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    Fabio Quagliarella

    yeah sorry, the bloody site hung and wasn''t responding, then decided it was going to post them all. Look on them as replays ;o)
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    Fabio Quagliarella


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    Fabio Quagliarella


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    Fabio Quagliarella


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    Interesting idea from Virgin Media

    Satellite TV has one stream broadcast all round the country. you couldn''t turn off Arsenal in LOndon and have it available in Manchester. Besides, you''d have to turn off Manchester games in London.
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    Car share from Derby

    Thanks guys, I''ll pass this on to him though Twitter seemed to have come up with an option yesterday
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    Car share from Derby

    Hello all,

    Given the issues with the trains, my brother is struggling to get to the game from Derby. Is anyone coming from that neck of the woods who''d be happy to offer a lift?

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    Playoffs in Christchurch

    Dorset or NZ?!
  9. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="Mello Yello"]They only became duff strikers, when they arrived at Carrow Road.....[/quote]To be honest Mello, I cant understand the stupidity of some people. I mean seriously, everyone watchs football weekly (right) probably plays Fifa or Footy manager or even actually plays themselves. So how is it that no one can understand its the tactical inept lineup Hoots fields each week rather than a lack of tallent in our strikers.To somewhat quote White Men Cant Jump. A lot of you "Watch football, you dont SEE football"[/quote]

    This sums it up perfectly
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    Dear Mr Hughton

    [quote user="Norma Stick"]I hope that you read this forum and the comments made by readers of the evening news underneath the article on last night''s game. If you do, then perhaps you will realise that the Hughton in brigade are no longer the majority. They are the minority

    I respect you as a person, you are complimentary to those around you, especially the opposition. But as a manager you have lost the respect and the backing of a growing number of supporters.

    Your tactics in the last couple of games have nearly paid dividends, but last night wasn''t the first time you have made a tactical fau pas in your substitutions. And your unwavering faith in Snodgrass is unbelievable.

    Chris, you can re-earn some of that lost respect by admitting that you have taken the team as far as they can go with you in charge, especially in the final third of the field by tending your resignation immediately and take Messrs Calderwood and Trollope with you, as quite frankly I''m at a loss to understand what they contribute.

    Yours hopefully,

    A very disgruntled supporter[/quote]

    He''s taken the team backwards
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    Spotted in Asda....

    [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]Jesus[/quote]

    He''d be good at crosses.....
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    what will hughton do vs cardiff

    Plan A.

    We''ll go a goal or two behind

    He''ll change Plan A by bringing on some new players in Plan A formation.

    We''ll be last on MOTD.
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    head not heart can we survive ?

    Yes, but there''s no way we should be in this situation. Look at the strikers we''ve signed and what their strengths are. FFS we''ve resorted to goal kicks to the worst header of a ball in the club (Snoddy) in an attempt to crowbar the tactics round the team. Hughton out before we''re proved wrong.
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    Diving is a scourge of the game

    totally agree. It''s not been helped by the previous incumbents of the MOTD chairs (Hansen/Lawro etc) who would quite happily sit there, mix their tenses and say "he''s felt contact there, he''s entitled to go down". Utter crap. It''s a contact sport. I think Ronaldo once got a pen (vs Boro?) at Old Trafford for and, despite not being touched, they said it was because he was ''avoiding a tackle''.

    Snodgrass- this includes you. Get up and get on with it.