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  1. Cusdp and m.l.h--- don''t be so silly NOBODY knows more about the club than morty, nutty and ldc!!!!! FACT init!!
  2. Is he your rentboy you go "punish" when you realise you''ve made yourself look a d1ck morty
  3. City1st go fu(k yourself there''s a good girl, school in morning enjoy it xx
  4. What He-man??? Our league position, team moral, the boards standards!!!
  5. Exactly the very 1st pre-season showed that that (unt is NOT the man for us we nearly went down last season!!!! Regardless what the happy clappy''s say. Board didn''t take note as witnessed by mcnice''s "false league position" jibe at the endof last season!!! Well it certainly was false we were crap!!! Now this season it''s too late WE ARE GOING DOWN and it''ll be holts goal that seals our fate!!!!!
  6. [quote user="MyGodWeArePoorToWatch"]Get a grip. He is still there, and will be to lead us to glory back from the championship. The sooner people lime you accept it, the less heart ache you will suffer. I have accepted the fact that the board trust him, come what may. Iam not happy about it, but iam also powerless to chnange it. As are all of you ![/quote] This X10 all I can do is ensure the club don''t get a penny off me anymore!!!
  7. I whole heartedly agree, Mcnally is the biggest joke of the lot. "mcnasty" my 4rse mr nice as pie. Championship here we come 4-0 hull at the weekend!!!!
  8. Always slow, out of position, lazy I''ve seen enough of that (unt to last me a lifetime he''s 5hit!!!!!!
  9. Morty your the biggest self obsessed w@nker to ever grace this board. You seem to think people would value your "opinions" BUT nobody does!!! Your continuous who-ton brown nosing makes all your opinions invalid!!! Go chat sh1t elsewhere. Much appreciated xx
  10. Only a few vlad??? The whole team, board and the fans harmony has all gone backwards!!! It''s like Rodent all over again just this time there may be know messiah to do the dammed near impossible!!!!!!
  11. Ffs you morons izzak hunt, macclesfield canary, grantham canary!!! I''ve been on here 4-5 years. Do all you mother f*ckers think about wiz all day and all night!!! Get a grip. I know about football unlike wiz and you muppets
  12. [quote user="Reggie Strayshun"]In response to Barclay 48''s question as to whether we''ll be hearing from the CH supporters; Of course they won''t Barclay.The Hughton Inners will stilll be trotting out the same old mantra when we are back in the Champ. It''ll go something like this after out 1-1 home draw with Brentford in the first game in Aug:"It''s a new league, and everyone has to get used to it. The new signings from Lge 2 have to bed in yet, and Chris is sure to get the best out of them.Next week''s trip to Yeovil is pretty tough, but I reckon a draw will be a good result there. He''s the man for the job. Hold your nerve"[/quote] Best post in ages!!!! REGGIE sums it up an absolute treat!!!!!
  13. Why?? Would anyone care about a reasoned response from the "inners" it''s blatantly obvious if you support who-ton, then you obviously know f*ck all about football. So let them swear blind how great super chris is (ldc''s the worst) but anyone who knows the smallest bit about the game knows that (unty f*ck Chris is gonna be gone very very soon
  14. Norwich upfront!!!! Just so we get a half decent cast off has been, off Newcastle
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