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  1. Even if he was our RVP we wouldn''t be able to keep him that was the fatal flaw. Other issue is it isn''t going rubbish as we were never going to become a big club on the back of these signings. If we were to establish ourselves in the top 10 these signings would have to be big successes and when we inevitably sell them their replacements like wise. Even with no timescale this is very unlikely Arsenal pre Wenger were a very big club. Something Norwich never really have been.
  2. How is this becoming an Arsenal thing coming along? Genuinely still puzzled how you could believe this. Also you should stop being petty it doesn''t really make you look any better.
  3. I don''t understand what Hughton is trying to do. We sit deep but do not counter when we win the ball back. We try to play down the wings despite us having RvW up front who isn''t known for his aerial prowess yet we still try to work the ball down the flanks and end up putting low percentage crosses into the box. We have a midfield who aren''t suited to tight spaces but are very dynamic and capable of carrying the ball well. So why don''t we ever go on the counter attack? I don''t believe we have scored a single goal on the counter under Hughton. His strategy doesn''t seem to make sense. I don''t really know how he intends to attack teams or score goals as his defensive plan and attacking one seem to be juxtaposed to one another. For the record I am willing to give Hughton the next few games before jumping into the out camp
  4. 3 at the back could work we do have centre halves capable of moving out wide in Martin and Bassong. Suits our midfield also if you invert it. However the wings are horrifically exposed and we are left with an extra man against 1 up top (ideally want a spare centre half anyway so if 2 up top you want 3 etc) who poses no attacking threat. Oh and we haven''t played 4-4-1-1 for a while. It has been 4-1-4-1 for a bit. Also point out that there has been no interest in a fluid midfield at any point
  5. We''ve played well in the last 3 games there is nothing that has happened this season which suggests he should lose his job. He achieved what was expected of him last season also
  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that post is magic. Try and read what I said again. Reread what you have said and think about it logically you may realise what you''ve said is idiotic
  7. Why are people judging Hughton on a game against as of now the best team in the league? A team who can spend £42 million on one of the best players in the world; a team who possess the form midfielder in world football, a team who have won 20 out of their last 24 games. Unless you think we are good enough to compete with them why the hell does it matter to you? We were good today it would have made no difference how we set up if they played like that they would have smashed us. It is a fact of life they are much better than us. We will stay up if we play like that for the rest of the season.
  8. RVW as an advanced mid is a terrible idea he just doesn''t have the skill set required. The midfield trio we put out today is our best selection. Hooper was fine he had a very tough game against the excellent Koscielny. His performance today is indicative of nothing and people really shouldn''t care.
  9. Walcott won''t make it seems. Wilshere is still a threat. Cazorla should start. However if they go with 3 AMs who like to play centrally with Flamini and Arteta behind with a chance of them struggling to create
  10. Yeah they''re just two very important players coming back at the wrong time for us.
  11. Looks like he is going to be fit alongside Walcott and Cazorla....oh joy
  12. I think they''ll probably give us a good beating after we make it tough in the first half. Going for 3-0 Arsenal.
  13. That OP is hilarious and clueless. It is quite clear that RVW is a good player he may not be scoring but he is having a positive impact with his movement
  14. I would like to begin this by pointing out this isn''t me calling for him to be sacked or anything like that. There is a juxtaposition between the fear that Hughton may not be able to progress us, a fear which can only grow if he continues with these passively obsequious away tactics, and the possibility that the club can''t progress much more and this is as much as we can really expect. I don''t know really what are people''s thoughts?
  15. Vertonghen doesn''t play CB for Belgium, he plays LB. Also, we aren''t signing ''Toby'' and we aren''t signing Quagliarella, so I don''t see why this thread remains so popularr.
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