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  1. ...because we missed gilt edged chances.
  2. There was more than Gabby between the two sides. You created nothing of note from open play in 90 odd minutes, yet we could have been three up before the penalty.
  3. I think some of the views on Lambert are harsh. We have had two years of decay and mismanagement. He has had four or five months to try and add to a squad, get a system in place, get a style in place, get an attitude in place and all from scratch. It was always going to take three or four windows. If you saw us against Man United you will not have recognised us from the shambles we were against you the other week. We had three footballers in the midfield and as dynamic a front three as you will see anywhere in the league up top. We''re still four or five players light, but you can see that we have a plan. The fact our average age is 23 years shows that its a long term strategy. A few more of the quality of Benteke in January and we will fly up the table.
  4. How does the previous season have impact on the possibility of a team scoring more or less goals the following term? The variables change on a constant basis. What a nonsenaical notion.
  5. The system works as we look a serious threat yesterday. We were also very good against Sunderland. We have three in midfield who can pass the ball, which helps. Benteke, Westwood and Lowton all look very good. Its disappointing to chuck it away, as we always seem to do against that lot, but we would have beaten 18 other teams out there last night. I am not worried about relegation. We are down there now, but we will be nowhere near it come May. Far too much fire power and with more to come in January we will be ''reet. Southampton and Reading are two definitely for the chop. I would love QPR to go, just because of their ridiculous spend at 180% of turnover. Sacking Hughes wont help, as a new man will want players- can a club that small afford to keep shovelling on the losses?
  6. We now have a system in place that works. We were poor at the back, but then so were United. If we can pick some more quality up in January, and Lambert has already hinted at this, then a reinforced midfield will see us fly up the league. The inevitable come back aside, there were lots of positives. Benteke, now he has settled in, will destroy defences.
  7. And if he does and walks out to go to a bigger club, with bigger aims then it will likely be down to him doing a good job. It would be sad, but managers come and managers go. That''s football and its never been any different.
  8. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Ironically Villa fans are less likely to be singing "Paul Lamberts claret & blue army" on Saturday as they did in May. They''re hardly in a position to gloat about it in the position they''re in with the "fine" job he''s currently doing. If we score the first goal, we''ll soon see/hear how pleased they are with their appointment?!?[/quote] Paul Lamberts Claret and Blue Army was sung for fifeteen minutes straight by nigh on the entire Putney End on Saturday. He is a popular manager and will likely remain so over the coming seasons.
  9. [quote user="chris_sabian"]I''m not going to bother digging it up, but I remember last season when we played Villa how people were raving about Heskey, saying he was the best player on the pitch, no wonder he has been a regular in the premiership for so many years even though he doesn''t score much etc etc. I would be pleased to have him here.[/quote] Agbonlahor was the best player on the pitch.
  10. What, your away ends are packed out forty minutes before kick off?
  11. Into reading mundane articles on mundane clubs?
  12. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"][quote user="Dodds"]So very bitter.[/quote] you still lurking around on here?......Thought you''d be organizing your open top bus tour for having your dug-outs switched around? [/quote] I see your interested in the tiniest of minutiae at The Villa. Coventry fans also have the same one way obsessed hatred for us too.
  13. Davies is playing at his level. He s never a Premiership player as he is an accident and a mistake a game sort.
  14. I would like to know what fool pays for something he does not need to for appearences sakes? And since when is the size of a club measured by how much compensation is paid? If Norwich or Liverpool could have got their new bosses without paying then they would, no matter what some bearded cockney spiv writes in a column.
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