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  1. "Whilst I feel slightly unclean that I agree with LDC on anything" That''s not very nice, I shower every day.
  2. We finished 18th in the away league table last season. We are 19th in the away league table for this season. Lakey was boasting about our 2 away wins yesterday, perhaps he can come along and tell us how wonderful we are away from home.
  3. "The "on the fencers" and Inners are likely to be proven right" How can you be proven right by sitting on the fence?
  4. Le Knows Sh*t How To Show Respect Juge I''ve found the words, now if somebody could help me out by translating it into English.
  5. I offered to have a debate with you about Van Wolfswinkel on the Van Wolfswinkel thread Lakey, what has made you want one on the Cheick Diabete thread?
  6. Do you want to replace every Norwich fan who wants a managerial change and considers Van Wolfswinkel to be utter pants? Because we''d probably end up getting gates like Ipswich.
  7. This is the man that we need, 6ft 4" powerhouse of a striker. Time to write off Ricky Van ShitTheWindBlewMeOverInkle as somebody who doesn''t have the strength or pace to make it in the worlds best league and sign this beast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMXQBDTeylw We need a beast.
  8. Are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is OP? I''m always up for getting free money for nothing, so I''d be willing to bet that he doesn''t score 5 goals before the seasons end?
  9. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. "It''s a BASIC stat that in 62 games over 11 years he managed a miserable 7 goal return for England, and no amount of manipulation will make that look any better" Can you back up your argument with further stats? I''d be interested in knowing how many of those 62 games were out of position, I can remember Heskey being used on the left wing quite often. Also interested to know how many times he has been used as a substitute, and his goals per minute ratio in comparison with his contemporaries. If you can''t give any sort of contextual statistical analysis then your stat is useless, ''basic'' being a huge understatement. Heskey created a lot of goals and it was a statistical fact that Rooney scored more goals alongside Heskey than he did with a fading Michael Owen between 2008 - 2010. So perhaps your argument should be based around who our best strike partnership was, and for at least a while it was Rooney and Heskey. In Heskey you have a player who has played 516 Premier League games for five different clubs, scored 110 Premier League goals, over 19 seasons, with his only relegation coming in his first season (1 game he played that year). He should be considered a Premier League legend.
  11. I also think that we should allow the mafia to take over and asset strip Leeds before leaving them in the mire to slip down the leagues like Portsmouth. What is wrong with that?
  12. "Someone to replace Wes" I don''t understand where people have got the idea that we have ever needed to replace Wes, all we have needed to do to make our team work is play Wes.
  13. Some people have a different opinion to you, learn to deal with that. It is a fact of life which we all have to learn. We are all entitled to and capable of forming our own opinions.
  14. You should probably also point out that the reason he was resigned is because we suddenly had an Under 21 development squad, which didn''t exist before.
  15. Recall him and use him as an impact sub. If we aren''t going to use Becchio then why not?
  16. "ignore the positives and just write him off" Let''s try and have a serious discussion then LDC. What would you do about our lack of goals this season in the summer, if you were the manager? My answer to that is to change the manager. That isn''t your answer of course, but what is your answer? Sounds like keep the manager, keep the same players, and just hope it comes good? Is that what your plan for survival would be next season? I personally think that Hughton should lose his job for a number of reasons, the signing of RVW included, and we should then give his replacement something to think about. Including whether he believes he can salvage something out of RVW or cash in on him and reinvest. What would you do?
  17. "probably the best game he has as yet played for us" His best was his first game, Everton at home. When he did his job which was to bury a chance when it came his way. You were the one who wanted me to look at the stats, so why don''t we look at this one in particular: 41 shots 10 on target 1 goal And compare it with any striker of any other mediocre lower end team, lets say Anichebe seeing as somebody used him as an example of how we could have done worse than Wolfy (LOL!). 35 shots 11 on target 3 goals Or Shane Long for Hull, an example I used.. 19 shots 6 on target 3 goals We can keep on going if you want... Jelavic, Chamakh. It is a complete myth to say that players in these teams get more chances than our strikers, they are just as useless as us. Southampton and Villa create a lot of chances, everybody below them do not. If we are all waiting for us to create more chances for him then sorry but that isn''t going to happen, the ones that he has missed (five or six good ones in the last couple of months) are all he is going to get playing for a team like us in this league, the problem is that he needs to start taking them, he shouldn''t hold his breathe for any more. Two good chances on Saturday. The top strikers say that if they get two good chances they will score, Jermaine Defoe always says that. He got two good chances, he didn''t score. They weren''t his first, he has probably had as many good chances as Hooper this season. If you want to read too much into stats he has: Shots: 36 On Target: 19 Goals: 5 Hooper is prolific in comparison, most importantly he gets his shots on target.
  18. "Even including the cup goals against lower league opposition doesn''t prove your point Juge" Oh so cup goals don''t matter then? 1985 was pointless and we never want to go to Wembley? Iwan Roberts is not the clubs third all time greatest goalscorer because we suddenly need to deduct 12 of his goals? Sounds like you will just keep changing the rules of the game to suit your argument, now you want me to treat cup goals as worthless. Why then were so many Norwich fans irate and embarrassed when we lost 1-0 to Luton, if strikers aren''t expected to do their job in cup games?
  19. "I prefer to remember how Malky was for us in the champs than in those games" I remember the grapple which got him sent off at Southampton. But we had another player who was famous for grabbing people around the waist numerous times a game, his first name began with G and his second name D.
  20. Also need to add that most of his Spurs appearances were as an 89th minute sub and as a striker not a centre back.
  21. "Look at the stats of every single striker at NCFC over the last 2 seasons and get off his back" This season and last... Grant Holt 38 apps (8 goals) Steve Morison 22 apps (2 goals) Simeon Jackson 19 apps (3 goals) Gary Hooper 28 apps (7 goals) Kei Kamara 11 apps (1 goals) Luciano Becchio 15 apps (0 goals) Johann Elmander 31 apps (3 goals) Chris Martin 3 apps (0 goals) Harry Kane 5 apps (0 goals) Ricky Van Wolfswinkel 25 apps (1 goals) Sorry what was the point in this exercise again? Was it to confirm that £8.5m was 100% definitely a waste of money?
  22. How many people actually read LDC''s posts? And when will Archant replace ''post count'' with word count so we can all hail the real king of the forum and knock Morty off his perch?
  23. "He was dreadful in the PL for Watford" He was 38 by then! "continue their personal gripes with Worthy?" Who is doing that?
  24. You realise that the affection nickname ''Ginger Pele'' was given to him by Spurs fans with a heavy sense of irony don''t you? And that he tends to get named in Worst Ever Spurs XI lists?
  25. "As for justifying time ahead of Doherty and Charlton - both were faster and Charlton had premier league experience and had been a consistent performer" There is a reason why a 34 year old Gary Doherty is playing in League Two and a 34 year Malky Mackay was on the way to his third successive Championship promotion. Come on now, don''t insult the lad by trying to say that Doherty was a better player, Lambert soon saw fit to get rid as soon as he had a few million to invest. As for Simon Charlton, whether he had Premier League experience or not he was a 5ft 8" tall left back being played at centre back and was terrible in that position. It is an insult to even attempt to disagree with the notion that Malky should have played ahead of those two.
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