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  1. [quote user="CanaryOne"]Rhodes would be the boy , but i think i would prefer Jordan to Justin .[/quote] Bloody hell...just seen that! haha
  2. [quote user="Making Plans"]The even bigger stumbling block is that we can''t sign anyone until the season ends[/quote] True, but should we stay up - there needs to be a concerted effort...
  3. Which of these could prove the solution and why? All are relatively tidy as players, around 23 to 26 in most cases and have decent if not prolific form. The stumbling for most being the history of barren patches or the patience required to watch them muddle through the adjustment to a higher league... Thoughts? Simon Cox Ross McCormack Johnny Russell Sam Vokes Brett Pitman Justin Rhodes Billy McKay
  4. We are what we are; we have who we have... It''s high time we supported our team instead of further exacerbating a situation by creating a climate of negativity and scrutiny. That doesn''t motivate anyone.
  5. Well, we''re back up in the north east after a few glorious days down in Norfolk. We have decided to purchase a house in Trowse Newton and have already begun proceedings to move in by the end of February. Can I just extend a thanks to al those who have helped and given their advice in our search for a home since I began posting on here. I am utterly delighted to be moving to Norfolk and can now look forward to far more trips to Carrow Road in the very near future! Sad to leave some family behind up here, but Norwich is a place I have just absolutely fallen in love with. It fits my hobbies, interests and general persona to a T. Thanks again. Hope to be around here a lot more often too, if you can stand me? NEC
  6. I''d love to see the stats as regards the gap between 10th and 20th by this stage in every other premier league season... Surely 7 points must be one of the lowest gaps there has ever been by the end of January??
  7. [quote user="Budapest Canary"]I always thought goals are overrated in football. Look at those two two sides: all those huffing and puufing and they are exactly where we area at half taime.[/quote] They may as well start flipping a coin at kick off and forgetting the 90 minutes then...
  8. Changing a manager undoubtedly works in some instances. Some players feel better after a clean slate is put in front of them, others find themselves able to better express themselves as they have a renewed interest in putting forward their own input, aware that seniority have yet to form opinions about them. Some player discover that a certain management style afford them much more self belief...they are given greater freedom and so become more proactive, or they given enough structure and routine to allow discipline to form their careers... It works in the same principles as any other job. I could have just described any boss/worker relationship in either the private or public sectors in our country.
  9. Juge, Don''t forget, I am from the North East. It''s not unheard of to be able to buy a car from a guy in the pub...
  10. Just about to set off for a pint first. Literally bouncing with anticipation...
  11. Think we''ll sneak it 1-0 and be forced into some heroic defending for the last 20mins or so...
  12. A few of you will know about my current situation if you have read my thread. Moving to Norwich with wife (a Norwich native) and our daughters. We''ve been down a few days looking at properties and I thought I''d have chance to go to the game tonight too. Brother in law was nice enough to give me his ticket for the night so I literally can''t wait. Ridiculously excited about seeing my first game at Carrow Road. I know it seems odd that I support a team purely because my wife and her family have been able to bring me into the fold, but it has become a real passion. To finally attend CR and be a part of that crowd will make me feel far more "official" now! As long as it doesn''t seem suspicious that there is a guy with a slight geordie twang wearing a Norwich shirt...
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