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  1. sorry i didnt read the topic correctly in my earleir post, I shall now perform the request in the sort after manner GK JAASKELAINEN DL JIM BRENNAN? DR DANNY MI.LLS DC CALUM DAVENPORT DC MALKY MACKAY ML CRAIG BELLAMY MR DAVID BENTLEY MC SCOTT PARKER MC DAVID BECKHAM FC DEAN ASHTON FC PETER CROUCH   couldn''t think of another left back who was still about.....shocking!
  3. well a stand will be made by paul radbourne and his herd and you will see the backing for worthy tomorrow
  4. constructive johnny hill, well if thats the limit of your vocabulary i will use what i knew when i was 12. Takes one to know one This board is for opinions, although many seem to only like opinions which reflect what the majority applaud as being right. I couldn'' go last night because I have constraints of my time, also why would anybody be intimidated about sticking up for Worthy.
  5. i think you who went last night who call yourselves true fans are fools.  Nothing will be done until at least next season and the bad admosphere you have spread will only make it worse. Well done :) yeah right
  6. sorry for late reply back, i know nothing about greeno but a work colleagues husband is a physio
  7. just heard that mcsheffrey and jeffers are at colney lets all wait for press release this afternoon
  8. new signings.... tim lee........contract soon to be running out and will get up and down wings all day long
  9. please could you reply with ''im a dead fish'' if you want nigel out
  10. Absolutely i would also in the spirit of xmas like to say a final farewell to steve watts who was an avid fan and left us 2 weeks ago
  11. fair point but steve watts is a bit of a donkey in front of goal getting only 4 goals wiv 30 chances not really ncfc tm star quality
  12. another little rumour a Gary Smith who has been scoring goals from 2 yards his whole career having the ball fed from Sutton and Mr white may become a forgotten name with the supply drying up and himself having to convert his own chances
  13. Just reading recent topics i can see the view on Ashton is somewhat split about whether to sell or not, my argument is Paul Radbourne would know what to do
  14. can i have your ticket for tomorrow then im not insensitive!
  15. don''t know about colin havent seen him play recently but yeah kevin has been great we all know what ya mean
  16. well when thinking of the three teams that will go down to division 1 will probably be wolves, leicester and 1 of either man c, blackburn or leeds. they will be looking to cut their wage bill so which players would be affordable and we could welcome? i like jolean lescott from wolves nobody from leicester blackburn and leeds there are loads but i dont''t know if we could afford any young james milner? james mcevely liked the players mentioned in the last post
  17. don''t think matthew rush made much of an impact when he signed with fleck
  18. is that james long from needham its alex ere (sorry for the pointless post for the rest of ya)
  19. iv seen it on the sheffield wednesday site they are talking bout roberts and robins the new shearer and bellamy
  20. hope its just an anomaly on the promotion run they just werent at the races today
  21. I can see players like Green, drury, huckerby etc are premiership quality but will players like Mckenzie and Holt really make it???
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