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  1. History seems to be repeating at Rangers Turning up late for training, sulking on the pitch, dropped from first 11, shadow of last season in pre season, he was amazing for them last season as well.
  2. Quite revealing Hanleys post match interview talking about Gilmour saying in training he is the best player on the pitch and therefore in games so he should be the best player on the pitch and destined for great things. For the captain to say that says a lot about confusion for the players under Farkes leadership that he hasn’t played in 2 months.
  3. Please help, i have paid the £10 pass but where do i click to watch it on my pc I can't find a link anywhere.
  4. ..will try and get my £10 back from ifollow then
  5. BroadstairsR - yeah i could see the link through the Ipswich one but there currently isnt one for Norwich.  I already subscribe to ifollow as i travel a bit its nice to be able to stream the games when abroad, currently I login and there just isnt an option for the £10 pass- i would imagine they have had a few complaints today and will be sorted soon. Yeah hooky streams are ok normally but not for the derby, i wanna kick back with a beer!
  6. SC - I have sent ifollow a message will post on here if they give a working link to purchase.
  7. Hi i am following the link on the latest pinkun release on the £10 pass for the derby, if you click on the norwich link you go to the normal ifollow page yet the ipswich link takes you straight to the pass as anybody managed to pay for this and sort?
  8. Hanley is back in training and i imagine he will be in for the first game, he is so important to us.  Latest news i could find said Lewis had a muscle problem which had cleared up and then had a stomach bug, that was on the 20th July. I would hope both are fit for Birmingham.
  9. From the teams so far its looking like our guaranteed starters are Krul, Klose, Hanley and Lewis and the rest is anyones guess with our felxibility. I would like to see a lot more of Hernandez as from what i saw last season and how I have heard his preseason has gone, i think he is a ready and waiting replacement for Murphy.  He has pace, trickery and tracks back - just need to see if he has the end product of assists and goals.I am optimistic as i always am at preseason, i would like to see Thompson and Godfrey establish themselves into the team early on in the season and Cantwell grow into it.
  10. I have been in China and Hong Kong, got back Sunday after 4 weeks. Although i do remember reading that now just skipped my memory with so much else happening, So I would put Thompson into his position..Anything else i have missed, Maddision been loaned back to us for the season perhaps?
  11. Morning, with the news of Krul signing I thought i would try and work out our favoured 11 and who we are likely to start with against Birmingham and i really cant do it with any certainty.In central defence do we go with 2 or 3, with 2 you would go for Klose and Hanley (if fit), with 3 do you bring in Zimmermann or Godfrey?With Wing Backs do you opt for Passlack and Lewis or Bring Marshall or Pinto in?In the Holding Midfield Position I imagine we will play 2, with Vrancic injured we can rule him out but then you have to choose from Thompson (with an impressive pre season), Leitner, Tettey and Trybull.Attacking Midfield we have to choose from Cantwell, Buendia, McClean and Wingers of Hernandez, Marshall and perhaps Pukki.Upfront we still have Oliviera, Srbeny, Pukki and Rhodes.I have ignored Mcgovern, Matthews, Husband, Stiepermann, Jarvis, Morris (Injured) as i dont imagine they will be considered for the starting 11. So my Predicted team would beKrulLewisHanleyKloseGodfreyPasslackTetteyLeitnerHernandezMcCleanRhodesIn a kind of 5 1 3 1I am probably going to be completely wrong, for the world cup we did a predictor league where we all stuck in £5 and the closest team took the pot, would anybody be interested for a bit of fun? Be interested to see how you all think we will be lining up either way, fingers crossed we have more to be excited about this season!
  12. Afternoon guys, Im looking to build my collection of Wii Games. An unloved console where a lot of people are chucking the games away at the moment.  I am looking at completing my collection and will offer cash for games, im city centre based (lakenham) anybody who would like me to take your games off your hands drop me a private message with the games you have and I will make you an offer asap and arrange collection.Games have to be working, boxed and still have their manual.OTBC!
  13. City 2nd I agree, he doesnt seem the sort to upset the apple cart so would like to think he would honour his 2 years.At 31 he would not have much market value anyway, this has got to be spin from the club to cash in while he has value.
  14. On front page of Pink Un, rejected new contract.He is 29 and will be 31 when his contract runs out and a lot can change in 2 years do we sell now for £5m+ i guess or keep him for 2 years. I feel he is the heart the club needs to keep, thoughts?
  15. Brady is now playing left back at the behind closed doors game against Colchester
  16. I can remember that Pritchard is technically very good but is he quick as well?
  17. I noticed he is listed on the BBC site as a striker as well.
  18. my bench would be..RuddyMartinCanosMurphy (Josh)MaddisonLaffertyDorransBig name left out would be Bassong
  19. So many choices but I am opting for Brady to leave tomorrow and Pritchard to be thrown straight in so..========Mcgovern=========Pinto==klose====bennett===Olsson====Tettey=========Howson==Naismith==Hoolahan==Pritchard==========Jerome=========thoughts??
  20. Skybet have now put villa favourites to sign him at  4/5 and we have dropped to 11/10
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