he''s an amazing manager. THEN some of the hoots lovers on here will remember what it''s like to see attractive football seen as they seem to have erased all memory of our football from 20months ago and the 3 seasons prior.
  3. [quote user="Warren Hill"]Older fans will give them relentless stick. That''s what makes my Gran-''arder than most. Speaking of all things Manc, Cor!Tina was looking fine on her return to Corrie... Let''s hope they leave Anglia with nothing but their Ghia. [/quote] Treat her to a sapphire
  4. I just hope my kids behave while in transit, i''ll lety them do some drawings but it won''t be a picasso. Hopefully we''ll Getz there nice and early and won''t have to sprint''er to the ground or i''ll be all sweaty and look a right astra-hole. Fortunately it''s not away or we''d have to cover up our insignia
  5. See if you can drive your point home, hopefully they won''t be escorted to the ground.
  6. " Your attitude is just that of a "heavy" trying to muscle your way to getting what you want""--LDC Oh the irony!!!!!
  7. Hear hear Jimbo, nice to see someone that gives a monkey about who''s managing their club.............UNLIKE MCNICEY-NICEY
  8. CJF- QPR were relegated last season :) you surely couldn''t mean the vibrant Norwich city side??? Who''s c.e.o said "i''d prefer death to relegation". We are rejuvenated under Chris, I can''t believe how much we struggled before he arrived with his attacking entertaining football!!! Oh I just woke mid sentence
  9. Swansea have made Gary Monk his number 2. What a strange little club they are!! Would you have Laudrup??
  10. See if you still feel that way after another 3-4 games under negative chris Nutty!! A third of the season left and we''re in decline GREAT, however under this great manager of our I''m sure we''ll turn it round Right?? WRONG he couldn''t organise the proverbial pee up in a brewery!
  11. Adrian Durham "Redmond what a great player he is, I just don''t know how he''s not starting games" Don''t normally agree with him on much if anything, however he''s got it spot on this time.
  12. Very convenient that he''s come off twitter aswell isn''t it?? Soon as there were signs of trouble ahead, his twitters gone..... coincidence??? is it hell as like. Maybe we''ve been destined to go down for a while and McNicey has known that. Otherwise why no transfers in January in positions that everyman and their dog knew we needed?? Why''s Hughton still here when he can''t do his job properly?? Relegation worse than death, he said!!!! But did nothing about it
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