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  1. How do we know we don''t already have similar players at the club? This aspect of a players personal life is completely irrelevant.Besides I''d guess single footballs aren''t going to go wanting when it comes to ladies. I know if i was in their position I''d take full advantage of my eligibility. Besides ''womanizing'' doesn''t make someone a bad person, as long as it''s all consensual then good luck to the guy. I haven''t seen any reports of him rubbing his team mates up the wrong way which is the only thing I''d be concerned about. If he pi55es the opposition off then great, we had a player like that in Holt and we loved it! Also with the training thing, Holt was the same, poor in training then played his heart out on the pitch. People need to get off this guys back, it''s not like he''s anywhere near the same league as real scumbags like Marlon King or *something* Hughes (The drink driver)
  2. I''d be sad to see him go but 8 million would be an excellent deal for us, two and a half times what we paid and we''re fairly strong in this position anyway. 8 Million buys a lot of quality in the Championship and we need center and attacking midfielders far more urgently than we need another winger
  3. To be fair we have our own own equivalent here, Great Yarmouth. Both are bleak, depressing horrible places to live with very few prospects or quality of life for most of the residents that leave a massive blemish on two otherwise very nice counties! It was on one of these programs last weeks as well I think, I couldn''t bare to watch it though, I just find it depressing .
  4. I personally expect Auto Promotion. We currently have a Premiership quality team and all we''ve done since last season is shed the massive incompetent weight grinding them down (The management team) that forced them into a rigid, slow paced, one dimensional static 6-2-1-0-1 formation and added a proven 20+ goal a season striker at this level. I think it will mirror our league 1 campaign, a slow start but once we adjust and find the right team balance we will rocket up the league. But I said I expect that from my assessment of the squad, I don''t demand it. Top 6 without promotion would be okay, top 8 maybe if we look very good while achieving it and show signs of improvement over the season. Below top 8 would be a failure equivalent to last seasons.
  5. [quote user="City1st"][quote user="Darth Catbeard The Old"]I''m happy with this signing. We badly needed a target man and should chip in with 10 or so goals. I do hope we haven''t paid over a million though, at least up front. I also agree with others who have said it appears Adams is being backed to build a team in his style. Grabban and Lafferty are very Lambert like signings Btw Becchio is not a target man! He rarely wins anything in the air, doesn''t link up well and isn''t very strong at all! He''s a poacher just like RVW and Hooper, he''s just taller.[/quote]we have signed himwell fair play to you for knowing about this before others [/quote] I''m a psychic you see. We sign him tomorrow, swap deal with Mark Bunn and Steve Morison going the other way +30k in cross accuracy related bonuses
  6. I''m happy with this signing. We badly needed a target man and should chip in with 10 or so goals. I do hope we haven''t paid over a million though, at least up front. I also agree with others who have said it appears Adams is being backed to build a team in his style. Grabban and Lafferty are very Lambert like signings Btw Becchio is not a target man! He rarely wins anything in the air, doesn''t link up well and isn''t very strong at all! He''s a poacher just like RVW and Hooper, he''s just taller.
  7. He''s worth far more to us than that! He was basically played as a wingback for the past two seasons, he rarely received the ball after the half way line during our counter attacks. And due to our stupidly rigid, cautious system he only ever had static team mates to aim for in zonal positions that were incredibly easy to defend against and cut out his passes. Played as a proper right winger with less defensive responsibility, against poorer defenders in this league in a team with a lot more movement off the ball to create space for him and give him options he will be absolutely lethal. He isn''t worth it in reality, but it would be madness to sell for under 8 Million. Rhodes and McCormack aren''t worth their asking price either, it just puts clubs off. DO NOT SELL!
  8. I was extremely pi55ed off at the time because it was so easily avoidable. The board became arrogant and complacent and our manager was sending us down the pan because he was more interested in proving his ultra cautious ''less attack, more success'' methodology was the correct tactic for staying in the league than installing a new, desperately needed way of playing. Hull or Man City, we play the same way, sod if it gets us relegated, I still get my pay off, this is my approach and I will arrogantly stick to it. Either that or he was genuinely incredibly stupid and actually thought his tactics were working...which I find hard to believe. The loss to Fulham at home in December, every single other club in the league would have got rid of Hughton after that game and rightly so, if Adams is good enough to take over the team now he was good enough then. Anyway, after the fixtures came out I''ve started to get really excited, there''s some mouth watering fixtures in this league and with every game except Fulham away we stand a pretty good chance of winning. I''d much rather see a thrilling, relatively even sided blood and thunder clash against the likes of Ipswich, Leeds, Wolves, Derby or Forest than watching a backs to the wall borefest against Chelsea or Arsenal, I pay to see us play, I couldn''t care less about how famous the opposition are! We have on paper anyway, currently the best team in the league. An International quality goal keeper, 3 proven 20+ goal a year strikers and some real quality like Redmond, Snodgrass, Fer and Ollson etc. Barring a disastrous summer or our management team proving themselves inadequate we should be in for a fun season!
  9. Brilliant news as it''s my birthday....don''t ruin it city!
  10. This guy isn''t Mcdermott''s replacement as he isn''t going to be their manager. He''s just going to be the head coach, he''ll look after training and be the media figurehead and that''s basically it. Their new mad owner with his unfathomably massive ego will be picking the team, tactics and signing players, which if I was a Leeds fan would scare me far more than the thought of Hockaday as manager! Things like this are why I''m so glad we have the owners we do, yeah we''ll never break into the top 8 in the Premiership but at least this club still feels like it''s ours, it''s run properly and when the financial bubble eventually bursts we''ll be one of the best poised clubs in the country to take advantage!
  11. I really do feel sorry for them. I don''t mind them as a club and they like us have achieved success in recent times without selling their soul to become some foreign suggardaddy''s plaything. Reading the comments from Sheffield Wednesday and Preston fans it sounds like they''re describing an even more negative, dour, personality devoid Hughton but without any kind of record at all at his first two clubs :P In and around the relegation places playing shockingly poor, ineffective football, we suffered it last year and it was horrible, I''d much rather be us than them right now! We''ve ripped the band aid off at least!
  12. Well that''s disappointing :P Not only is he a great player at this level it would p1ss so many Leeds fans off. WACCOE becomes hysterical every time we sign one of their players but aside from McCormack I wouldn''t want any of their other players. We have to sign our obligatory Leeds player this window so I hope we''re one of the other clubs bidding this weekend!
  13. Woohoo it should be us! http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Derby-County-5m-bid-Leeds-United-star/story-21232275-detail/story.html A front two of Grabban and McCormack backed by even just an average Championship team without players like Snodgrass, Ollson, Howson, Bennet, Redmond etc should see us top 6 minimum! Please let this come off!
  14. From what I''ve seen I''d agree Grabban has the pace, he''s also got a decent long range shot so should trouble the slower defenders and in attempting to close down his shooting it should create gaps for our other strikers to exploit. McCormack is much more technically gifted, he can go round players, is a great passer, makes intelligent runs and obviously is a great finisher, with a complete player like this as an option up top it should negate the need for a ''number 10'' and allow us to play 442 We''d lack physicality and strength from these two for sure, but I reckon they''d compliment each other well. This doesn''t seem like we''re just signing the highest scorers for the sake of it. It shoudld work much better than the two off the shoulder poachers we tried to play together last season
  15. I''d bet we''ll be addressing those problems in training, I''m sure Adams will be able to coach these players to attack in a more effective, fast, pass and move kind of way. I''m sure the real problems you allude to will be addressed If we are in for McCormack then alongside Grabban it seems that Adams prefers strikers who can also play, create their own chances and offer a lot more for the team which will improve out attack no end by itself. Nobody but Hughton knows why he favoured poachers with pretty much nothing to their game on the ball but whatever... I''m just glad we''re shaking this part of the team up.
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