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  1. [quote user="Paul Hugh"]In fairness the mans always good for a laugh if nothing else.[/quote]Yes he certainly is comical. Have you ever been lucky enough to see him live?They say that that his hecklers in the audience are even funnier.
  2. No McNally just knows his football, unlike the majority of posters on this messageboard. I am confident he will pick someone who I believe can do a good job for us again.Lennon is in the frame because he is a decent young manager who played international football and was also successful in the Prmier League and Europe. He is a decent motivator with excellent man management skills and a born leader (much like Lambert himself). Lennon would also be on a contract that would not be too difficult for us to prise him out of I should imagine as Celtic receive the income of a high end Championship team at best.  Yes he has not faced a significant challenge yet managing one of the big two in Scotland, but I am sure that being an ambitious young man he would jump at the opportunity of the chance to Manage an EPL team.Enough reasons there as to why he would possibly be on McNally''s shortlist for you?
  3. [quote user="Proper Charlie"][quote user="Cantiaci Canary"] Something tells me this won''t be the final transfer request. Have we seen the last of Pilkington/Howson/Hoolahan/Ruddy ... whatever McNally says?   It seems so so cruel that by over achieving we have to unravel so fast. I really hoped that we could emulate Stoke City and go from strength to strength but for some reason this doesn''t seem possible. [/quote]   I cant see a mass exodus personally, plus villa have players in their ranks already that are just as good as the above mentioned it''s just that they were being managed incorrectly. But then again???????????? [/quote]Me neither. I think that this will be the end of it. Onwards and upwards hey?
  4. [quote user="Loopzilla"][quote user="morty"]And cue various idiots slagging him off, forgetting the vital goals he scored for us, and the three player of the season awards.I''d rather keep him, but every cloud has a silver lining, and now might be a good time to turn a profit on him.[/quote]I see your point Morty, but to be honest, I''ll be more able to look at things objectively once the emotions have settled down...but right now it is a double whammy and he can f*** right off! [:@][/quote]I guess for some people from North of the border it is more a case of stars in your eyes celebrity "I''m a good guy appeal" than NCFC being more important than someone with ideas way above their station.I personally can''t wait to see Holt flop wherever he goes next season.
  5. [quote user="dpit"]Blooming heck. Probably for the best though. As i''ve said before, now maybe the best time to cash in on Holt. I feel he has overachieved (probably largely due to Lambo''s influence) and if we can get 3-4 million for him it may well be seen as a good deal in the long run. Main issue now is that we have a large vacuum developing which we need to fill as soon as possible if we want to be ready for next season. Two more things: City First, what do you have to say on all this, does the fact that this is all transpiring still make me a Binner and a naysayer or are you willing to apologise for your verbal attacks? Grant Holt should employ a proof reader for how tweets.[/quote]haha don''t hold your breath! [Y]
  6. Like Lambert was going to be a bad choice for the majority of know nothing idiots when he was appointed.I guarantee that if McNally''s man is Lennon then we will not be getting relegated this coming season.
  7. Well I see this news as the silver lining to Lambert going. I bet Grant is concerned that a new manager would not have him in his plans anyway. I wonder how much any club is prepared to spend on the Prmier League one season wonder?He might well end up in the Championship (although if we don''t act quickly and decisively then we could well be heading the same way).
  8. [quote user="AndyCanary"]Talk about being kicked whilst we''re down [:(][/quote]Well it was always about Garnt Holt rather than NCFC anyway. Just that so many were unwilling to accept this.Bye Bye Grant, I am sure that the team will grow stronger without such an ego as club captain.Look forwards to seeing you score about two off the bench for a struggling club next season and getting no praise whatsoever from your new fans.
  9. Shot myself in the foot? How so?Please do explain, as all I claimed was that various people were aware of our interest in Lambert and wanted him to be NCFC before the newspapers got wind of it - certainly way before the news was confirmed by club officials at Carrow Road!Now do you have a jealousy complex because you are out of the loop and way off beam again by the looks of it?
  10. [quote user="morty"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Lammy"][quote user="GiveItToVarco"]I''m happy to let Mcnally decide. None of us would have gone for Lambert 3 years ago.[/quote]Incorrect. Would you like me to prove it?[/quote] I would. [/quote]Yeah, me too.[:)][/quote]No need, somebody did it for me by the looks of it.I didn''t ask you though did, so maybe you could mind your own business?
  11. [quote user="Darlo dumplin"]given the McNally connection http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/mcnally.htm MON might not be quite as unlikely as it might at first appear. Just surprises me that expectations are so low that he''s never once been mentioned as far as I can see, on any thread about who people want.[/quote]O''Neill would not surprise me in the slightest.
  12. [quote user="AndyCanary"]Gonna ring in now and suggest this gent:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q33sNrncVmI[/quote]Well at least singing the song would be fun and he is no worse than some of the names mentioned as serious prospective candidates.Stupid smalltown yokels should stick to talking about the Diamond Jubilee. McNally will wet himself laughing when he hears of this!
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