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  1. Reading alot of dickys posts on this forum i reckon he is mr worthington in disguise
  2. For god sake get off his back !!!!!!!
  3. im fully behind his comments to the press, should without question be in the team, COME ON SVEN !!!!!
  4. yep svensson MUST start against the binners!!!!!
  5. Agreed, high time he started!!!!
  6. Funny u say that canary Mark, i havent lost 2 ipswich yet either !!
  7. ive installed the patches but it hasnt seem to improved the game, you really cant win !!
  8. well yeh i hope its not true too, but i hate to say it its now on the sky sports website !!!
  9. Just heared sheffield wedensday might be makin a move for iwan, anyone else heared about this ????
  10. well if iwan can keep knockin the goals in and stay with the pace then no one can argue, but svennson will be knockin on the door when hes fit !!!!
  11. spot on ark, i felt 4 hendo after saturday, SOME fans were well out of order, but still dont know why brennan was dropped, really hope hes back in the team on sat, hendo scored 4 the reserves so i hope hes on the bench !!
  12. Have to agree with you all, a complete waste of space and the clubs money !!
  13. i agree intenso, roberts would be the first to admit he cant start every match now, i think roberts should maybe classed the supersub!!
  14. Totally agree with you, i went to both games and they were proberly are best players, really dont know why he changed things, BIG MISTAKE!!! , thought rivers done himself no favours with his performance !!!!
  15. At the end of the day we dont see rivers in trainning, so we dont really know what his work effort has bin like, the manager does and so he decides, rivers needs 2 rasie his game 100 per cent for me to warrent a place in the team !!!!
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